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The Sage of Snakes Appears

The New Look by goku yoh luffy

Ryun Uchiha, the Snake Sage

Ryun Uchiha had been training in Hebikyokoku for many years now. Finally he had issued a challenge tho Seireitou Hyuga that would end all of their other battles.

Ryun sat on a snake statue waiting for Seireitou, "Waiting for me?" asked Seireitou as he sat on another staue about 10 feet away.

Ryun stood, he was wearing a long white robe with a giant Uchiha Crest on the back. His eyes were those of Orochimaru symbolizing that he was in Snake Mode. On his back was a scroll that contained the knowledge of every Hebijutsu. "Yes I am Seireitou." Ryun said.

Seireitou's eyes immediatly took a red covering all around his eye and his eyes became Kyuubi's eyes. "Are you ready Ryun, this time, im not holding back" said seireitou as he was enveloped in a powerful red aura.

Ryun nodded and bit his thumb then hit the ground, "Summoning Jutsu!!!" he yelled, summoning both Nagashi and Haroku to his side. "Neither will I then." Ryun replied.

Seireitou also bit hs thumb and used "Summoning Jutsu". Kyuubi, Zahaku, Hikari all appeared in a line, facing Ryun's summons. Seireitou was ontop of Kyuubi with Chiisai on his right shoulder. "Hi, Seirei-sama" said Chiisai happily. "Welcome everyone, today, i require your assistance" said seireitou. All 3 replied with a loud roar, and pledged their loyalty to Seireitou.

Ryun smiled and jumped up on Nagashi's head. "Lets go!" Ryun yelled.

Hikari jumped first and grabbed Haroku with her 9 tails, making it impossible for even a snake to slip out of. Zahaku jumped at Nagashi and grabbed it with his sharp claws, digging into Nagashi. As they did that, Kyuubi and Seireitou were charging their own Kokuhos and they released it, the kokuhos combining together and blew away Nagashi and Haroku.

A Battle of Summons

Both Nagashi and Haroku shed their skins escaping the blast. Both snakes fired venom and Ryun blew his fire, "Hebijutsu: Flaming Snakes Venom!" he yelled incinerating the foxes.

Seireitou protected all the foxs with Shinra Tensei. He with Kyuubi jumped at the two snakes and seireitou jumped off, fliping through the air and jumped on Hikari. Chiisai was thrown to Nagashi and started scratching the snake's eyes, blinding it as Kyuubi tackled it and let out a close-range Kokuho on Nagashi with great force.

Ryun jumped on Chiisai, crushing him with Hebijutsu: Rasengan. He then dispelled his summons and prepared to fight Seireitou head on.

Seireitou grabbed Chiisai as he dispelled the others. "Chiisai, are you all right!?" said seireitou as he dispelled him. "You'll pay for that Ryun" said seireitou as he prepared to defeat Ryun head on.

Kitjutsu vs Hebijutsu

Ryun activated his Kagirinaigan while remaining in Snake Mode. He made sure that he wasn't fighting a Shadow Clone, then he used quick fast movements, punching and kicking Seireitou and finishing with Hebijutsu: Rasengan which slammed into Seireitou's chest, throwing him back with killing force.

However, seireitou became a log with the subsitution technique and appeared right above Ryun. He used Kokuho right at Ryun. He jumped back and activated Ragnarok and continued to watch for Ryun's next move.

Ryun leaped back and began forming hand seals, "Time to use that!"

Seireitou prepared for Ryun's jutsu with his own "special" technique.

Ryun faked him out and used Shinra Tensei to blow Seireitou a far back.

Seireitou also used Shinra Tensei to cancel out Ryun's attack. "Looks like i cant fool around, Ryun" said seireitou as he pointed his sword forward, covered in a red chakra. He yelled, "BAN-KAI!" as the land was enveloped in a red energy and out of the smoke, was seireitou in Bankai. "Bring it on Ryun, if you give my even a small chance, ill finish you in one move" said seireitou watching for ryun's next move.

The Fight Gets Serious

Ryun looked unimpressed, "You don't have the chakra reserve to back up that threat."

"Heh, never underestimate me" he said smiling.

"You over estimate yourself." Ryun said smirking.

"You think so? Oh well, i guess thats something that'll never change" he said as he blasted Ryun with Dragon Strike.

Ryun stuck his hand forward and pushed the blast away, "Pointless."

Seireitou disappeared. Several seconds went by and seireitou reappeared on a tree branch. He faced Ryun and then teleported to the front of Ryun, shoving his hand through Ryun's chest. With his hand in there, he focuses a Raikiri.

Ryun merely laughed. He was a Rokudou KageBunshin, a real body clone. The clone held Seireitou's hand down. The real Ryun came out from behind and used Tentouken to stab Seireitou through his heart. Since it was neither a clone, nor a substitution, Seireitou's chakra was sucked out and Ryun's replenished. Ryun then stabbed Raitama through Seireitou's right lung and tossed him to the ground.

The body laughed, for it was created through "Control". It blew up and destroyed the area. The real seireitou appeared out of the bushes, however, he wasnt in Bankai nor Shikai. "Heh, looks like my control body wasnt enough for you, you've been fighting him from the moment you and i met today. As if you could ever stop my Dragon Strike with just one hand. That clone was fighting at .05% of my normal power, just to test your power. Ive deducted from the fight just now that even my Shikai is too much for you to handle, so ill just fight in my blade's unreleased state" said seireitou as he walked out towards Ryun, eyes closed.

"Really? Because I haven't been trying at all yet." Ryun said laughing. "My power is still at 0. Your to weak for me." Ryun retorted.

Seireitou opened one eye, "Your bluffing, ive fought you enought times to knwo your tell, besides, zero means you havent done anything, which is a lie. But anyway, i say that we take this fight seriously. Im not holding back and neither should you" said seireitou as he slowly was covered in a powerful red aura and instantly appeared in Shukai, But, something was different, while his body become all furry and 9 tails were grown, his eyes retained their natural hyuga appearance. Seireitou's aura was more relaxed then angered and fierce. "Wha.... he appears to be in Shukai, but.... its wierd.... i cant feel any energy from him.... he appears as if..... he's in his natural state" thought Ryun as he looked at Shukai Seireitou. Seireitou looked at his hand, then at Ryun. He remained silent.

Ryun sighed, "Natural Shukai."

Ryun stared at Seireitou blankly, "Then show me what you've got."

A bird flew to seireitou and he lifted his finger, allowing the bird to rest on his finger. "You may go first" said Shukai Seireitou in a calm way, as if he didnt expect much from Ryun.

Ryun enjoyed the silence for a moment, "You know, I will fight you at 100%."

The bird started to chirp happily. "Vague threats wont do much. There's no point in saying you'll fight at 100% unless you accually do it" said seireitou calmly.

"That wasn't a threat," Ryun began, "That's a promise."

Ryun's Promise

Seireitou yawned. "Then go for it, but i doubt it'll be much"

Ryun was about to fight when he began to feel a very menacing chakra. "NO! This can't happen now!" Ryun thought, "Its coming."

Seireitou sat down, and had a very bored expression on his face. The bird flew over to seireitou's shoulder, and relaxed there. "Well, are you gonna do it?" he asked as he looked over to his left for a split-second then back at Ryun, and yawned.

Ryun darted for Seireitou and used Shinra Tensei to blow away the surrounding area.

The smoke cleared and seireitou sat there, undamaged and unmoved. The ground he sat on was also untouched and the bird hadnt moved an inch or seemed scared. "Even a bird, scared when small children run near it, didnt even make a movement near you, just showing how weak you are. Ryun, i can tell something is bothering you" said seireitou.

"Ya...Life is on my mind. A lot is bothering me. But I ma gonna win...." Ryun replied.

Seireitou was bored, for Ryun had yet to do anything interesting. "Ryun, you said you'd fight at 100%, well, unless, this is you 100%, in which case, i suggest you get lost, for your only wasting my time" said seireitou as he picked up the bird gently and allowed it to fly away. Seireitou stood up and faced Ryun.

Ryun fired of a Raitama Senbon directly towards Seireitou.

All of the senbon whized by Seireitou, neither of them even coming close to touching him. "Your aim is terrible Ryun" said seireitou as stood there.

Ryun crouched and scratched his chin, "Okay, I've almost figured this out."

Ryun leaped up and threw twenty kunai, with explosive tags attached, towards Seireitou.

Seireitou stood there untill all the kunais approached seireitou and exploded about nanoinches away. When the smoke cleared, seireitou stood untouched at all. "Is that all the great Hebi Sennin possesses?" asked seireitou.

Ryun had him. One of the kunai had not exploded, "Shadow Imitation Technique success!" Ryun then used Shadow Sewing Technique to bind him down. Ryun then stabbed Seireitou's head with Raitama Eisou.

Little did Ryun know, that seireitou's new found powers allowed hi to convert his body into energy and escape from the possession. Seireitou reformed behind Ryun and sliced off his arm with KyuubiTaishou.

Ryun's arm regenerated with snakes and Ryun laughed, "Wow that tickled."

Seireitou yawned, and lied down on the grass. He looked up at the sky, "Such a beautiful picture" said seireitou. "Ryun, do you plan on fighting for real anytime soon?" asked seireitou

Ryun grinned, "Sure lets go my friend. I was just enjoying old times. I was having some fun thats all."

"Well, lets see it then, nothing but your absolute maximum" said seireitou as he sat up, waiting for something to happen.

Ryun clenched his fists and began to steadily release power, first Hebi Mode, the Ten Tails chakra, then Seven of the Eight Gates. The raw power demolished everything blowing Seireitou away.

True Power

Seireitou finally stood up, and he powered up his Shukai form and faced Ryun. "ou have th first move, ryun" he said.

Ryun thought for a moment. He did the Summoning Jutsu again and prepared to fight Seireitou with Haroku.

Seireitou stood there, unimmpressed. "Is that all you have, an overgrown snake?" he asked yawning.

"No. I have much more. I have the Ten Tails, Naruto, Sasuke, Jake, Sanji...and my bro Tora. But similar to KyuubiTaishou, Haroku is my partner and I will not stand for anyone harming my friends." Ryun said.

Ryun drew Tentouken, "I have never done this before, but now it has become necessary.... BAN-KAI!!!!" Ryun yelled as he erupted in power.

Ryun's Zanpakutō shrunk down to a fully silver long sword with a manji crossguard. Ryun's speed and strength augmented drastically. Kusanagi Tentouken, had became more compact, and compressed Ryun's spiritual energy. Ryun's power also increased tenfold, due to the effects of Bankai.

Ryun grinned a bit. "Come Seireitou!"

"Is that all you have?" he asked once more. He walked up to Ryun and gut punched him, causing Ryun to grab his stomach and cough up blood violently.

"Nope I have a level...beyond Shukai!" Ryun declared the yelled, "TENKAI!!!"

He was enveloped in on one tailed cloak and black fur, when he opened his eyes they were shaded black and had Ten Tails pupils.

"Lets go." he said calmly.

Beyond Shukai

Seireitou laughed, "There is no form beyond Shukai, you simple idiot" said seireitou as he powered up to Shukai Lv.2, just in case.

"Is there Seireitou?" asked a familiar voice. Hikaru was sitting on a nearby tree, watching their battle. "Sorry to arge right in, but I just was watching your battle." He looked at Ryun and said, "Seems that new form of yours is a lot more powerful than Shukai, but it needs a little more power."

Ryun grinned, "Than this will be new for you."

All of a sudden Seireitou dropped to his knees coughing up massive mounts of blood.

"Dang, I hit you fifty times and that's it?!" Ryun said mockingly. He hadn't even moved and already had hit Seireitou fifty times.

"Ouch," said Hikaru wincing. "Hey Seireitou. Maybe you should actually try to fight instead of hiding behind all those forms of yours!"

"I guess since everyone else is already here, you won't mind me." Said Echo, ironically passing by on his way back from a recent genocide, although he actually had good cause this time. Seeing Seireitou curled up and bleeding, Echo was confused and amused. "Are you two picking on him?"

"No," said Hikaru. "I've just been here in a tree watching Snake Boy, and the Old Man duke it out."

Ryun snickered and then slammed his foot into Seireitou's face breaking his jaw and sending him into a nearby cliff, though he looked as if he hadn't moved. Seireitou didn't appear to have used clones or a substitution.

"That good." Ryun laughed.

Seireitou got up, and laughed it off. "Fine, then i cant hold back here, Ryun. You deserve to see.... the new level" said seireitou. "Only Hikaru and Echo have seen this form, you being the third" said seireitou as the skies began to blacken.

The Skies Darken, The Equivalent of Tenkai

Seireitou slowly powered up, his chakra sending even Hikaru back slightly. He took a red chakra with black electric discharge and faced Ryun, in Dendetsu no Shukai (Legendary Shukai). "Seireitou looked at Ryun and Ryun didnt move, but clashes could be heard but neither moved. Ryun attempted another 50 hits but seireitou had blocked them all. "so, they seem to be matched" thought Hikaru.

"This seems familiar." said Echo, remembering the Drug organization he took down a week ago with his bare fists. "Sometimes it's more fun not to use weapons."

"Great, another super-powerful form," said Hikaru sarcastically. "Well, at least people like Zukia Tojiro aren't much of a threat to us."

Zukia Tojiro? Echo had only heard about the evil god, and sort of admired his ruthlessness. "If that loser Naruto Uzumaki can beat him than I don't see why anyone can't."

Seireitou turned to look at Hikaru and Echo, and Ryun was kicked several times in the chin, coughing up blood and in pain. He turned back to face Ryun, "Wow, 100 kicks to the chin and all you got was some blood knocked out, you must really have improved" he said, almost mocking Ryun.

Those two have gotten a bit faster. Echo realized, The again, we all have a few new surprises.

Ryun smiled, "Hebijutsu: Denial of Fate." he said as his wounds and chakra were restored. "Your pathetic."

"True," said Hikaru as he continued the conversation. "But Naruto barely got out of that battle alive. And besides, he isn't one to put down. He's a great ninja. And he always will be." Hikaru smiled remembering the days he was training Naruto. He then returned his attention to the fight.

Seireitou laughed, "Rejection of Fate" he said as his wounds and chakra were restored. "Really, you think so, then maybe holding back wasnt wise from the beginning. I thought only Hikaru could fight me full force but i guess you've acheived that level as well. he said as he said "Gentei Kaijo: Restriction Removal". His chakra releasing in a powerful burst.

Hikaru sighed, "Seireitou, must you copy everything? I mean, come on! Naruto's Holy Rasengan, the Rin'negan, and now Gentei Kaijo? Next thing you know, you'll get a new "path" that has a Kagirinaigan."

"I accually aleady have one!" he said as he laughed, "Im kidding, and i dont have the rinnegan, Kagegan is mine and the restriction removal was given to me by Byakko to be stronger while surpressiing my current power.

"Oh, good you don't have a Kagirinaigan," said a smiling Hikaru. "And doesn't one of your "paths" have Rin'negan?"

"well, yeah, but not me, and i dont use my paths really anymore" he said.

Ryun used the opening, "Tentou Bakuha!!!" he said unleashing a blast that was very large on Seireitou. It slammed into Seireitou, who had no time to react, and slammed him into the ground. Ryun slammed into Seireitou with much speed, the force of his blows were so powerful that he broke several of Seireitou's bones. He continued to beat the snot out Seireitou, more so than ever before. Ryun continued to punch over and over and over again. Ryun did his finishing move, "Hebijutsu: Rasengan which he slammed into Seireitou's chest. Seireitou fell unconscious from the immense amount of damage he had received.

Ryun stood and charged Tenkai even higher. "That's it, your through....Rai Bakuha!!!" He yelled as an enormous lightning bolt struck Seireitou at full power.

Seireitou blocked the blast with Maximum Power Kokuho, each canceling out the other. "Idiot, as if you could defeat me that easily" said seireitou. He ran at Ryun and gut-punched him a few times, ryun coughing up blood several times.

The end draws close...

Ryun cackled, "I didn't even feel that. Well I guess we're at the end now. Then end of this fight...and all the fights up 'till now!"

"Yes, and i guess holding back my final form is pointless now....... Ryun, do you wish to fight me at this level or do you want me to take it one step further?" he asked ryun.

"Go'll need it." Ryun smirked.

"You fool, you marked your own loss just now" said seireitou as he also said "Ryun, Hikaru has been the only one to see this form, your the second to see it outside of training with Byakko" he said as his chakra skyrocketed. Seireitou's upper body was scarlet dark red fur, and his red/orange tails had black tips on them. His hair became fiery orange, similar to Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. He was in his Kyuukyoku Shukai form. "One final move, charge up your final attack and ... lets end this" he said, facing ryun.

"I was thinking about going old school with this one. Chidori vs Rasengan. What do you think?" Ryun asked.

"Well, seems kinda small for something that is supossed to decide who is the better of us, but its your pick" he said

Ryun summoned his remaining chakra and poured it into a Rasengan.

Seireitou poured his Shukai chakra into his Neo Chidori. It took a powerful red, black chakra form.

Ryun's Rasengan became a Demon Fox Rasengan. The two flew at each other, "CHIDORI!!" "RASENGAN!" they yelled together as the two attacks clashed.

Seireitou and Ryun pushed and pushed, a powerful chakra spread through the land and destroyd the trees, and blew up the rivers. Seireitou activated his Kaio-ken X10 to multiply the attack by 10 times the chakra.

Ryun added more power to Tenkai. Since it was fulled by Ten Tails chakra and his Spiritual Energy, the attack had near limitless chakra. Ryun pushed him very far back.

"I dont plan on losing here!" he yelled as he powered up his Kyuukyoku Shukai and since it was fueled by both Kyuubi no Yoko'S chakra and seireitou activated his Seal of Hyakuji and raised the Kaio-ken to X100. Ryun and psuhed back and back, almost losing his footing.

The attack shined brilliently, Seireitou and Ryun looked at each other and the spirits of their friends, like in their first fight, surrounded them as the light grew and then dimmed....

Ryun felt Tora there sending his love in chakra form. Ryun turned to Seireitou, his Sharingan showing revived interests. Seireitou's best friend, Haizo appeared as well, smiling and never allowing Seireitou to give up, remembering their promise. His power cackled and cracked. He pushed Tenkai to the limit causing the attack to explode. Ryun used the last moment to punch Seireitou in the gut just hard enough to end it. For a brief moment the whole Hebikyokoku canyon was bathed in white light. Seireitou and Ryun stood with their friends in a circle around them. Both of them held each others fingers (Similar to Sasuke and Naruto) and smiled.

When the smoke cleared. Ryun stood above an unconscious Seireitou.

Ryun saw Seireitou from above. "In the end you couldt frien..." said Ryun as the ground under him shook and instantly, Seireitou rose from the ground and nailed Ryun in the jaw with a strong punch and ryun fell over, possibly paralyzed but still awake. Seireitou fell to his knee, for he used his remaining chakra for that trick. "he..heh... i t..told you ryun, i would lose this time, my friend made me promise to.... never lose again...." said seireitou, almost losing his consious but stood awake.

Ryun released everything and did his final move, Raitama Senbon, which nailed Seireitou in his vital areas. Seireitou fell over panting. "This is over. I will not lose."

Seireitou, in the corners of his mind, heard a voice. "Seireitou, never give in!" said the man who he would expect never to hear from, Itachi. "You and i at some point became friends!". Seireitou all the voices, then one from Haizo, "Seireitou, my goal is to neer lose again!".

Back to the fight, Ryun was slowly getting up when seireitou forced himself back to life with his will, and said, ""Never go back on your word..., and never give up, no matter how bad it gets that's your ninja way..., and I'm supposed to be your teacher..., I can't go out like this! Because I..., the student's ninja way should be master's too! Right, Haizo?!" he yelled. He picked up KyuubiTaishou and struck it in Ryun's heart and released a powerful Dragon Strike from within Ryun's vital organs, causing him to lose conciousness.

Ryun summoned Ten Tails chakra and used Shinra Tensei to push it out and then with all his might, slammed into Seireitou with every drop of the infinite power of the Ten Tails. Seireitou flew off the cliff and into the river below. Ryun looked over the cliff. "It's finally over."

Seireitou was able to use his chakra and use the blade telepathcly (like orochimaru with kusanagi) and sent it straight threw Ryun's heart once more and sliced up his lungs and intestines. He covered the blade in a peircing chakra so Shinra Tensei couldnt stop or pull it out. Seireitou also could use "Bukujutsu" (flying technique) and floated back to the top, and forced himself to stand. "IM NOT LOSING RYUN, NOT THIS TIME!" he yelled with all his might.

Seireitou, struggling to stay up, looked at Ryun, lying on the floor, passed out. "Its over, he's had it" he said as he wondered what to do next. Ryun needed medical attension but he didnt have the force to bring ryun to one on time. A familer being soon approached them...

Ryun grinned. He had absorbed the chakra that Tentouken had taken from Seireitou earlier. He used Hebijutsu: Denial of Fate and denied the sword and all the wounds it caused. Seireitou had nothing left. This was it. Seireitou had forgotten about Haroku. The enormous snake came out of the water and bound Seireitou. Then it synced it's chakra with Ryun's.

"Good, now I have plenty.", Ryun thought. Ryun began forming his most dangerous attack and connected it with his Tenkai's chakra. "Soul Sphere Technique!" Ryun said huffing. Ryun leaped and forced all of his might into the final thrust. Seireitou's chest and stomach were shredded and he was pushed below the surface of the river. Haroku vanished since he was out of chakra. Ryun then pulled out two objects from his weapon's pouch and tossed them on either side of the river. He then began to limp towards the direction of Nagashi's den on the other side of the valley for treatment.

Seireitou forced himself up, staggering. "Im not losing in this place, no way!! Even if you break my arms, ill kick you to death. If you rip off my legs, ill tackle you to death. Even if you behead me, ill bite you to death, I WIL NOT LOSEEE!!!!" he yelled. He activated his powerful Ragnarok, it shining brightly. Seireitou activated a powerful barrier that traped the two and there was no way in or out, it even ran underground, it was a perfect shpere. He yelled "Bakudou: 6 Bars of Light!!" as 6 bars of energy shot threw Ryun. Closing off his 2 arms, his 2 legs, his waist and his neck, no hands, no jutsu. He then yelled "Forbidden Kido: Loss of Tongue!!!", shutting off Ryun's voice and mouth, no voice, no shinra tensei or denial of fate. "Its over ryun, our rivalry ends here. Im sorry if i kill you, but i will bring you back!.... goodbye, my friend.." he said as he brought his hands infront of himself and and gathered energy in the form of a ball and yelled "Big Bang Kokuhō!!!". A powerful shockwave of energy destroyed the land and disinigrated Ryun. The blast subsided and Ryun lay there, almost dead. "One more, thats all i have left" he said as he yelled "KatonGetsuga!!!". Hundreds of KatonGetsugas sliced up the area and cut ryun's arms off, his legs off and waist from his legs and his head off his body. "I.. it's over" he said, crying slightly.

He released the barrier and Nagashi crept out of his cave. "Get your master, he needs help now" seireitou said as he felt a powerful pain in his left arm. It was broken due to the massive chakra let out by Ryun and himself. Nagashi brought Ryun to a bed, himself covered in blood. Seireitou sat in the corner of the room, trying to fix up his broken arm but to no avile. Nagashi tried to fix Ryun up as well as he could, but Ryun was still knocked out.....

Ryun stood one more time, this time he was glowing, "This is how we find how it all unwinds."

Conclusion: Ryun's Rebirthing

Ryun smiled, "My voice is suppose to be gone?! You suck at jutsu."

He did a seal and the two objects he had tossed earlier activated. The water below Seireitou captured him.

"This is a snake spell tag. It prevents any attack from harming a Snake Sage...for a long time. Its unique to me only. Not even Orochimaru could use it. There is only one way to destroy them. That is either I dispel their effects or they run out of time...Time you don't have. I refuse to lose this time. We've either tied or I lost in the past. NO MORE!"

Seireitou stood, "Heh, i only need one hand to beat you, ryun" he said charging up his Kyuukyoku Shukai to its highest levels. "Then all i need to do is out run the clock and your history, Ryun" he smiled.

Ryun clenched his fist, "Pathetic, always hiding behind Shukai. You'll run out of chakra long before time is up. You only have about five minutes of chakra left. Shukai eats up to much of that. Besides any type of jutsu even taijutsu or genjutsu, are useless right now."

Nagashi transferred his remaining chakra to Ryun. Ryun re-entered Snake Mode. "We end this fight now."

Seireitou laughed. "You fool, while you guys were training to learn this form, i sepent my time perfecting it, into the Full powered Shukai Form and i spread it to my other forms. I have no time limit and as long as i have Ragnarok to fuel my chakra, i can't lose" he said facing ryun.

"One or another. Chakra must be molded. No exceptions. And to mold nature chakra you must hold still while you gather it. Even with Ragnarok, if you cannot do one of these, those eyes are just jewelry. You cannot mold chakra because you are out of the necessary ingredients and you cannot use Natural Chakra because holding still will mean your demise. It's over."

Ryun activated his Kagirinaigan, then charged up Raikireme and punched through Seireitou's stomach. Ryun's jutsu numbed Seireitou's chakra network even further. He pulled his hand out and Seireitou slipped under the water. Ryun then turned to leave, this time for good. He had won for now. Ryun formed a hand seal and vanished. It was over...

As ryun walked away, a hand was shoved inside of him, hitting his chakra network and he collaped. Seireitou stood. "Never underestimate a hyuga, even with that fancy seal, its no match for a hyuga's technique" he said as Ryun was finished. Seireitou grabbed the seal and severed the connection between the two with his KyuubiTaishou and used Bakutsurugi to cut off Ryun's arms and legs clean off, and the technique he used makes it so Ryun cant regenerate the legs or arms with his technique. He was nothing but a torso and passed out due to lack of blood. Seireitou walked away, knwoing that nothing ryun had would overcome the hit he just made. He burnt the seal he had in his hand and draopped its ashes as he walked away, victory his...

The fake Ryun turned into a pile of snakes. It had a message, "Sorry old friend, but you have lost for now. You couldn't have hurt this clone if had been the real thing do to the spell tags. It's over I have won...." and with that all was silent.

Seireitou crushed the note. "You didnt win coward. You jsut ran away, like a spineless coward with your tail between your legs. Fine, you got lucky by running away, but next time, you have that chance to run" said seireitou as he yawned, going back to normal and went back to the real world and sent Ryun a message via chakra:

Ryun, next time, you wont have the place to run. Even though i hate to say this, this fight was a tie, so it looks like we need to have one more match after this one. Till then, Ryun
From, Seireitou

And with that, Seireitou returned to the Other World to meet with Byakko...

Battle Result: Each won in their own right. for now, Tie