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Dimension Hopping

Scarr Eromalc had been searching for a new heir to his brother's legacy for months now after the whole international deal with the shadow empire, but he had yet to find one. As if another thousand years made a difference, he knew he should've given up after the first hundred. But he needed to go dimension hopping, because he still had no idea where the master of ice was, the next weilder of the most powerful pair of swords on the planet.

So, he journeyed to the realm of the Tengu. As he arrived, he noted the beautiful surroundings and wonderful nature he was in, and continued to walk along a path after the initial tingle from ripping through the space-time continuum wore off.

Konpeki appeared in a flash of light purple energy, "Welcome to the Tengu Realm, I am the god of the Tengu, Konpeki "Blossom Wings" Tengu, how may I help you!?" asked Konpeki smiling.

Scarr's eyes comically narrowed. "I hope that the title is metaphoric..." he said as he continued past Konpeki. He stopped a few paces later, turning his head to the side to speak to his host, "because you don't seem anything at all as powerful as a god..."

"Oh, is that so..." said Konpeki smiling as a wave of released energy shook the land, "Do you want to fight then?"

Scarr grinned excitedly as he put his hand on the handle of his sword, "Sorry, I don't fight babies," he said, baring his sharpened teeth.

Konpeki smiled, silent, as his sword flew out of it's hilt, turned it's blade to point to Scarr, and was launched towards Scarr's neck, stopping inches away from his throat, "If I'm a baby, then your a fetus!" said Konpeki smirking.

Scarr pulled out his own sword, moving Konpeki's away. "Yeah..." he said, splitting his sword in two, forming a pair of sai. "A fetus that can kick your ass..."

"I'll have to see that." said Konpeki' as his sword backed up from Scarr's throat about a foot and it launched toward Scarr's heart, "Lets begin, Lesson 1: Enduring Mortal Wounds"

Scarr swiftly crossed his sai and slashed against Konpeki's blade, "Lesson 1.5, learning to fight with a broken sword," he said as His own weapons sliced cleanly through the metal of his opponent's own, continuing to give Konpeki two minor woundsa on the shoulder as Scarr jumped past his Tengu opponent.

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