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Previously: A Fight Begins: Takeshi and Teru vs. Hikaru Kurosaki

One Week Later

One week later, Senna and Kouhei had mastered everythig Takeshi and Teru thought they could use and Hikaru told all of them one night, "All right, let's see how powerful you've become. Takeshi and Teru versus Senna aand Kouhei, right now.

Everyone looked up. Takeshi and Teru grinned This is going to be fun they thought. But Senna and Kouhei weren't so sure. Eventually Senna and Kouhei sighed,"Alright, let's go."

The Fight Begins

"Alright," said Takeshi, "don't hold back."

Senna and Kouhei stood at the ready and Senna became serious and quiet, deciding not to talk. Kouhei on the other hand looked a little wary, but still got into the gentle fist starting stance. Senna then drew the sword Hikaru let her borrow and got into a fighting stance.

Takeshi also drew his sword, and got into a fighting stance. Teru began readying chakra.

Hikaru then set up a barrier and said, "Begin!"

Takeshi and Senna were a blurr of movements as they clashed swords, neither of them could gain the upper hand. Teru shot a fireball at Kouhei, but misssed and went in to fight hand to hand.

Takeshi then ran lighning chakra through his blade, electricuting Senna. He then charged a chidori and ran at her. She managed to block the attack with her sword, but it broke upon impact.

"Good move," Takeshi told her. He then stabbed her through and punctured a lung. Somehow, she still stood. Takeshi was impressed. He thought, This might take a while.

Teru was having the same difficulties as Takeshi, every time he punched Kouhei, he would get back up. Both were getting bored so he called, "Takeshi, let's finish this."

Takeshi grinned at him, understanding the plan. Teru then threw Kouhei at Senna and Takeshi jumped high into the air by using Senna as a spring. Both collapsed as Kouhei hit. Takeshi then began charging a sphere of pure ice chakra and shouted, "Cryobomb!" and shot the sphere at them. It exploded upon impact, and everything within the blast was frozen, including Senna and Kouhei.

Takeshi grinned and unfroze them. Senna and Kouhei then said, "You win."

Hikaru took down the barrier and congratulated the winners and told the losing team that they had plenty of time to train. Takeshi and Teru said that they would continue to help.

Senna sighed. "What is it Senna? asked Hikaru.

"The sword I used broke, I need a new one," she replied

"Don't worry, we'll get you a new one, an unbreakable one once we are done." Hikaru told her.

Senna sighed again and accepted the fact that she needed to get stronger. "Alright then," she said, "Let's get started now."

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