Entry Three

As I suspected, the Lord Hokage answered our request and doubled the REF's depleted manpower. While the request was being sent and processed by a battle messenger, the REF was staking out and waiting. We simply lacked the intelligence to go on an efficient offensive, and Commander Takahashi didn't dare send any spies out. I can't blame him: who knows if the Rock had more traps like that designed to fool those who grown up among the leaves?

Now, with sufficient manpower, the REF is ready to move out. Takahashi originally planned to flank around suspected ambush points and avoid the Rock nin altogether. In doing so, reinforcements sent to help dig the REF into position at the Rain borders would help us squeeze the Rock shinobi into submission. They would be notified of the REF's initial difficulty, of course, and the message Takahashi sent explained the future plan. However, I was skeptical. The Rock wouldn't wait for us to make a move, since they went on the offensive first, instead of letting us pass and hide their positions.

Despite being a chūnin, a mere grunt, I approached the officers and told them what I thought about it. I proposed to sweep the forests of the Land of Fire to locate and eradicate Rock nin positions, since there is a possibility that they would invade the country, with that ambush being to prevent us from finding their launch points. They told me that they would take my thoughts into consideration, and I left them at that. I don't mind if the officers reject my proposal: I only hope that they made the right decision. What we do here will affect the war as a whole.

Shikaki Nara

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