Entry Two

The initial expedition to the Land of Rain was interrupted by an ambush staged by what is presumed to be Rock nin. Our forces were forced to fall back after sustaining losses. We grabbed as many wounded as we could in our disorganized retreat and raced to the rendezvous point determined by the CO. We left Konohagakure with fifty men: casualties number about sixteen, with two confirmed dead and four missing in action. Someone up high had to be smiling upon us, since I estimated more dire losses than that, prior to the figures being churned out. That leaves our forces at about two-thirds strength, which is a nuisance, with the consideration that the Rock nin caught us within our own territory. Reinforcements have been requested by Commander Takahashi, which I have little doubt would be acknowledged and accepted by the Third. For now, the REF is on the run. As am I.

Shikaki Nara

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