• Name: Absorbing/Releasing Seal (Suitoru/Kaihou Fuuin)
  • Rank: Hiden; D-S (Depending on technique absorbed), Supplementary
  • User(s): Sekishu Ginryuushijin

By placing a seal onto the left hand, the user is able to absorb a ninjutsu (that is able to be absorbed) within that hand. This ninjutsu can be stored until the user sees fit to use this ninjutsu. Only one ninjutsu can be stored within this seal at any given time. The seal looks like a general marking on the hand, but when it absorbs a certain kind of technique, the seal design changes and shifts to show what attack has been absorbed. After the user has absorbed a ninjutsu, the user can then expel the ninjutsu from the seal on the back of the right hand. This release will duplicate the ninjutsu the exact same way it was unleashed. This immediately frees up the left hand and the user can then seal something else again to be released again.

Note that while this technique is considered an S-Rank technique, it is only as powerful as the ninjutsu that is absorbed. For instance, if a Great Fireball Technique were absorbed, this technique would only be considered of C-Rank power.

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