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Aether Release: Celestial Spell
Name: Aether Style: Imperial hex
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Hand Seals: None
Range: All Ranges
Inventor: Phoenix Force
User(s): Ryo Hokari
Parent Jutsu:
Derived Jutsu:

Using an Aether release technique, the user can manipulate the very probability force of the universe with the thought of the mind or hex bolts create din the users palms. Concentrated directly on the victim and the certain improbability and then bend the space/time continuum to unleash it. It is common referred to as "Doing the Math" in your head and using aether release to make it happen. The downside, however, is that a small failure in the "Mind's plan" can result in a freak accident in the space/time void and possibly do something completely different from what was intended. Ryo was able to do a small version of this technique when he inadvertently set fire to a forest out of anger.

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