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  • Name: Magen: Kuu Shi (literally: Demonic Illusion: Air Death, Eng. TV: Illusion: Death Fall)
  • Rank: C
  • Range: Short Range (0m~5m)
  • Hand Seals: Bird, Ox, Tiger
  • Users: The Kurojin

The only known users of this Genjutsu is The Kurojin (Black Man). This illusion makes the victim believe that he/she is flying around in the sky. But, soon after, the victim will fall from over a 100m to about 10m, and hit the ground. The damage given to the person in the illusion, will be given him/her in real. After hiting the ground, the victim will be asleep until someone releases the Genjutsu, or it has reached a week. Then, the Genjutsu will automatically be released, and the victim will wake up.

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