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Air Pressure Sensory Nerve
Kanji 空圧感覚神経
Rōmaji Kuuatsu Kankakushinkei
Literal English Air Pressure Sensory Nerve
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges
Kazeyo's extrasensory abilities are eventually attributed to his ability to sense small changes in air pressure to chakra level, nature, and location of individuals. This is done by releasing small levels of wind natured chakra around the user that react of pressure changes in the surrounding area. It would seem that he had been using this technique for the majority of his life without conscious effort, but had yet to perfect it. Eventually, with the aid of his doujutsu, he was able to analyze this ability. Currently he uses this skill to help him track objects that move faster than his eyes can follow as well as discern the nature and relative strength of his enemies. It should be noted that after Kazeyo discovers he has been using this technique subconsciously, he is able to deactivate it at will allowing him to conserve the small amount of chakra it requires to remain active.

Some time later Kazeyo's granddaughter appears to have inherited this technique.