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Akarui Raika
Present | Future
Akarui Raika Present Day
Name Akarui Raika
Kanji ライカ明るい
Rōmaji Raika Akarui
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aquarius February 15
Age 15
Gender Gender Female Female
Height 5'6
Weight 126 lbs
Blood Type O
Hometown Amegakure Symbol Amegakure
Home Country Land of Rain (Cherry) Symbol Land of Rain
Affiliation Amegakure Symbol Amegakure
Occupation Citizen of Amegakure
Clan Raika Symbol Raika Clan
Chinoike Symbol Chinoike Clan
Family A (Third Raikage) (Great-Great Grandfather)
A (Fourth Raikage) (Great-Grandfather)
En Oyashiro (Great-Grandfather)
Chino (Grandmother)
Okuyuki Raika (Father)
Misora (Mother)
Yosōi Chinoike(Aunt)
Kissui Chinoike (Cousin)
Omoi Chinoike (Cousin)
Sachi Yamanaka (Half-Sister)
Classification Sensor Type
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Tenkigan Tenkigan
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release

Akarui Raika (ライカ明るい, Colorful Flash of Lightning) is a citizen of Amegakure. Birthed from the throws of infidelity on the part of her mother and father, she entered the world at a troubled time. While one household was hurting following a woman's betrayal, another celebrated the birth of a child. They ultimately decided to leave the idea of ninja academy enrollment to Akarui. Becoming greatly opposed as they recognized the light she shined on both families, representing a kindred spirit not unlike her father's. She would ultimately indulge in some ninja training for the sake of competency given the fickle nature of the shinobi world, but Aka predictably refused formal instruction. Preferring to engage individuals on her own terms. Despite this, it should be noted that she is far from weak, having two strong bloodlines running through her system. Leaving opponents to underestimate her at their own peril.

However, Akarui could only avoid the limelight for so long. Given her mother's visibility as a key facet of the current administration, many would desire the young lass. Aiming to make her for their own. For some it was a matter of innocence; they saw the influence she could wield in the future; coupled with her blossoming beauty and intellect, it was only natural to begin talks of marriage. Others wanted that influence for themselves, hoping to take back what was theirs. Alas, they would stage an attempted kidnapping, one that occurred on Sachi's watch. One that devastated her as she sought to retrieve her beloved little sister. Alas, they wouldn't make it far; the older girl seeing illumination in the sky that would strike the area where the group had disappeared. Upon reaching the destination, she would find her sister among the dead kidnappers, her eyes glowing with stormy fervor. Lessons were soon to begin as it became imperative that Aka understand what she inherited.


So it began. An unforgettable night spent in the comfort of each other's arms before molding into one being. The King and his Dark Queen, forgiven of her sins and completely embraced by her lover. Unconditional love represented in its purest form; any future repercussions where of little consequence. After all, something about this union felt appropriate. A righting of prior wrongs. Nevertheless, no one was surprised when Misora found herself pregnant after such an endeavor. It would have been foolish to let anything impede their untamed desire and need for each other. Though a broken family was soon to result from a decision. Noting that Misora was pregnant, Inoiki began to question the nature of such an affair, noting that the two had been apart lately. Leading him to the logical assumption of infidelity. Striking a blow to a relationship that was already showing signs of wear. Ultimately disappointing him as he noticed the distinct difference between Misora's tone when speaking to the fetus and her daughter. While she was protective of Sachi and taught her as a mother should, a clear shift in emotional content was present. One could say she truly loved this unborn child, a word thought to be lost from Mi's vocabulary. Yet here it was, as she embraced her growing baby, one that showed signs of the woman's ferocity while in the womb. Having dealt some internal damage in the form of broken ribs. For some reason this only made Misora's love for the infant increase, noting it would have to be strong in order to survive the judgment of others. However, one could sense a paradigm shift. Perhaps Mi was regaining some of her lost kindness from the beginnings of her childhood.

Unfortunately, the damage to the household was done. Inoiki would break off the engagement, taking their only daughter with him. While such a reaction was expected given the gravity of the situation, the finality still hurt. For Misora was alone once more, this time with child. However, Okuyuki tracked her down in the proceeding time, having anticipated such fallout. Nevertheless, that Misora was pregnant came as a shock to him. In the subsequent contact (by writing or in person) following that night, she had failed to mention at every possible interval her pregnancy. And given the relatively early stage she was in, that small fact was easily disguised. Overjoyed at the opportunity, Oku ended up staying, vowing to support her while she carried their unborn offspring to full term. Noting the perhaps he had rubbed off on her, sensing a tenderness & vulnerability that wasn't there when they first met. Adoring the rambunctious baby that was as fiery as it's mother. The following time passed rather quietly, the couple developing a semblance of house life as the due date approached. With Akarui's rapid development though, many rightfully predicted she would arrive sooner. And that she did, choosing a serene yet rainy February afternoon as the day she would enter the world, becoming a tangible link that would pull Okuyuki and Misora together in a more permanent manner. The countdown had finally begun.

Misora's tranquility was shattered by the first round of contractions, though any cries of pain were withheld. She wasn't the crybaby type anyways. Those days had been expunged the moment she purged Kiri. Nevertheless, Okuyuki's sensible nature recognized something was amiss. Finding his lover going into labor, he gingerly picked her up bridal style before rushing to the hospital, taking care to keep her well-insulated despite her complaints. Knowing that despite her gritty attitude that complications during childbirth were a very real thing. Thus he sought to eliminate at least one variable. Upon arriving at the destination, they immediately took her into the emergency room. Recognizing her on sight as one who liberated this village from it's black market existence. Upon being placed in an operating room, the contractions began anew, as if the child's patience had ran out. With a gritting of her teeth and eventually a scream that nearly drove Okuyuki mad, the moment had arrived. Emerging headfirst was the baby girl, a faint tan to her skin and her head already covered in a mess of white hair. She was beautiful. After the completion of her delivery, the infant was swaddled before being handed to her mother. Misora's gaze alight with the coaxing warmth of the sun as her baby find her lungs and let out a high pitched wail. Announcing her presence to the world. The couple immediately decided on the name Akarui, feeling a brightness and colorful existence that could only originate in their new addition. One who melded mother and father into one package.

The love that had been building from all those years of suffering and the nearly 9 months of carrying this baby finally burst from Misora's system. A steady stream of tears left her eyes, only to be comforted by the affectionate touch of her lover and the warmth of her baby girl. Nevertheless, after a few days of routine checkups for the health of infant and mother, she was released from the hospital, allowing them to bring their child home for the first time. What surprised her however was who waited at the gates of their home. Her elder daughter managed a sheepish grin, though the smile was strained at its edges. But real happiness emanated when their baby sister came into view, her serene face coupled with her spun warm brown locks bringing joy to their hearts. Sachi proved the most eager to hold her, only hesitating due to her worry of dropping Akarui. One could argue that this was needed given the brokenness of the household. What had been divisive soon became a peace offering of sorts; Sachi could see how happy Okuyuki made her mother. The lurking malice that always felt present from Mi's earlier days had vanished, leaving a woman that felt...normal. And as foreign as it sounded, in love. It was enough for the older girl to forgive her mother, realizing that Mi needed this, having lacked that emotion and its reciprocation for most of her life. After taking her turn holding Aka, Sachi left, though she would visit many times over the following years, having become attached to her baby sister. Unbeknownst to Akarui at the time, she may have quelled an affair that could have degraded into an ugly mess.

Akarui would grow up to be a fairly inquisitive child, though one that was deeply devoted to her parents. Her bronze gaze was said to hold a fierce and unrelenting curiosity, exemplified by her ability to sneak out unwarranted for the sake of minor things like looking at the sky or chasing the bugs and birds. Having lost it's perpetual rain in the wake of Pain's death, the land seemed to flourish despite the industrial maze remaining. With a city still full of secrets, Aka's exploration was often done under the watchful eye of one of her parents and/or sibling. Though many recognized her on sight as the daughter of the village's savior, resulting in them welcoming and protecting the girl. Seeing her as the hope of Ame. She became a sign of the future that this village held if it continued on its positive trajectory. Nevertheless, Aka remained wonderfully innocent of such a burden, preferring to peer through the windows of shops and buildings while running amok. Furthermore, the child wondered what the world was like beyond the borders of her village.....


Akarui's Veracity

She who doesn't take no for an answer.


Akarui Raika

Akarui during her younger days.

A young lass who inherited her mother's beauty in its entirety. Possessing the same heart-shaped face as the femme fatale. Nestled in this picture of light-hearted mischief are almond shaped eyes, painted a fierce yet warm crimson. Often intimidating those that intend to harm her loved ones. Regardless, they are naturally inquisitive, Akarui believing the world to be her oyster. Framing this expression is hair the color of cinnamon, though it occasionally appears as a dull golden in the right lighting. Her locks are noted to be rather long, with most strands extending beyond her waist. Though a few stop short of this checkpoint. Given the formality of her mother's position as Usuakari's bodyguard and left-hand woman, as well as her father's efforts to instill civic virtues in the girl, Akarui's manner of dress appears decidedly formal. She primarily wears a white dress with black lining, tapering into a thigh-high skirt with a red zig-zag. Surprisingly, the dress does allow for some feminine virtue, though it does encompass long-sleeves with a relatively high neckline. Worn over this is a black officer's jacket, embroidered with gold at various intervals. Emblazoned on her right shoulder is the Raika Clan symbol, marking her as a member of her father's clan. While she would also like her mother's clan to be included, the lack of information and the destruction of records resulted in the loss of the Chinoike symbol. In addition, her sleeves are shown to be cuffed, adding a layer of eloquence. Though Aka claims it is far too stuffy for her liking. To match these garbs are a pair of thigh boots, incorporating the same shade of gold with a mellow oak shade. Said color is complemented by a belt that wraps around her waist and back, allowing her to carry a rather heavy if not wicked looking broadsword. Adding to her aura of intimidation.

Akarui Raika Future App

To the present and future she goes.

Her appearance surprisingly changes very little as she reached adulthood, only presenting a physical maturity that was represented by her biological grasp of puberty. A sudden growth meant that her hair appears shorter even though Akarui never cut it, with the mass now reaching the mid to lower back. Her gaze still retains its previous intensity, only softening around friends and family. Unsurprisingly, she has abandoned the manner of dress from her younger years, though her new attire of choice appears even more diligent. She now wears garments befitting of a knight, donning a full armor that is tastefully understated and notably conservative, featuring a high neckline among other attributes. The only shown ornamentation are blue lines and a ocean blue star on the stomach. Denoting her aptitude with water. Despite its perceived conservativeness initially, there are some departures from the past. Unlike the knights of yesteryear, her's is form-fitting, allowing it to be significantly lighter in comparison to the previous armors. She does hail from a family of storied ninja after all. Nevertheless, the clothing retains the same durability as armors of old. Aka would later modify this armor for the sake of greater mobility, while allowing for some skin to be shown. When residing in Ame, she is shown to adorn herself with a two piece cape, the inner layer a magnificent shade of aquamarine while the outer layer remains a royal blue. She will normally ditch this portion when in battle however, citing its impracticality. In conclusion, she has replaced her former broadsword with a saber/longsword hybrid, honed to a keen perfect for cutting individuals in two. With her inherited strength allowing for it to have drastic consequences on the environment.


Akarui Raika Sword Skills

The blade of the unbroken.


Nature Transformation

Akarui Raika and Water

The development of her burgeoning water abilities.

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