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(暁, Akatsuki; Literally meaning "Dawn")

  • Daybreak


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Akatsuki (暁; Literally meaning "Dawn" or "Daybreak") is the infamous criminal organization created and formerly headed by Pain prior to the Fourth Shinobi World War. In the events that led up to the war Obito, who masqueraded as Madara, began taking increasingly erratic actions with the single-minded devotion towards the capture of the Tailed Beasts. As time passed the components of the organization were dismantled and eventually disbanded months before war was declared on the shinobi world. Forces loyal to Akatsuki consolidated under Konan until she too was slain and the organization existed only in name.

In the aftermath of that bloody conflict against Madara Uchiha and the Ten-Tails, the Allied Shinobi Forces struggled to quell the chaos that spread in its wake. Civil wars plagued each of the shinobi nations, and though they tried to maintain the alliance, the demands of their countryman and the civilian populations eventually dissolved whatever brotherhood had been obtained in the war. With each country on the verge of economic collapse, they were forced to pull their shinobi back, leaving much of the country side a festering pit for bandits, piracy and pillaging.

In this tumultuous era, the scattered remains of Akatsuki thrived for they possessed experienced leadership and organization, and were able to capitalize on the weakened state of the elemental countries. Bandits, mercenary's, disgruntled shinobi who lost their homes, family and clans due to the war flocked to these mysterious groups. Possessing the finances to fund its military, and the political outreach to secure critical alliances and benefactors, Akatsuki was reborn. In the years that followed, the organization would continue to re-establish itself as a dominate force at the international level; having spies, assets, merchants and agents stretched across the elemental countries all invariably connected. At the turn of the next decade following the war, Akatsuki had become a Village Hidden in the Villages (京隠れの里, Kyougakure no Sato).






Name Intelligence Role in the Akatsuki
Yasakani Unknown Unknown
Misora Uchiha Unknown Unknown
Soga Yotsugi Unknown Unknown
Jisatsu Hōjōn'na A missing-nin from Konohagakure, charged with various crimes she had no part in. She has been pursued by Root her entire life, the faction desiring the powerful ninjutsu she developed. The system of the shinobi world has robbed her of everyone she was ever close too, and she seeks revenge against it. Her only goal seems to be the death of shinobi, and her only reason for joining the Akatsuki seems to be because it provided the quickest way towards that pastime. Hardly participating in any of the strategic aspects of the organization, she uses her infamous Space-Time techniques to kill or destroy anything or anyone she is tasked to. Assassin
Kyonshī Demon of the Frost, the Demon Huntress, and the Doom Bringer, Kyonshī is a complete powerhouse as she destroyed a whole country with her sole power. Her granted gift, Flames of the Phoenix, associated with the living elements, and her refined talent as a master of element manipulation granted her the nature of the freezing flames. Not to mention that her summoning demons lurk within the shadows where the eye cannot see, which is perfect to take the role as "The Silencer", who will deem the life of anyone who dares to betray the group, and intents to be one of the absolute defenders of the Akatsuki. Defensive operations
Intel shutdown
The Silencer
Akiko Nasuhara As an artificial human, created from a rare Yukigakure organic crystal, Akiko is a perfect tool for war and espionage as her crystal nature allows her to move undetected through out an area as well as melding with crystals found in the earth for travel. Scout
Intelligence Relay
Isamu Yamanaka An escaped member of Root, a ruthless individual with a taste for handsome men. Noted to be an insane and extremely dangerous criminal wanted for several series of grisly slaughters made on young men and women. Isamu possesses immense telepathic abilities, far beyond that of other members of his clan, being capable of affect, dominate and enter minds over a range of around sixty miles. Beyond his abilities as a telepath, Isamu likewise possesses great abilities in both Medical Ninjutsu and martial combat, and is a formidable combatant in his own right. Meeting Coordinator
Intelligence Expert
Hibiki Odorite Daimyo of Wind, Queen of the Sands, technological mastermind, and political genius, Hibiki has become a chess piece immoveable. It is with her talents, that the Akatsuki have attained access and power in the Land of Wind. Imperial puppeteer, a virtual proficient, Hibiki has become one of the grandmasters within the Puppeteer Guild, infamous for the engines of power she controls. Over the years as Daimyo, she has made plays to control the flow of trade routes and merchandise, sending economies into flux so that they in turn, become reliant to the market she controls. Hibiki's bright mind pushes forward the events to come, subjugating her enemies to rely on her resources. Daimyo
Tactical Expert
Yami Nara The current leader of the Nara Clan, a true shinobi of the shadows, Yami has the entire Land of Fire engulfed in his shadow, literally. The Daimyo of the Land of Fire is a mere puppet, created from his shadow after the Nara Clan Member forcefully took his life. As of currently, Yami controls the entire Land of Fire, along with Konoha as he has created an inseverable bond between the Noble Clans of Konoha and the Nara, to such an extent where if Yami is targeted they all feel as if they are targeted as well. In addition to his vast political power, Yami is known for his absolute mastery of the Nara Clan abilities; resulting him obtaining the epithet The Shinobi of the Shadows (忍びの影, Kage no Shinobi). The Dirtyworker
Fuyuki The current ruler of the entire Land of Water; a man so proficient in the water release so as to be thought of as the reincarnation of the god Susanoo by the natives. Having taken control over the nation by force and terrorism, Fuyuki became the country's ruler by killing the former Mizukage, Mei Terumi one on one - only to shortly after her death eradicate the Water Daimyō and his entire family as well. Currently serving as the ruler of the entire nation and steadily advancing his territory by conquering and colonizing nearby settlements. Fuyuki is also noted to be the man who reignited the tradition of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Having assembled a new generation from his former allies and accomplices in his times as a bandit leader. Benefactor
Kagerō Tsukagami A Jōnin of Iwagakure whom possesses political power far beyond his position thanks to his connections to the current Daimyō of the Land of Earth. Forming close bonds with the Tsuchikage and other powerful figures of his nation, it was soon found that his village, and nation, were on the point of collapse. Utilizing his power, he soon delved into the Black Markets, employing his remarkable trade tactics as a means to bolster the economic position of Iwagakure. Furthermore, he is the last known relative of the Daimyō with potential as a Shinobi, and his skills within the various secretive arts of Iwagakure have dubbed him as one of their strongest Shinobi of the current era. Representative in the Black Market
Nozomi A Tokubetsu Jōnin of Takigakure who is currently the leader of Takigakure. Though she carried a venomous hate for the Taki after they massacred her family, she was approached by the Akatsuki about working her way up to take control of the village. Known for her skill in manipulation at young age, she worked her way up the social ladder and slowly turned the rest of the village against the shinobi through her motherly ways. She now possesses the resources to control the rest of Taki, as well as its most important treasure, the Hero Water. Sponsor
Mistress of Manipulation
Knight Knight is a legendary Missing-nin from Yamagakure, he is currently the main detective of the Akatsuki. Even earned the great title of "Stave God(棒神)" due to his talented abilities with his "Stave Magic", he does not show himself, or his face too often. He is also known well for his ability to manipulate life and his expert combatant. The rest of his life and history remains unknown, as he is also claimed to be the most mysterious member of the Akatsuki.
Kiyome Uchiha TBC The Executionor


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