After Alex stays behind to face Itachi, Seireitou and Haizo rush up the stairs to get to naruto. "Are you sure with leaving Alex alone to fight Itachi, Seireitou?" asked Haizo. Seireitou hesitated, then smiled, "Yes, im sure". The two continued climbing up until they reached another room. A large empty room which seireitou looked around for anything, till he spotted the stairs to go higher up. "Who dare disturbs my rain?" said a voice. At that moment, Pein appeared in front of seireitou and haizo. "You two will not go any further" said Pein. "Damn it, looks like we need to team up this time" said Seireitou. "No" said Haizo as Seireitou looked at him, stunned. "You need to continue on and find Naruto before they extract the Kyuubi, dont worry, i can take him." said Haizo smiling. Seireitou was hesitant to let Haizo fight alone but trusted his judgement and ran up the stairs, leaving Pein alone with Haizo. "Well then, looks like its you and me" said Haizo as he drew his Saitatsu.

The Fight Begins

Pein meerly stared at Haizo, "Not quite" he suggested as two others walked out from the shadows. Both wore similar clothing to Pein himself, and had the same hair color. They all wore black piecings on them as well. Haizo then asked, "Who are they?" he asked. Pein meerly smirked, "They are Pein, we are Pein, i am Pein" he statedas the two bodies stood beside Pein. Haizo smiled, "Whatever, you're gonna need all the help you can get!" he called out, charging at Pein with Saitatsu in hand. Pein's eyes widened as an unusual force pushed Haizo violently agaisnt the wall, making a small dent in the wall. Haizo's eyes widened, "What the hell was that?!" he thought as he forced himself off the wall. Haizo stared at the three bodies, and grinned, and pointed his blade down. He bit his finger and spread his blood on Saitatsu, and stated, "Bleed, Saitatsu". His blade transformed into a european style rapier, glowing a faint forest green. He then stated, "Pein, or whatever you are, make sure you give me a good fight".

To Be Continued...

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