Akio color copy
Akio Natsutaro
ナツタロアキオ (Natsutaro Akio)
Age 12
Birthdate July 19
Height 151.2 cm
Weight 41.9 kg
Blood Type AB
Gender Male
Current Location Iwagakure
Affiliation Iwagakure
Rank Chunin

  • Earth Release: Inner Decapitation Technique
  • Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique

Akio Natsutaro (ナツタロアキオ, Natsutaro Akio) is a Naruto roleplay character created by Cloe Sanders (pseudonym: bpcloe). Akio is actually based on Cloe's brother, Alex. His sister, Kohana, is also based on a sibling of Cloe's, Kohana's counterpart being her younger sister Katrina.

Akio means "bright boy" in Japanese, a pun on his high intelligence. "Natsu" can mean "summer" or "born in summer", while "Taro" means "first born son". This surname is strangely accurate, since all known Natsutaro's have been born in summer, and their first born children are sons.

Akio has a natural talent for genjutsu, using it during a majority or the whole of a battle. One of his more successful techniques include using his speed, energy, and high chakra level to make a barrage of shurikens, kunais, and shiki. Then he uses the Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique to create a false way out, when it would really lead to a clear patch of ground. When the ninja would step into the clear spot, Akio would use the Earth Release: Inner Decapitation Technique. While being a strength, it can also be a weakness. When against opponents that are more vulnerable mentally, Akio could easily win a fight. But when fighting a strong-minded ninja, a majority of Akio's tactics would only work for a short time.


Akio and Kohana have never known their parents, other siblings, or any other relatives except their grandfather. He cared for them until Akio was 8, when their house was burned down. He was not there when either of the children woke up, and his remains were not in the ashes. It is assumed that he was killed and disposed of by the same person who started the fire. The two children dealt with the loss of their grandfather in their own way. Akio, who had always been a relatively quiet child, became loud, obnoxious, and sometimes unknowingly rude. Kohana became a "double personality" of sorts, being unbearably sensitive on the inside with a tough, fearless, and skilled prankster on the outside. Back at the Ninja Acadamy, Akio graduated at age 10, and became a chunin at 12.


Akio is a very outgoing and noisy ninja. He is also extremely hyper a majority of the time, which makes it very easy for him to lose track of things and to drift off in the middle of a lesson. He compensates for this, though, with his high intelligence. He learns quickly and remembers easily.


Akio has green eyes and tanned skin. His hair is bright blonde and is swept to the side over his headband. He normally wears a plain red short sleeve shirt, with his left sleeve cut off over the top of his shoulder. His tan shorts have small pockets resembling that of flak jackets. His sandals are red as well. He also has the Natsutaro tatoo around his right eye, whereas Kohana has her's on her left eye.

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