(image pendant)
Name Alexu
Clan None, Descendant of Haku's clan, no longer kekkei genkai.
Nickname hidden mist Puppet Master.
Rank Chunin.
Classification B-Rank
Birthdate November-14
Age 16
Gender Male
Blood type O
Village _______
Team Anbu[mist][before]; Mizukako
Marionettes Rykyou, Nakemini//Ziba, Dekuabuh(oncee).Kekamiyun.
Occupation: Chunnin in the Mist hidden Village[before]; part of the MizuKako Organization.
Previous Occupation hidden mist village Genin. Mist Hidden Vilage Chunnin.

(Original Character)Alexu is a Cunnin of the _____Village, and is part of the MizuKako organization with other some ninjas divided in various Villages, is a Puppet-master wothout beign from the Sand-Hidden-Village.


Is a long Dark-Brown Haired, with two hairropes on his front (like the onmes on Haku), wears a large black tunic and his clothes down there cant be easyliy seen.



Rykyou is an wooden caommon marionette, its body is fragmented, like the body of Karasu but only 2 legs and 2 arms, looks like an wolf cause of its head, legs and hands (/more like claws), is the most user marionette of Alexu, wit this he can uses water Nin-jutsus and strong Taijutsu combos, he can also put the marionette inside his tunic and its arms, legs and head goes out by some holes in the clothing, this way, they can realize strong dual techniques.


Ziba is an spider shaped marionette, its small if compared to other marionettes, its generally down Alexu's tunic like an jacket, and it is usefull to stealth techniques and like weapon to the others marionettes.

Ziba was originally with the name ofh Nakemini, but it was changed when Alexu's fixed its body after an hard figth.


This is an marionette close equal to Rykyou, except that its inner body have some differences, its usefull in fire ninjutsus, and like Rykyou, can be used in Taijutsu combos, and in the Marionnete Fussion jutsu with rikyou, Kekkamyiun is an Fire~Fox shaped Marionette, is the third of Alexu's marionettes and its used only in very serious fights.


Dekuabuh is trully not an Alexu's Marionette, but he used it one time in a war insidee the country//Land of waves, between some traitors and the Hidden Mist Village,in the Figth Between Alexu and the Right Hand of the Traitor Leader, somehow the marionette of his decseased sensei suddenly apeared in the battle field protecting him of one of his enemmy's most powerfulls atacks, after using it in the battle hi retturned it to his sensei's tomb.

Dekabuh has an Doujutsu unique that provides improvement to its commerades, this is usefull to improve marionettes using it with them.



  • Ninja Art: Puppet summoning Jutsu.
  • Ninja Art: Puppet control jutsu.
  • Water Release: water Marionette-Clone Jutsu.
  • Water Release: Water Puppet-Reflection Jutsu.
  • Water/Wind Release: Hidden Mist Jutsu
  • Water Clone Jutsu.
  • Marionette Ninjutsu.
  • Ice Release: Cold Ball Jutsu.


  • Water Release: Water Ball Jutsu.
  • Dismount.
  • Mount Jutsu.
  • Replique Jutsu.
  • Ice Blades Jutsu.


  • Fire Release: Fire Ball Jutsu.
  • Fire Claws Jutsu.

Fire Wasser Ball Jutsu.

MArionettes Combinations

Triplette Ball Jutsu.

Taijutsu Techniques.

  • Rykyou's Blade's Dance
  • Makka-Rykyou's Blade Dance.
  • Marionette-fusion-
  • Puppet-Mastery Taijutsu.
  • Mist Puppet Master Dacing Blades.
  • 4 Puppets Dance.
  • Fire/&/Ice Dance
  • FireIce MADDance.
  • Animal Mimic Taijutsu of Fire
  • Animal Mimic Taijutsu of Ice
  • Triplette Weapon Taijutsu.
  • Triplette Puppet Conbination Jutsu.
  • MakkaMarionette Master Taijutsu(Once.).

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