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Blade of Bonds






Literal English

Fang forged from Heaven's Bonds



"Only one who understands the term "Bond"... Can use the Blade that protects those Bonds. As this blade was once used to protect the bond of the ninja who succeeded me, so shall the blade be used once more, to defend all that is right."
— Rikudou Sennin's Prophecy

The Blade of Bonds (ブレード社債の発行, Tsurugi no Kizuna), known by it's true name as Amakenseiga (牙天国の債券から偽造, Fang forged from Heaven's Bonds) is the blade forged from the fang of the Ten-Tailed Demon Beast (Canon version), and was once wielded by the Sage of the Six Paths. During his first fight with the beast, he only managed to knock off a fang from the great beast. Taking that fang, he brought it to a swordsmith who used the heavenly chakra from Rikudou along with the fang to forge a blade strong enough to suppress the great beast in battle. According to Hikaru, the sword was originally forged by a blacksmith known as Jinkotsu. He had claimed that Rikudou had stolen the sword; this was however false as the sword was made for Rikudou out of the fang.

The blade was said that it could only be found by someone who wanted to find it, but not use it. Rikudou said that the blade's power was meant to only come at a time of need, not desire. After Rikudou used it, he felt it best to seal the blade for future use, should the Ten Tails wreck havoc once more. As such, he sealed the blade at Tenshi Palace that would enable the true heir of the Rinnegan to find the blade when the time should come. The Blade was found by Seireitou Kawahiru, during his travels to find the Staff of the Final Path.

It takes the appearance of a nodachi when used, and emits a powerful holy aura from it's blade. What is interesting is that when the blade was first forged, the Juubi's chakra made the blade's own aura much more sinister but over time, Rikudou's influence with Seikouki purified the blade into a weapon harmful to Bijuu chakra.


Juubi Slain
Juubi being killed by Rikudou's Blade
SeireitouAdded by Seireitou

Rikudou Sennin, the ancestor of the ninja world, lived in a peaceful village of samurai. The village was soon attacked by a large fox-like being, nicknamed the "Juubi" or "Ten Tails" based on it's appearance of ten tails. Rikudou was able to fight against this beat, but to little avail. He only managed to knock off a fang from the beast, and was able to use his gifts to actually teleport the beast far away with his remaining strength. Using this fang, he brought it to a local swordsmith called "Jinkotsu", one of the best, asking if this fang could be forged into a blade. He believed that by using this blade, he could slay Juubi. And this was correct. Given some time to purify the dark energy within, the blade successfully slayed the Juubi's physical body as it's chakra and soul was sealed within Rikudou, making Rikudou the very first Jinchuriki.

Blade of Bonds being Reforged
The Blade of Bonds being forged once more by Jinkotsu
SeireitouAdded by Seireitou

However, the blade itself shattered in the process. Being repriminded by Jinkotsu, he brought it back to be reforged, but Jinkotsu refused. He claimed that blade such as this one was a "work of single beauty", and refused to forge it a second time. Being offered a deal by Rikudou, the swordsmith agreed to reforge it. However, the chakra within Rikudou began to tamper with the blade's own energy, and even caused it to possess Jinkotsu. The possessed Jinkotsu attempted to strike and kill Rikudou, falling under Juubi's deep hatred for Rikudou. Having to kill Jinkotsu in the process, Rikudou was able to reclaim the blade under his control. Spending his last few years in seclusion, his mastery of Seikouki allowed him to purify the blade slowly until the blade was once again pure. Fearing the might of the sword's power, he sealed it at Tenshi Temple (Currently known as Tenshi Palace), and sealed the entire temple away so that only one with a "vision for peace" may find and obtain the blade.

Powers & Abilities

The Blade of Bonds is known as the blade which protects and maintains all bonds in nature, including the bonds of life and death; Heaven and Hell; love and hate; yin and yang, and so forth. This blade also seems to possess similar abilities to that of Pain's Chakra Disruption Blades and Kisame's Samehada. General Unagi was the one to take possession of this blade after Rikudou's death. Utilizing this blade to his own chakra, he took lead of the world as it's religious leader. He unlocked two abilities to this blade, with the third still unseen.

The first technique is called Kisou Tengai (うちは、この世界の, lit. Out of this World), which creates a massive black circle that will send a entire body into hell, leaving no trace left behind. However, when one is first learning to use the technique, the Kisou Tengai will take the form of a black cresent moon that will only send a part of person into hell along with their soul, stronger shinobi may be uneffected by the cresent. As the user gains strength, the Kisou Tengai will grow until it becomes a perfect circle. As Seireitou gained strength, the Kisou Tengai became bigger, than became a oval shape, and finally a perfect circle.

The second, which is the very technique that made Unagi's name famous as the Dragon of the East, is the Enjaku Soryuha (ニルヴァーナドラゴンストライクの, lit. Nirvana of Dragon's Strike). When it's user charges chakra into the Blade, it then releases that chakra as a massive amount of energy in the form of blue arcs of lightning. In Unagi's hands, the Soryuha was stronger and manifested in the form of a blue dragon made of energy (Given his nickname, "Dragon of the East"). It was known as the strongest lightning attack in all written history, as the lightning from the heavens themselves fall to the user's whim and are trapped by the immense power of it's wielder. Unagi seems to have been able to use this attack without limit, given his years of training. But Seireitou seems to only possess the ability to summon 3 soryuhas in a single day. It must also be noted that Seireitou's Soryuha pales in comparason to Unagi's, given the gap between training ages.

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