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Blade of Bonds
Kanji 天県牙
Rōmaji Amakenseiga
Literal English Sword born from Heaven's Fang

The Amakenseiga (天県牙, "Sword born from Heaven's Fang") is a legendary katana said to be forged from a fang once belonging to the Shinju, which was given to the Samurai Country by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. With such a material, it is said that a swordsmith named Jinkotsu was requested to create a weapon from this fang and succeeded in forging something he considered a "work of supreme beauty". It was eventually wielded over the years by various warlords, until it was stolen by Oichi Oda from her older brother, Nobunaga Oda, as she retreated from the samurai country and fled to Konohagakure, making the Amakenseiga her own weapon.

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