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One Peaceful Night

An alarm was immediately sets off. Out in the distance at Kumogakure, there was immediately a red alarm shining through. Damn it! I was caught! She thought as she jumps through tree by tree as she looks behind, 10 Kumo Missing-nins were chasing. Clutching tightly at the item on her left hand, she immediately takes out her sword with her right hand and then makes a little slash with it. “Sotto: Shining Blade.” Hanatte Sokudo mutters and her sword immediately turns to a white and glowing blade in the night. Hanatte immediately stops and stands on a tree branch. The missing-nins immediately came and they threw Kunai knives at her. Without hesitation, Hanatte blocks them all as the Kunai Knives were burned as they touched the ground. Just then, one missing-nin immediately charges at him with his own sword and takes a swipe. Hanatte swiftly dodges and replies back with a quick slash, immediately killing the missing-nin. Two more suddenly charges and Hanatte immediately positions her swords in which the swords are going to hit. Just when they hit it, their swords suddenly broke as Hanatte spinned around once and they were caught in the tip of the blade as they were slashed off. Another person had a club and it was charged with chakra. Hanatte charges back and her sword lighten even more. The missing-nin took a swipe of his club, but, Hanatte immediately cuts right through the club and punches the person, knocking him cold. The 6 others were still positioned. “Stay put…we can take care of her. POSITIONS!” The lead one shouts. All 6 then walk around Hanatte with their Kumo ninja signs glaring off in the moonlight. They all surrounded Hanatte. “Come on…” Hanatte just mutters. She then puts her sword in the air and it was immediately covered in green chakra. “You guys just aren’t worth my time…” She suddenly spins around once and a huge air-compressed projectile came out of her sword, circling out. Immediately, once in contact of the Kumo ninjas, they were immediately blasted away without notice, blood splurting out as they fell out of the tree. “Sotto: 200 Pounds Wind Phoenix.” Hanatte says as she sheathes her sword. She then decides to walk, but then, noticed that there were three more people tailing her. “Crap…I don’t have time to fight now…” Hanatte mutters as she starts to run.

The three that were chasing Hanatte had the following names. Hiroge, Anatta, and Daikou were pursuing Hanatte. “Crap! That intruder has the scroll! We have to get to her!” Hiroge says as they were on the move to get her. “I can’t believe someone of my gender…would get a scroll over of our top-notch security.” Anatta mutters as she starts to pick up the pace. “No wonder…I thought I saw a Konoha headband on her. She’s either a missing-nin or just a scout.” Daikou said as he was chewing over his stick that was on his mouth. “Nevermind that! We have to get to them; our powerful boss is the only person that must have that power. He must have that power by killing someone…” Hiroge said in his tough tone. “And that’s the Raikage…” He says in a touchy tone. The other two nods and they continue.

“Stop…I think I smell blood…” Daikou said as he stops on a tree branch That intense? Boy…she must be powerful…. The two were going to say something, but, Daikou said it first. “Look, I know that we have to get to her. But, she’s kind of lost, wouldn’t you all agree? So, she’s probably stopped at that abandon house. First, we look at some of our injured men down below.” Daikou said as he points below. Immediately, the trio went down and started to ask questions.

Sure enough, Hanatte was lost. “Great…they know of the region around here…and I don’t.” Hanatte mutters as she walks down a lost path that she has no idea of where to go. Then, she suddenly sees a three story house that looked abandon. “Hmm…looks a little spooky to stay in…I’m fine by that.” Hanatte says as she goes in the house.

As Hanatte surveys the whole house, the trio group was looking at the men. “Hey! Are you okay!?” Hiroge shouted to ask at the person who was the first victim to be hit under Hanatte’s sword. To no avail, the person didn’t respond. “Hey! I’ve got a living one here!” Anatta shouts. “Me too! Look, there’s another one that’s moving!” Daikou responded.

Hiroge then grunts. “Gather the ones that are alive, and send them back to base and relay a message to our leader that we’re pursuing a thief that has stole his scroll!” He shouts to Anatta and Daikou. “Right!” They reply.

Hanatte was looking around the whole house on the night time. “Well, this place doesn’t look too bad.” She says as she looks around, seeing no portraits. She then goes to the second floor and sees some deserted floor and a bathroom. “Hmm…I wonder…the position of this whole house…and outside…” Hanatte started to think. “Yeah…” She says as she started to go to the third room. There were only two rooms. Hanatte opened the one at the left. It was a simple bedroom, only, it was bigger than the other ones that she went through. Hanatte opens the one at the right, and to her surprise, there were 10 screens. 9 little ones, and a huge one that was surrounded by the little ones. “A control room…” Hanatte says as she closes the door. She sees a whole lot of tiny and sturdy ropes around the whole area. “Well…I guess this place used to be a luxurious area.” Hanatte says as she sat on the crooked chair. She sees a red button, and she immediately presses it. The screen immediately turns on and it was showing the whole area of the house. “Wow…” Was all she could say as it covered the whole entire house, the rooms, the kitchen, every single part of it. “Well…this is easy surveillance. Looks a little messy, but, still fine…” Hanatte said.

The screen then flickered to just outside the abandoned house, showing a very familiar figure walking towards the door. Short, blonde, and petite, carrying a cleaver sword on her back, and wearing a purple winter-like attire. Her head turned every which way, as if she was looking around to check for something. Then, she slowly reached out, grabbed the knob, and turned it slowly.

Hanatte wasn't in the security room anymore, but, already downstairs at the first floor, not noticing the entrance. When she went towards the huge kitchen, she notices a huge door on the side of the kitchen room. "Pretty big..." Hanatte then opens it and suddenly, a metal hoe comes falling down. A little frightened, Hanatte immediately dodges as it clanks down on the floor. "Whew...I wouldn't want a bloody head..." Hanatte mutters as she looks inside. "'s a closet..." Hanatte says as she looks at the contents inside. There was a board in which there were 20 sticks of gloves that were curled into a fist. Two huge hammers, buckets of paints, some really short walls for a maze, a lot of weights that looked 15lb and 20lbs. A huge heater, copper, yarn, water alcohol, and on the very back, a huge rocket with a huge lighter that was 6ft in diameter. "Wow...this is one big area..." Hanatte mutters as she views the whole area. Hanatte closes the door of the closet door and turns around and suddenly sees someone. "WHOA!" Hanatte shouts as someone was at the door, shadowy from the moonlight. Hanatte immediately pulls out her sword, I knew that they'll be able to catch me up! Hanatte thought.

"Woah!" A startled feminine voice said, putting her hands up in defense. "I surrender, all right?!" The voice held a bit of amusement and surprise.

"K-kyashi?" Hanatte asks in a low voice with a glint of surprise as she put down her sword but didn't sheathe it. "What are you doing here?" Hanatte asks as she approached the female.

"I...I saw you being chased again..." The blonde scratched the back of her head, looking downwards. "And I wanted to see why."

"Well...that explains it..." Hanatte says, but, she still doesn't sheathe her sword. "I'll tell you of why I'm chased until you answer this question." Hanatte said. "What's my full name?" Hanatte asked as she points her sword at the blonde.

"Hanatte Sokudo." Kyashi blinked questioningly, and even in a more curious tone of voice. "Why do you ask?"

Hanatte sheathes her sword and then quickly motions Kyashi to get in and she immediately closes the door. "Sorry, I thought you were one of the men chasing me..." Hanatte said in a low voice as she looks outside. Before Kyashi could ask, Hanatte immediately interrupts her. "Ok...I found out that there was a scroll for my sword here that it could change into a lightning form. So, I decided to take it. But, I never knew that it was in some missin-nin criminal organization. So, after I defeated 10 of those people, 3 of the leaders are following me." Hanatte briskly says.

Kyashi huffed. "First off, do I look like a guy to you?" She asked, putting her hands on her hips. "Secondly, it sounds like you're in trouble, then."

"It's called Transformation Jutsu, Kyashi." Hanatte said as she was going upstairs with Kyashi following. "And yes, I'm kind of in trouble. Although, I could beat them, I can tell that they're strong." Hanatte said.

"And you clearly aren't in a fighting mood, if you're saying that..." Kyashi said, hot on Hanatte's heels. "So, what's your plan, then?"

"Not really and...wait..." Hanatte immediately goes to the third floor in which the huge bedroom was there. Looking out the window of the bedroom, he sees the three men. "Well, well, well...there they are." Hanatte said as she points at the three men out on the end side of the clear field in which where the house was.

Immediately, Kyashi walked over by her side, looking down on the three. She squinted her eyebrows skeptically. "You'd think that they could sense our chakra by now..." She muttered. "They look lost."

"Not sure..." Hanatte mutters. She immediately takes out Sotto and suddenly electrocutes it. "We can hear them through sound waves..." Hanatte and Kyashi then puts the sword over the open window and hear the conversation.

Just then, the three ninjas came towards the house. “She’s in there…with the scroll…” Hiroge said as the three looks at the house in the clear open field. “We might as well attack at an unsuspicious time…I mean, seriously, we’ve already have an alarm set off and attacking this house at an abrupt time like this. We’ll wait on the next two 2000 hours, since the time right now is around 0100.” Daikou said as he chewed on his stick. “Good point…” Anatta replies. Hiroge then takes out his sword, then Daikou, and then Anatta. “We’re the people that will rule Kumogakure, and will sincerely do it.” They all say.

“Okay…let’s set up for tomorrow for our weapons and such.” Hiroge says and the trio then goes off to where they just went.

“Hmm…they attack on the next day…” Hanatte says as she faces Kyashi, closing the windows and sheathing Sotto.

"We've got plenty of time, then, it seems." The blonde noted, shrugging slightly.

"Yep...wait..." Hanatte then smiles like an evil grin. "I think I've just got the greatest set-up of this whole house." Hanatte said as she looks outside to make sure that they weren't there anymore. Hanatte then leans next to Kyashi. "You know the closet that's next to the kitchen door?" Hanatte asks.

Kyashi looked at her curiously, before nodding. "Yeah. Why?"

Hanatte then sits up and runs downstairs. Just when she was on the first floor, she accidentally trips. She shouts a little and falls face-flat. "Owwwwwww...." Hanatte mutters as she gets up.

"...." Kyashi fell silent for a moment, before walking out of the doorway to stand behind Hanatte. "Eh... are you all right, Hanatte-san?" She asked.

"Yeah..." Hanatte then looks at the stairs again and just thought up of an idea. "Wow...this just keeps on getting better and better." Hanatte says as she goes to the closet and immediately gets stuff inside of it out.

Kyashi folded her arms across her chest, staring wonderingly. "What's going on inside your head, now?"

Hanatte then holds out the board that held the 20 glove punchers. "Kyashi-san, we're going to booby trap this whole place." Hanatte says as she started to smile again. "You might as well help me, because the plan to booby trap this whole place has already come into my mind." Hanatte says as she went upstairs. After a few minutes, she returned with a whole lot of ropes. "In case you haven't noticed, I can be really amused."

Kyashi couldn't help but smirk. "You and I both." She replied, taking a batch of rope to ease the weight off of Hanatte's arms.

Setting the Traps

Hanatte immediately went to work. She looks at the front door and starts to smile at the new idea that she already found. "Kyashi, post that board near the front door on the inside. After that, get that huge gold hammer from the closet and post it at the top of the door. Make sure that the hammer faces upwards. If you're good at booby traps, then, you should know how to attach the rope to the hammer so that once in contact of the rope, the hammer will fall. You know..." Hanatte asks as she looks at Kyashi. "Make sure it's the tiny ropes, we have a whole lot of those."

Kyashi nodded, then lifted the board with both of her hands, positioning it ever so carefully in its spot. Then, she ran over to the closet, grabbed the hammer, and stretched her arms in order to put the hammer at the top of the door. "There."

Hanatte looks at the paved roads that were in front of the door. She smirks and then unsheathes her sword and immediately makes two slashes and the road is immediately cut into one piece. Hanatte then takes out the sliced road and puts in dark-like mud in it. She then ties a rope over the paved road and puts the rope inside. She then puts the sliced road back into position.

"Well...that looks good." Hanatte said as she looks at the hammer. She then was careful to step over the rope and then walks off with Kyashi following.

While they were working, Higore, Daikou, and Anatta were returning back to their base. Just then, a servant comes to Higore as Daikou and Anatta went to their room. "Sir...the boss wants the scroll back immediately. If you don't get it back in three days, he has to terminate the mission and will punish you severely." The servant quickly said. Higore grunts and sends the servant away. He then goes to the room where Daikou and Anatta is. "We have to go soon...we'll go to the appointed time, kill that girl, and get the scroll." Higore declares.

Back at the house, Hanatte immediately goes to the back area with only yarn and copper. She then gives it to Kyashi. "Just tie it between two posts together, then, put it through some kind of room on the second or third floor." Hanatte quickly said. As she took out her Kunai Knife and went to the floor.

Kyashi, after gently taking the items from Hanatte's hands, immediately began to go to work, tying the copper between the two posts. It was like spinning yarn. Soon, she had it ready, standing up and walking to the stairwell leading to the second floor.

Meanwhile, Hanatte took out the nails for the floor as she started to laugh for what's going to happen. "Kyashi, you had better move away before I get this last one." Hanatte reminded and immediately gets the last nail out from the floor. "Don't ask of what's going to happen, it's pretty obvious." Hanatte said before Kyashi could ask of what's going to happen.

Hanatte then gives her a piece of paper from her pocket. "Stick it to the yarn, when you come back, make sure you don't step on the floor here." She then waits for Kyashi.

"Well, won't they be wearing sandals?" Kyashi asked, as she stepped back down, carefully avoiding the nails. Taking the paper, she kneeled over and fixed it to the yarn.

"Actually, I took out the nails." Hanatte said. "But..." She then smiles. "I think something even worse would happen." She said as she went off with Kyashi following, carefully avoiding the floor.

"Well...I'd rather get some sleep tomorrow. I mean, it's kind of late in the night." Hanatte said as she looked outside. She then looks at Kyashi. "We're not even done with half of the traps." Hanatte said and she walks to a bed at the second floor.

"I'm afraid I'm not good with military times, so..." Kyashi put on a slightly confused look for emphasis, as she walked upstairs. "Exactly when will they be coming?"

"They said the next two 2000 hours." Hanatte said as she lied down on the bed. "Meaning by the next two days at around 8 in the night."

"All right, then." Kyashi turned the corner of the doorway, disappearing from sight. Her words, however, were very clear. "Good night, Hanatte-san!"

Hanatte smiled as she replied. "Good night, Kyashi-san."

The Next Day

Hanatte gets up as she yawned. "Well...first we have to wait one more day, I guess..." Hanatte mutters as she quietly went to the area where Kyashi slept. She was still sleeping, and snoring pretty big. That didn't bother Hanatte as she left her alone and went to the closet once again. "Hmm...walls for mazes, a bucket of paint, some mud, two more huge glove punches, one more of those hammers." Hanatte said as she looked at the front to see if anything was changed. It wasn't. "And then...a huge rug." Hanatte then takes them all out. She then goes upstairs to the third room of the surveillance room. She then decides to replay the record she went as she hears it again. Then, she found something interesting. "Oh no..." Hanatte mutters to herself.

"Mmmm...." Kyashi's sleepy voice woke up to a stir, as she pushed herself off of the bed onto her feet. She yawned, stretching a bit, then looked around. "...oh, that's right. I'm not at home..." She muttered to herself, stepping out of the doorway.

"Hello, Kyashi-san. Had a nightful sleep?" Hanatte asked as she was in the front door, tying a rope outside. "There...that should do it." Hanatte muttered to herself as she looked up.

Kyashi nodded, blinking to get the sleep out of her eyes. "Pretty much.... you're up early." She commented.

"Well, it seems like that we have to keep on working." Hanatte mutters. "I just realized something...when I was at the surveillance room, I replayed the record of those three crinimals talking. It seems like...that they said the next two days. Well..." Hanatte then faces Kyashi. "It seems...that they're coming today at 8:00."

That immediately shook the blonde awake, her eyes widening in comical shock. She recoiled slightly. Then, her shoulders drooped. "That's just great... I'd thought we would have more time. I guess we'll have to hurry up, then..."

"We have, we're working outside today. Go through the front, watch out for both of those ropes, you wouldn't want to get hit pretty badly." Hanatte said as she took out all of the stuff outside.

Kyashi took to her heels, following Hanatte outside and dodging the said ropes. The dew was cold to her bare feet as she walked, but she didn't seem to notice it in her anticipation.

"All right, here." Hanatte gave Kyashi two huge glove punchers, a bucket of mud, two long and lengthy tiny ropes, and a flower pot. "I'll tell you what you should do on the left side. Then, Hanatte talks to Kyashi about it.

After listening to her entire speech, Kyashi wasted no time. Taking the glove punchers, she ran over and posted the two glove punchers to a high post and to the house. Taking a considerable piece of rope, she carefully wrapped and tied it around the bottom. After making sure it was completely secured, she grabbed the hilt of her sword, stabbed it in the ground, and began to slice through the dirt, taking a bucket of mud with her as she did so.

Afterwhich, she dropped her sword, took the bucket, and fixed it inside of the ground. Finally, she ran to grab another rope, ran to the downside of the mud, and after a few moments, connected it to the flower pot on the top of the house and beside the mudbath.

Once Kyashi went to do her job, Hanatte grabbed all of the other stuff to the right side. Then, she notices a chair. She immediately thinks up of an idea, and starts to laugh at the idea. Dropping all of her equipment, she goes to the chair and slips in a red tag as she started to write on it.

Hanatte then goes to the far side of the and started to post the walls. Once she was done, she the image of the walls. One leading to one side, the other leading to the other, and the other leading to the other. She looks at the window at the top and knew what to do. She puts three ladders of different height into each end of the walls.

Hanatte then works on the first wall. She sets up a jutsu in which it puts in an invisible barrier that the person, but, buts a little hole. Then, she gets the smallest ladder and puts it on the end of the teeter-totter. She then slips it through the teeter-totter, putting the inside down and the outside up.

Hanatte then goes to the second wall. She cuts up the ground into one piece again, but, really close to the door entrance. She then adds a lot of mud in it, with the ladder on the end of the side. She then nails in a board right next to the door

Hanatte then goes to the last wall. She made a little hole on the ground and a rope right next to it. Then, Hanatte puts a dull axe, attached it to the tiny rope. Then, she puts the bucket of paint right next to it and attaches a rope as well to it. Then, Hanatte puts the right size ladder on the end of the side and attaches another rope to it on the bucket. Satisfied of her work, Hanatte checked if Kyashi was done.

"There!" Kyashi exclaimed triumphantly, dusting herself free of mud. She put her hands on her hips, smiling at the result of her work. "All done!"

"I'm done as well." Hanatte said as she was behind Kyashi. Hanatte was holding another copy of the hammer in the front door, a huge ladder, and a big roll of a rug. "Let's work on the third floor in one specific room. I think that these items will do the job." Hanatte said as she starts to walk past the front door and onto the right side.

"Right!" Kyashi followed Hanatte's movements carefully, in order to avoid setting off the traps.

Hanatte then puts the ladder on an opened window and then climbs up. She then lands on the unfinished room that was at the third floor. "Another room...I never knew that...and to make things better, it's unfinished." Hanatte then puts the rug, hammer, and the ropes down and waits for Kyashi to get up.

Once Kyashi was up, Hanatte then starts to instruct. "Ok, cut this whole floor here, and put that huge rug over it. Make sure that the rug looks like it's on the floor. I'll be doing another hammer." Hanatte said as she gets the ropes and starts posting the hammer on the top.

Kyashi sighed, lifting her cleaver sword off of her shoulder, stabbed it into the ground, and gently dragged the blade through, slicing into the floor like butter. Once she was done, she stepped over to the large rug, grabbed it with her free hand, and pulled it over the afflicted spot.

Hanatte puts the rope right on the center of the window and then attaches it to the hammer. She then posts the hammer upwards and keeps it up there so that once in contact of the rope, the hammer would fall. Hanatte then sees that Kyashi was done and motions her to go out the door.

Once Hanatte was out the door, she goes downstairs to the closet again. "I think I have an idea for the rocket...and those really sturdy ropes. But, first, carry these weights." Hanatte suddenly drops two 20lb circle weights on Kyashi's hand. "Can you carry the weight?" Hanatte asked.

"Yeah..." Kyashi lifted both of the weights on her shoulders, nodding in response. "I'm fine."

Hanatte then nods in approval and goes upstairs. "Ok, put these two weights in different rooms. Put one piece of the ceiling away, tie this here." Hanatte then gets a stuffed animal from behind the weights. "Then, put this animal on the ceiling, putting the shoes down. Then, go to the other room and find a closet door. Post the rope onto the back of the door, and then, attach hit to the weight and put it on the cabinet of the closet. Got it?" Hanatte asked as she gives the stuffed animal to Kyashi.

After taking the stuffed animal from Hanatte's hands, along with an affirmative "yes", she went straight to work. In ten minutes, she had done the necessary tasks, fixing up each weight and other items in their respective positions.

While then, Hanatte went to an area of where the bathroom was on a bedroom. Hanatte cuts up part of the ceiling that was next to the showers. She then attaches the ropes and positions the other rope on the ground. She then leaves with a smile.

"Anything else?" Kyashi asked.

"Well...there's something else I want to do on the front. Go to the surveillance room..." Hanatte's voice trails off more after that. Kyashi nods, and they go separate ways as Hanatte goes downstairs while Kyashi goes upstairs.

Kyashi quickly jogged up the stairs, feet tapping the steps silently. With a few steps, she managed to reach the said surveillance room, her eyes looking around. Devious thoughts came to her head, and a smirk crossed her face, before she reached into her weapons pouch. She rose one foot and planted it on the side wall, walking upwards to stand on the ceiling.

In a few minutes, she had pulled out and attached fifty false paper bombs on the ceiling, leaping down from her perch. Then, taking a small rope, she once again climbed up to the ceiling, tying it so that when pulled, a large and sturdy rope would come out and catch the middle.


Meanwhile, Hanatte still had her own devious plan on the front door. She then grabs an easily breakable wall from the inside of the closet. She then gets more weights and starts to get more ropes. "Boy...this will take long..." Hanatte mutters to herself as she puts a rope right behind the wall and attaches to both sides of the weight. After some work, the weight then floats in the air, with some nice sturdy ropes that were posted on the side which was then attached to the really look-like-easy-to-break rope.

Hanatte then grabs a welcome mat and steps the additional rope and the cutted paved road. She then puts marbles before the broken paved road, and puts the welcome mat over it. Just thinking of the catastrophic event makes Hanatte laugh as she sees the connected weight and the wall. She then goes inside and immediately sees Kyashi. "I think it's 1800 hours. 6:00 by the way." Hanatte said as she looks at the confused face at Kyashi.

"Why do you bother talking in military terms..." Kyashi said exasperatedly, putting a hand to her head, and the other on her hip. "When just saying the regular time is easier?"

"I worked as an ANBU before..." Hanatte replied as she went upstairs. "Well, we have 2 hours to waste time." She says. "Just don't go outside." Hanatte said as she ran up.

"Eh....I'm gonna go find a book to read...." Kyashi scratched the outside of her ear with her pinky, heading towards the direction of the library. "Gonna catch up on my literature..."

Meanwhile, Hanatte sets the alarm on Kyashi at the library on the surveillance room. Looking up, Hanatte sees the 50 paper bombs and immediately gets scared once sight of them. Taking a closer look, she finds out that they were fakes. "Good one, Kyashi." Hanatte says to herself as she laughs a little. She then sees the big sturdy rope above her and the rope attached to the end. Hanatte smiles at the image as she starts to watch over the surveillance room. After quite some time, Hanatte decides to rest on the other bedroom. While then, she opens the scroll that she had stolen from the Kumo Base.

The writings were in Latin, and Hanatte could perfectly read through them all. "The power of this scroll will be known as a Lightning Spear. Huh...sounds interesting...lightning..." Hanatte muttered to herself. She then continues on the abilities of the Lightning Spear. "It's no wonder why that so-called leader wanted's lightning power can be multiplied as much as they want, depending of how much chakra and lightning chakra is inserted. Also, this can absorb lightning powers..." Hanatte thought back when she built Kyuusoku and Raigia. Thinking of the Raigia's ability, in which she inserted a lot of lightning abilites.

When she got to one shelf, Kyashi raised one hand to run her fingers down the spines of several books, trying to search for the one she wanted. She was also muttering incoherently to herself, her eyes narrowed slightly in concentration.

Hanatte still began to read the scroll as she was finally done with the abilities. Hanatte then bites her tongue as blood started to trickle out a little. She swiftly signs her name in Latin and the scroll immediately glows. Drawings suddenly came out of nowhere on the scroll and into the middle. There were more instructions below it. "In order to achieve this great power you must..." Hanatte immediately starts to read more as there were a lot of details. Then, the object suddenly popped up. "You must kill a great Kumogakure leader that has the great power of lightning..." Hanatte was then wide-eyed. "I can't kill the Raikage..." Hanatte mutters to herself as she slowly closes the scroll.

"Aha!" Kyashi exclaimed, pulling out a history book from its shelves. "This should tell me what I need to know." Immediately, she walked out of the library, eyeing its pages as she flipped through them slowly.

Hanatte pockets the scroll as she looks lost on the security cameras. Then, she folds her arms together and starts to think Killing the Raikage is way beyond my imagination. I don't want to be accused as a criminal... Hanatte thought. Then, she thought back when she was chased and she activated her lightning ability and that they had to do it for their leader. Their leader... Hanatte thought.

The Booby Traps Now Activate

Kyashi stopped in the hallway, sitting down and obviously interested in the book itself, tapping her fingers on the front and back cover.

Suddenly, the alarm sounded on the library and in the surveillance room. Immediately, Hanatte snapped out of it and went back in attention. "Kyashi! Go to the front door! They're here!" Hanatte shouts as she saw the three coming out of the clear path on the outside camera.

"'Bout damn time." Kyashi muttered lazily, shutting the book in one hand. Getting up, she sprinted in the direction of the front door.

Hanatte immediately presses a R button as suddenly, at the top right corner, a red circle started to disappear and appear. Hanatte was right at the front door. "Okay...let's look through the windows on both sides of the front. And the action will begin." Hanatte said as she smiled.

Kyashi nodded, turning her attention to the nearest window. "I'll take this one, you take that one." She replied, walking over and keeping herself hidden by the wall beside it.

"I'll start off..." Daikou said as they were at the path. "I'll infiltrate, and you guys will enforce me once she attacks." Daikou turns to the two and they nod and then starts to walk toward the entrance. All three of them were heavily armed, Hiroge had two swords, Anatta had one and so did Daikou. They were fully equipped of ninja tools and medicine from Anatta's pocket

"Well, well, well...a that supposed to scare me?" Daikou said in a mocking tone as he approcaches the dull gray wall on the front. He immediately gets the sword and immediately slices it. Kyashi was just about to ask something when Hanatte interrupted. "Watch...I added a whole lot of tricks in the front."

Just as Daikou slashed the wall, he also cuts the rope that was behind it. Immediately, as a connection, the rope let's go and starts to run fastily towards the weight and immediately, the weights shoots out like a rocket and hits Daikou in the stomach, flying him off about 3 feet in agonizing pain.

Kyashi grinned. "Clever move, Hanatte-san." She complimented, continuing to watch as Hanatte started to laugh.

After Daikou lied down in the front for a couple of minutes, he immediately throws off the weight on his stomach and glares at the front. Hiroge and Anatta looks at each other in confusion. He immediately sees the tiny rope and a huge weight above the roof. "Don't trick me now you little girl!" Daikou shouts and he runs and jumps right over the rope. He then lands on the Welcome Mat, and was suddenly slipping right towards the door as he was out of control. Immediately he impacts the door without notice, and falls, groaning again. Hanatte laughs even more.

Hiroge then comes. "Daikou...what are you doing..." He mutters as he continues to walk. Daikou, wide-eyed immeidately shouts. "DON'T WALK MORE!" Too late, Hiroge steps on the rope and the 30 pound weight falls from the roof. The two then looks up...DOOOONNNNG!!!!

Hanatte laughs even more as the two falls again.

Kyashi winced, laughing quietly. "Ouch...." She said tauntingly. "That had to hurt..."

Anatta then sighs and walks towards the two men. "How can you get hit by a simple booby trap?" She asks. As she helps carry the weight off from the two.

"Booby traps. Plural. We got hit by these simple booby traps. I got hit twice, dumb broad." Daikou mutters as he gets up. Anatta just rolls her eyes as Hiroge got back in position.

"We didn't anticipate the girl's defense of this whole house. So, we'll split up." Hanatte pulls out her Sotto and electrocutes again to hear the sound waves. "Anatta, you go access the back through the left side. Daikou, you somehow get inside through the right side. If possible, go to the back. I'll work on the front. Everybody got it? Move out!" Immediately, Anatta and Daikou went to their specific places while Hiroge stays.

Hanatte sheathes her sword. "They're going to be miserable." Hanatte says as she goes to the door, going towards the board.

Kyashi followed her, looking thoughtful. "They're gonna have to run through at least one trap before they actually get to us, right?" She asked.

"Yep...and this one starts now." Hanatte said as she looks at Kyashi. "Help me here..." Kyashi then comes.

Hiroge was looking at the front door menacingly. He gets out both of his swords and immediately slices the door. Not a single dent appeared. "Damn it...fine, the old-fashioned way." Hiroge mutters.

Just then, Hanatte immediately got out very hot coal from the heater and puts right on the door.

Hiroge then tries the doorknob, but, just before he even turns it, his hand was suddenly burning. "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Hiroge shouts and immediately lets go of the doorknob. "Well, he felt it." Hanatte said to Kyashi as they both started to laugh.

Daikou was going to the right side and was walking, really pissed of what he already faced. "I really hate this girl..." Daikou mutters to himself as he saw a chair he could just relax himself on. Just when he sat on the chair, it immediately explodes and Daikou was blasted off with his hands over his head and flailing around until he hits the house. "Aaaaaaaaagggggghhhh..." Daikou mutters as he felt his back. He realized that the marks of the chair were imprinted on his back. "Damn her...adding a paper bomb below it..." He mutters. Just as he gets up, he looks at an open window. "Huh..." Looking to his right, he sees the three walls. One of them was open, while two were closed. The opened one had a ladder. Smiling, Daikou walks towards it.

Anatta was on the left side. "This girl can't get me, I'm a much better female than her." Anatta said as she closed her eyes. Without knowing, she hits the tiny rope and the two gloves suddenly came from both of the sides and hits Anatta. "Owwwwww...." She mutters as both of her cheeks were annoying her.

Hiroge was looking at his hand and at the door at the same time. "Damn that bitch..." Hiroge mutters as he was going to kick the door. Hanatte immediately inserts the nails from the back door into the area of where he's going to kick. "CRACK!" Next thing Hanatte and Kyashi heard was: "Ow, wow, wow, ow, wow, wooooooow, ow..." And Hiroge falls right next to the door.

"Hanatte-san was right. They WILL be miserable." An amused Kyashi thought, stifling her chuckles.

Daikou then walks to the first wall in where the ladder was. Just as he was going to get the ladder, a barrier immediately blocks him. He then looks at the ladder was on the other end of a teeter-totter. "Well...I guess I can simply use the teeter-totter." Daikou mutters as he lifts his sword and puts it at the teeter totter at his side. It worked, the weight of the sword immediately puts the teeter-totter up, enough for the ladder to bounce over. Daikou moves up a little so that the ladder wouldn't hit him, but, guessed wrong. The ladder had a rope that immediately stopped it's movement and went down, and still went over the barrier, and hits Daikou in the head.

Anatta was still groaning as she tries to get rid of the gloves but couldn't. At one point, she uses as much as strength as she could to move the gloves out, but, it suddenly punches her again as she lost grip of it.

Daikou was groaning as he has a bruise on his head. Cursing fluently, Daikou walks towards the window and sets the ladder. To add more to his temper, the height didn't work. "Damn it!" Daikou then looks at the other walls. He then decides to take the second door.

Higore was really mad now. After he got up from the nail that was punctured into his foot, he takes out both of his swords and tries another slash. But, it didn't work once again. Hanatte, on the right side of the front area inside the home, pulls a rope, and, without noticing, the broken road immediately moves, as Higore doesn't notice it.

"Ok, Kyashi, ready?" Hanatte asks as she puts her two hands on two of the sticks for the punches.

"Ready when you are."

Hanatte immediately pushes and pulls the sticks and the gloves started to do the work as they went through the door and started to attack Higore. Hanatte and Kyashi were doing the things randomely, as Higore was sticking on to dear life, being punched by there and here. At one point, Higore got punched by the stomach. And almost let go, then, he realized that the mud was behind him, and letting go would fall to his own "doom". Just then, Hanatte and Kyashi, at the same time, pushed one from top and bottom. The results were spontaneous, Higore got hit by the head hard and at his bottom at the same time. Higore was going to squeal, but, the headshot prevented him from doing that and his face turned red like a tomato as he drops in the mud.

Hanatte hears the splash and stops. "Well...I think that did the trick..."

Kyashi's ears picked up the splash too, and she placed her hands on her hips. "He's not gonna be a very happy camper when he gets out of there..." She said laughingly.

"Yep..." Hanatte said as she went upstairs. "I think we did enough here, let's go to the surveillance rooms to watch others." Hanatte said as she went up.

The blonde once again followed Hanatte's, stepping up the stairs and into the surveillance room. Walking over to the screen, she switched positions, folding her arms across her chest this time.

Daikou immediately opens the door of the second one and opens. Carelessly, he walks, and immediately trips on the board Hanatte sets up and falls on the mud.

"Ouch..." Hanatte mutters as she saw that. Kyashi was watching Anatta.

"That bitch..." Anatta mutters as she still struggles with the gloves. She draws her sword out and slices the one on the right. To her surprise, it still had spring left, so, the sharp side hits Anatta and blood started to flow out of her cheeks. "DAMN IT!" Anatta shouts.

Kyashi sucked in air through her teeth in a wince, closing one eye. "I wouldn't want to be her right now..."

Daikou then gets up from the mud and grabs the later in hot-raging temper. " of a bastard..." He mutters as he puts he ladder up. The ladder was higher than the other ladder....but still too short. "DAMN IT!!!" Daikou shouts as he looks at the third wall.

Anatta then uses her sword again to cut up the right side once again to shorten the height, the spring immediately stops to it's fullest and Anatta was free. But, the left one still had a spring and it pushed her to the right once again. "Oh shi-" And more blood spills.

"I felt that one..." Kyashi rubbed her own cheek tenderly.

Daikou went to the third wall. Very cautious this time as he opens the door slowly and sees a clear path of the ladder. Stepping quietly, and looking around carefully. He then sees a bucket on halfway, then, he sees a line of tiny rope beside it. "Hahahahaha, you won't get me this time." Daikou smirks. He then takes out his sword and away from the paint. He then cuts the rope so that the paint would fall.

Big mistake.

Just as he cuts the rope, something immediately hits his butt. Immediately, Daikou groans and makes a really weird face. After 30 seconds, Daikou looks behind him and sees a dull axe that just came up from the ground. Really mad, he grabs the ladder as he took off the dull axe stuck to his butt. Just as he pulled the ladder, a rope was attached to the end, and he pulls it. Immediately, the bucket falls and a half-gallon of brown paint falls on Daikou, along with the bucket. Shouting was then heard...

Anatta then cuts the right side again as she knew that cutting the left side would have the same result. It worked, she was finally free from the gloves and moved on, really mad. Really careless, Anatta immediately slips onto mud and to regain her balance, she kneels on it. But, she kneels on a rope hidden in the mud and suddenly, the rope moves to make a flower pot drop on Anatta's head.


Anatta was immediately hit by contact. Her head swayed a little, then, she immediately falls into the mud, face-flat.

Hanatte winces at the pain when Daikou was hit in the butt by the dull axe. "I think I overdid that..."

Daikou puts the ladder on the window. To his relief, it was the right height. He then starts to climb. Hanatte only smirked as she doesn't worry at all.

Higore wasn't having a pleasant day as he finally wakes up from the mudbath. That bit-- And the swearing starts to go across him fluently. He then takes out both of his swords and immediately cuts the door finally with some electricity. Thinking that he's like a hero, he storms into the house, and carelessly steps on the rope. The hammer then swings down from the door and hits Higore in the head and smacks him out five feet.

Anatta was really pissed now. She gets up from the mudbath and touches her hand to see if there was any more. There wasn't. Then, she gest up slowly and walks towards the back door.

Higore finally wakes up after a few minutes. He sees the golden hammer displaying a sign on it, showing a ":P" (the : is ^^). Really, really, that the word cannot be defined, pissed. He storms through the front door, immediately throws out the hammer and infiltrates inside the house.

Still careless, Higore immediately slips on the water alcohol that Hanatte puts on the floor earlier. The results were spontaneous. Higore immediately slips through all the way to the open closet that Hanatte had gotten her traps. He immediately slams on the end of the closet. He then falls and to his surprise, he knocks a metal hoe, a metal rake, and a metal shovel. He shouts as they all tortuously fall on him.

Anatta goes to the back door and sees the red yarn that was tied between the two area. It had a sign on it, saying: WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH! YOU WILL BE INTENSELY ELECTRIFIED! Once looking at it, Anatta laughs out loud. "Please, don't joke about this." And she takes out her sword and immediately starts to slice it.

Hanatte then smirks in return in the surveillance room. "It's a good thing you put the copper here." Hanatte said to the amused Kyashi as she sheathes her sword and points it at the wall beside the surveillance cameras and immediately electrocutes it on the copper.

"This is so wrong...." Kyashi leaned against the wall, barely stifling her laughs. "And yet, so funny!"

"Sotto: Lightning Burst."

Just as Anatta comes in contact with the yarn, she immediately was paralyzed as her sword was also stuck too. Immediately, the sword was immediately electrocuted along with her and she starts to get shocked, shouting pain. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Shouts were paralyzing as electricity started to burn most part of her clothes. Then, after 30 seconds of electrocuted torture, she is blasted off 5 feet in the backyard, and hitting the fence.

"Ouch..." Hanatte mutters as she sheathes her sword once again.

Daikou went up the ladder and started to see the opened window. "Now...things are looking up!" He shouts. Before he could do anything, he trips on a rope and a hammer comes from the top and smashes the brown-covered Daikou in the head, and out. Daikou immediately recovers by grabbing on to the ladder to break his fall, but, just as he grabbed, the tall ladder came down on him once again. DONK!

Anatta wakes up a few minutes later, seriously pissed now. She gets up and glares at the back porch. Then, she suddenly does some gymnastics as she does 5 flips, then, on the way to the yarn, she jumps over it. Smiling, she was now unworried. "Nice try, kid." Just as she said it, the floor that Hanatte fixed on suddenly came up and hits her right in front of her head, and she falls right through the floor. The floor then flips over and returns to it's normal position like nothing had happened, only, the one side of the floor was on the other.

Higore heard the shout on the back door. Immediately, he opens it to check. "Anatta?" Suddenly, the floor came up as well and hits him in the head and he falls through. Shouting, he sees Anatta on the floor. Frantically, he accidentally cuts up a pipe and he lands straight at Anatta. "Ow..." But, it wasn't over. Brown murky water spilled on top of them and it seemed endless.

"What the..." Hanatte mutters as she decides to look at the toilet on the other side of the surveillance room. The toilet water was draining in. At once, Hanatte knew what happened and she starts to crack up heavily. "I wouldn't want to be them..." She mutters. Then, she suddenly saw that Daikou had recovered from his fall and was going up again. Immediately, Hanatte goes out the surveillance room. Before Kyashi could ask, Hanatte interrupts. "Don't worry, it's part of the traps. Just watch that guy on the ladder." Hanatte then immediately goes to the room.

"Damn her..." Daikou mutters as he pulls down the hammer. Suddenly, he sees the door opens and saw Hanatte. "I FOUND YOU!" He shouts and immediately gets off the ladder and onto the rug. To his surprise, the rug just fell in and he fell along with it, falling through floors as he breaks through them. "See ya..." Hanatte smiles and gives a little wave, then goes back to the room.

Daikou falls and shouts, and finally reaches the basement, but, landed on the toilet down there. "Ugh...gross..." Daikou mutters as he looks at his hand. Suddenly, the toilet collapses. "Damn it..." Daikou mutters, couldn't contain his rage.

"At least it wasn't used." Kyashi muttered, shaking her head in sympathy.

Hanatte was immediately scribbling on her piece of paper. Then, she goes off the surveillance room without interrupting Kyashi this time who was going to ask. "Send to this to the Raikage..." Hanatte said to the bird as she folded some red paper. The bird just sways his head, and then, it took flight to Kumogakure. After seeing it fly away safely, Hanatte returns to the surveillance room. "Don't ask, it's for the Raikage." Hanatte interrupts just before Kyashi was going to ask.

Daikou opens the door of the bathroom in agony, while Higore and Anatta opens the door of the storage room where they fell in at the same time. "HELLO!?" They shouted at the same time. Then, they look at each other. They were looking each other pretty carefully. Higore was very mudsplattered and smelled like really bad crap. A :P mark that was kind of faint now, was on his face. Anatta looked worse then Higore, she was covered in dark mudsplattered, clothes burnt of electricity, and her cheeks had a little jagged wound on it. Daikou was worse than any of them, his clothes, and especially his butt, still had that imprint from the chair. He was also mudsplattered pretty badly, bruises on his forehead, and a hole on his butt, due to the axe. "So...had a nice trip?" Daikou asks as he looks at their appearance.

"You don't even want to know..." Daikou and Anatta responds automatically.

Booby Traps Finale

"Kyashi, here." Hanatte says as she hands her a bottle of water alcohol as Hanatte got one herself.

"Another idea?" Kyashi questioned, holding the bottle in one hand.

"Pretty much." Hanatte said as she started to walk downstairs. "My guess is that this water alcohol is slippery, so, we'll just dump it around this first floor. Then the way to the third floor stairs. Also, make one shadow clone." Hanatte said as she puts her hands together. "Shadow Clone Jutsu." One clone appears and Hanatte starts to talk to her ownself. Then, the clone runs to one of the bedrooms, laughing. Hanatte then goes to Kyashi and whispers into her ears of what to do.

Kyashi nodded, grinning widely. Then, she put her two fingers together, spawning a shadow clone of her own. She pointed towards the bedroom that Hanatte didn't go, and the clone nodded, running up the third floor, over to and in it. Opening the bottle, she started spilling it on the first floor, until she eventually reached the closet where the weights on the door had been.

Hanatte also did the same thing and the third floor was also spawned of it. "Ok, when we go back up, we have to be careful..." Hanatte mutters as she tooks careful steps on the stairs, with Kyashi following, doing the same thing.

The three suddenly came out from the basement and broke the door. "Ok...let's kill on them on first sight..." Higore mutters as he goes upstairs. Suddenly, he slips on the first step, followed by Anatta and Daikou. "Tch..." Higore mutters and gets up again to go up. He only slips again on the third step. It was a contest between the two and after at least 3 minutes of bruises and falls, they finally make it to the top.

"Oh wow..." Hanatte mutters as she started to laugh on the surveillance room. "Oh yeah...Shadow Clone Jutsu..." Hanatte mutters as she crosses her fingers again.

"Ok...split up, we'll check upstairs later. Check this floor first." Anatta mutters as she took the second bedroom, Higore took the first bedroom, and Daikou went to the third bedroom.

"Sure you fixed the traps?" Hanatte asked.

"Yep." Kyashi confirmed, nodding cheerfully. "Exactly how you wanted them!"

"Then let's watch..."

Higore went to the room he went to while the other two scrammed. He looked through all the hiding places, searching through rigorously. Without any hope, he spits at the window. Then, he looks at a closet in which he didn't spot. "Okay..." Higore opens it quietly and sees two legs in blue pants on the back. "I found you..."

Anatta was really frustrated now, swearing of every possible colorful vocabulary she could think of in the language against the girl. "I will get her..." She mutters as she went through the bedroom, trying to find every single hiding spot, until, she saw a closet door closed that was past the bedroom. "Heh..." Anatta mutters to herself as she tip-toed to the door and quietly put her hand on the doorknob.

Daikou was also mad too, but, not as mad as Anatta and Higore as he was muttering to himself. Just when he got into the bedroom, the first thing he heard was the shower running. "Who could that be..." Daikou then immediately knew that it was the girl she just saw. "I'm coming to get you..." Daikou mutters as he opens the bathroom door. First thing he saw were the shower curtains and running water. Behind it was a shadow of a girl that looked like Hanatte. Daikou wolf-whistled quietly to himself at the image and advanced silently towards it.

"You're dead..." Higore immediately says as he was going to grasps for the legs

"I got you now, you bitch..." Anatta says as she twists the doorknob.

"Heheheheheh..." Daikou says as his hands were about to touch the curtains.

"I FOUND HER!!!" They all shout at once. All of them then did their own action at once.

Higore immediately pulls on the legs at once, Anatta immediately opens the door and pulling out her sword at the same time, and Higore opens at the shower curtains and taking out his sword.

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