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Back in Konoha, Sei had gone back to the house. He didn't know why, but he was glad that Minks was here. He would probably understand it later, and once he was in bed, he slowly drifted to sleep...


Sei was suddenly awake when he noticed an incredible amount of energy heading towards Konoha. Oh crap, he thought, that can't be good.

He got out of bed and dashed out to Final Valley, which was in the direction the energy was coming from. What he saw shocked him. Standing on the head of the first hokage, was Ikasoruke, unscathed from the previous battle.

"What the heck?" said Sei, "You blew up, how did you survive?"

The Inner Hollow sneered, "The one you fought was a simple copy of me that had only 30% of my power."

Oh crud, thought Sei, I used 30% too...

Ikasoruke suddenly charged at Sei. Sei barely dodged the swing to the head. He drew KyuubiTaisou and said, "Shine through and pierce those hearts tainted by such evil KyuubiTaishou," his blade then transformed.

Noticed and Captured

Hikaru noticed the energy source at the same time Sei did, but when he felt Sei pursue, he didn't worry about it. But when he noticed that both were evenly matched, he knew he should help.

He dashed to Final Valley and froze as he saw Ikasoruke. "What the heck? You died!" said Hikaru as Sei and the inner hollow clashed swords.

"Nope," said Ikasoruke, "Only that weak kid died."

Sei's eyes grew furious that Takeshi's life had been wasted on a copy. Hikaru also charged in, and the fight shifted in their favor. But when it seemed like they were about to win, Ikasoruke grinned and whistled loudly. From out of no where, 4 soldiers placed force field generators around the two warriors.

Sei was furious, but didn't try to break out, he knew he would only get tired faster. Hikaru did likewise. The others didn't know they were here, so they were just going to have to wait until Ikasoruke got bored and released them.

Fortunetely, they didn't have to wait, large explosions hit the four generators, destroying them. And once the dust cleared, Sei and Hikaru saw Minkai clashing swords with the inner holow. Hikaru was partially surprised, and wondered when he had got to Konoha. Sei wasn't and said, "Thanks, you saved us a lot of time."

Minkai looked over his shoulder and said, "Ah, shaddup! I don't give a damn about YOUR stuff! I just found a decent challenge is all." Minkai said, sneering.

Sei and Hikaru got ready to fight, a fight that they had to win.

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