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Name: Ancestral Transformation

Rank: Unranked; Kekkei Genkai

Users: Kuramitsu Clan, Haruno Clan

Allows the user to turn into one of three saurian forms. Each member of the Kuramitsu clan has a herbivorous form, a carnivorous form, and a shared triphibian form known as "The Unbelievable".

Known Saurian Forms

  • Shujitori Kuramitsu: Utahraptor(carnivorous); Therizinosaurus (herbivorous); has not yet acheived "Unbelievable".
  • Mei Kuramitsu Masiaki: Parasaurolophus (herbivorous), Carnotaurus (carnivorous); has acheived "Unbelievable"
  • Prehito Nami Kuramitsu, Founder of the Kuramitsu clan: Tyrannosaurus Rex (carnivorous), Barosaurus (herbivorous); had acheived "Unbelievable"

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