Ancestrous Summoning
Rōmaji Senkun Kanmon
English TV Ancestrous Summoning
Appears in Manga
Classification Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Hand seals Bird → Boar → Hare → Serpent

This technique requires a massive amount of chakra, almost to the brink of severe exhaustion. When the proper hand seals are activated, and said amount of chakra is released, a massive amount of phantom-like entities will spawn around the user, their bodies relative to the user itself. When active and attacking, these spirits utilize the abilities of Ghost Palm, and even a scratch from their blows can cause severe internal damage. Up to five to seven attacks can bring down even the strongest opponent, making their swarming attacks very dangerous. These attacks cannot be blocked; however, the ghosts are capable of being destroyed. So far, the only jutsu that can do so is Amaterasu.