Ancient Ninja Art: Dark Sealing Container
Literal English Ancient NInja Art: Dark Sealing Container
Classification Sealing Jutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Mid-range
Hand seals Doh → Monkey → Boar → Ox → Ram

Ancient Ninja Art: Dark Sealing Container is a jutsu created by Kai Saizu for the purpose of sealing jutsu. Once Kai has made the needed hand seals, he pulls out a large scroll which can be used to seal the opponent's jutsu. The seal can hold for as long as needed, and then Kai can do one of two things: one, he can release the jutsu on the opponent instantly, or he can remove the jutsu into a container (hence the name). If he releases the jutsu on the opponent, the effect is the same as if the opponent had used it. If he chooses to save the jutsu, he can place it in a container, and study the jutsu to its most detailed components. Once Kai has analyzed the jutsu, he can possibly re-create the jutsu, or at least some variation on it.

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