Name: Animal Coin Summoning

User: Kamino Yamanaka

Description: Kamino Yamanaka carries with him at all times special coins. These coins contain the spirits of many different types of animals. After forging a contract with the coin spirits Kamino flips one of the coins then slams it onto his hand. A marking of whatever animal spirit he used appears on his hand. He then transforms into a half-man half-animal. He has so far used only three coins:

The Turtle

This form is Kamino's most powerful form. Despite his lack of speed, Kamino has amazing defensive capabilities. In this form Kamino has one large shell on his back and another two smaller shells on his arms. These shells are stronger than steel, and by propelling himself forward with his arm shells in front of him Kamino is able to smash through most objects.

The Hawk

In this from Kamino's speed surpasses nearly anyone. This form is mostly used for spying from the air, although he does a few offensive techniques. In this form Kamino is also able to use wind-element jutsu.

The Wolf

Kamino uses this form for tracking due to its high sense of smell. To develop techniques for this form he trained with members of the Inuzuka clan. This form is also pretty fast.

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