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This article, Anko Mitarashi, is a CANON character, and is Roleplayed by Mewshuji. It is only to be used on the Forums

Anko Mitarashi

"I have never known a stronger, braver woman in my entire life. I have also never known as attractive of a woman either, but I digress."
— Shujitori Kuramitsu

"Ah, she gives me the creeps..."
— Naruto Uzumaki

Anko Mitarashi is a Jonin from Konohagakure, the head of Team Anko and the proctor of the second part of the Chunin Exams.


As A Child

Back when Anko was a child she was shy, but yet confident, brave little girl; to her nothing was more important then training to get stronger. She hated sweet food (including dango); her brother often told her to try it, but she refused. She liked to be quiet and not talk much. The day she came back to Konoha from the Ocean Country, she lost her memories of her past life and started a new one. The memories of her brother still remained somewhere in her mind, so she began to obtain his personality instead.

As An Adult

Anko is very loud and boisterous and is very good at scaring people, especially Naruto Uzumaki. She has a tendency for doofish, Naruto-like actions, as noted by Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka and Shujitori Kuramitsu (however, in Shuji's case, he noticed Naruto acted like Anko). She has a tendency to get drunk, and she has been seen going out for drinks with Tsunade. She loves sweet food, her favorite being dango dumplings, she detests spicy food. However, she seems to make an exception for Ichiraku's spicy shrimp ramen. Her hobby is tasting tea, but she also seems to like to gamble much like Tsunade. However, she does it much less often than Tsunade, and seems to be much more lucky. In addition, she is a survivalist expert, and has been recorded as surviving in the wild for 30 days, 15 of those days without any supplies beyond what she gathered from around her.

She also likes to be with her squad. She talked about love with Reijobiki Senju (and later Iburu and Seika), and seems to be good friends with Shujitori. However, due to the fact he was her student long before Team Anko was formed, she seemed to have liked Ryuu Kazan the best, yet they seem not to be around each other all that much. When Ryuu left the village, she was devastated, but she did not show it outwardly, partly to help keep the morale of her other two pupils up, and partly because she didn't want to be worried about. Some of her other friends include Kurenai Yuuhi, Iruka Umino, and Kakashi Hatake. Anko and Kurenai have been friends since they first went on a mission together as chunin, and have remained best friends ever since. Iruka also attended the academy with her, and they too share a close friendship. Also, due to spending a lot of time with Tsunade, she is well acquainted with Shizune.



Anko was born into the family Mitarashi. Her mother and father weren't very attentive to her needs; her father was a Special Jonin with high survival skills (he died when she was four, so she never knew what it was like to have a father). A few months later her brother, Aniki, was born. She grew very close to him. Her mother was a chunin kunoichi. Anko wasn't close to her mother because she would always go on missions, so Anko had to take care of her brother while she was gone. She entered the ninja academy at the age of 9. Not much more is known.


While taking care of Aniki, she and her brother grew a very special bond; always sticking up for each other. When she first entered the academy, Aniki told her that he was so proud to have a sister like her and that he wanted to be as strong as she was. Each time she went back home, Aniki would always attempt to scare her by sneaking up on her. However, his attempts of doing so failed each time since Anko kept catching him. In her spare time, she would take Aniki with her to the training field and they would either play or train. Anko was never a morning person; however, Aniki would always wake her up early to go to school. The day she got promoted to Genin, Aniki gave her a rather strange entrance by making a large banner which said: "Congratulations, Anko nee-chan!" Anko wasn't really thrilled and said that it was the dumbest entrance ever, and she called him an idiot in a rather rough tone; not meaning to hurt him, but more like mocking him and his odd ideas. Later on she told him that her sensei was the legendary Sannin, Orochimaru. Aniki was more thrilled then ever to know that she was the student of Sannin, and he wanted her to tell him everything that she experienced with her new sensei, which she gladly did.

Genin Years

Anko and Oro

Anko with Orochimaru while she was his student.

When Anko was 10, she was a Genin under Orochimaru. While she was his student, Orochimaru taught Anko many forbidden jutsu, including the Twin Snake Sacrifice Jutsu. She and Orochimaru were close and whenever she came back home she would tell her brother about him. While it seems as if Anko looked up to Orochimaru as a father figure, as the corrupted Sannin slowly became doused in darkness he began to not hold any feelings for Anko. He eventually simply used her as a tool. On one trip to his Sea Country lair, Orochimaru elected to use Anko in his latest experiment. She and nine others were to wear his Cursed Seal of Heaven.

Anko was the only one to survive.

She flat out rejected Orochimaru's plans for her, realizing the man she had admired for so long was now entirely evil. For whatever reason, Orochimaru decided to let her live, but proceeded to abandon her. She was found shortly afterward by ANBU, crying and shuddering on a beach. She returned home to Konoha and had the curse mark sealed away by medical ninja under the watch of the Sandaime Hokage. She began to forget all of her memories of her past life with her brother , mother and Orochimaru in order to cope with her hate and fear for him. She then began her life anew, without Orochimaru's mentorship, though she would still continue to use many of the jutsu she had learned while she was under him. She eventually became good enough to pass the Chunin Exams, and became a Chunin at the age of 12.

Chunin Exam Proctor

Anko trained more and more, eventually being selected to become a Special Jonin. She was also elected to be the proctor of the second test in the Chuunin Exams when it was held in Konoha. Before it was her turn to start the second exam, she made a rather loud entrance and hung up a banner which said: "Second Chunin Exam test proctor, Anko Mitarashi, is here!" which was similar to her brother's entrances. She soon discovered that a squad of Grass genin has been murdered and their faces stolen. Then, remembering some of the jutsu Orochimaru knew, she realized the horrible truth- her mentor had returned and was participating in the Exam. Anko rushed into the Forest of Death to battle him and was going to use the Twin Snake Sacrifice Jutsu in a kamikaze attack that would take down both her and her former sensei. Just as she was about to use it, she discovered she had been fooled. Orochimaru told her he was no longer interested in her, but instead in a boy, Sasuke, who he wanted to use for his own reasons. He then warned her not to tell anyone of what he had revealed to her.

A few weeks later she would talk over her meeting with Orochimaru with the Sandaime Hokage. He told her not to blame herself for Orochimaru getting away. She accepted that, but then expressed her wish that the Fourth Hokage was alive, so that he could take care of the evil man. When Orochimaru began his Invasion of Leaf, Anko would not take the front lines against him. Instead, she assisted civilians in escaping the wrath of the combined forces of Sand and Sound.

Sea Country and Soot Village

Several months later, during a streak in which she was having horrible nightmares about her past, she was assigned a mission to investigate sightings of a kaiju in the Sea Country. During the trip, she remembered several things about her past. Though she didn't confront Orochimaru directly, she, along with Naruto Uzumaki, Ino Yamanaka, and Shino Aburame, defeated his minions that were behind the supposed monster sightings. Soon after, she happily recalled at last that Orochimaru had not merely abandoned her, but that she had the strength to stand up to him and reject him.

A few more months passed and she was assigned a mission to Susugakure, the Village Hidden In Soot. There, she met Ryuu Kazan, and for a short time taught him as his sensei. She came to be friends with the boy, but soon had to return to Konoha. While she was distraught at having to leave Ryuu, they would cross paths again.

Jonin Sensei

She trained her squad for a few weeks, enjoying seeing how they grew in their abilities and teamwork. In addition, Ryuu also taught her how to use a sword, which allowed her to finally put the custom sword she had made to use. However, she didn't particularly like the feel of sword combat, so she decided to not use it often. One day, a group of Sound-Nin attacked the squad, and she did battle with Tora Kage, a member of the elite Anaconda Trio. She fought valiantly, but her foe overpowered her. Just as Tora was about to slay her with his sentient chain-blade, Tsuki-Neji, Shujitori took the blow. However, it merely skewered through him and still hit her, resulting in both falling into critical conditon. Tora, admiring the boy's bravery and devotion to his sensei, decided to heal them to the point that they could be shuttled to the hospital safely.

While in the hospital, Anko and Shuji shared a room. She discovered a lot about him, and he much about her. Anko also learned his motives behind defending her. Not wanting to hurt him, she tried to tell him that a relationship between them wouldn't work as it could send a divide through the squad, not to mention that their student-teacher relationship would be shattered if they were involved romantically. When he asked if they weren't on the same squad, what would happen, she replied that he "...just isn't [her] type."

Soot Village Destruction

A few days after recovering, Anko was asked to create a squad of ninja to patrol the borders of Susugakure, the Village Hidden In Soot, after she received a letter from the Susukage asking for protection after Soot traders were killed. When they arrived, Susugakure was under attack by Sound ninja. Anko and another jonin, Yu Jin, were made responsible for evacuating civilians. Anko summoned many giant snakes to assist her. She and Tora Kage came across each other again, and she tried to fight him, but was defeated. In this state of low chakra, she was captured by Tora as a prisoner of war.

After arriving in Otogakure, Anko was thrown into prison. There she lie in wait for days, expecting to be killed. Instead, she was escorted out of Otogakure, as the invasion of Susgakure was finally over. Just as she was about to leave for Konoha, her squad appeared, coming to rescue her. She became upset, realizing that one of them was probably going to attack one of the Sound nin blindly. And one of them did: Ryuu. Team Anko then did battle with the escorts, but eventually Anko stopped it by paralyzing the Sound nin in a genjutsu. As the squad returned home, she chided them for coming without any supervision, saying that it was a "foolhardy and completely idiotic" move. She had her curse seal entirely removed when she got back to Konoha, not wanting to risk capture again.

The Three-Headed Snake

About two weeks after returning to Konoha, word was given that a giant serpent that had three heads had appeared in the Grass Country and was terrorizing the countryside. It was noted to be different from the three headed snake summoned during the invasion of Konoha, and as such, a connection to Orochimaru was unlikely. Team Anko was given the mission to subdue the snake without killing it, so that it could be researched to trace it back to its origin. When the squad arrived in the Grass Country, Anko divided the squad in two to search for it: she and Biki on one team, and Shuji and Ryuu on the other. She said that when one half found the snake, they would throw a colored smoke bomb into the air to alert the other half.

Anko and Biki searched near the Grass Country's hidden village. There, they met a young boy who was fascinated with reptiles. He was very impolite, and called Anko a "vampire" and Biki a "dunderhead". While Anko was enraged to no end and was about to hit the boy, Reijobiki calmed her. As they went off to continue their search, the boy got a red glint in his eye. The two women of Team Anko then searched in a swamp. They did find a giant snake, however, it was not their target; it was an anaconda. For whatever reason, it wasn't very aggressive, and they were able to pass without problem.

Then they searched inside a cave. At the very center of it, they found the beast, sleeping. Biki used her kappa to run outside the cave and throw the smoke bomb. When Ryuu and Shuji arrived, the squad tied up the sleeping giant with ropes. As Anko was about to seal a contract between the snake and herself so they could summon it to the Hidden Leaf Village for research, the rude boy appeared. He said his name was Pytonus, and then he attacked the squad.

Anko realized that the boy was powerful, and she disabled him with her snakes. He was apprehended, and taken back to the Leaf Village along with the snake. Anko, Ryuu, Shuji, and Biki were assigned to keep the snake calm while it was studied. It was discovered Pytonus was controlling the snake because he was upset that his parents were executed because of their illegal experiments, and he was using the snake for revenge. As it turns out, the fruits of their experiments was his ability to control reptiles and amphibians. Anko felt pity on the boy, and convinced the officials to have him sent to the academy rather than jail.

Infiltration of Otogakure

Team Anko, along with Hinata Hyuuga, were dispatched to discover why the Sound Village was seemingly abandoned by Orochimaru. When they arrived, Anko split up the team, making Shuji and Hinata search in one sector, Biki and Ryuu in another, while Anko headed towards the main base. Shuji and Hinta were attack by Aniki, who was then known as Mewtwo. Aniki learned of Anko's presence, and rushed to her location, demanding to know her reason for abandoning Orochimaru. Anko told him that Orochimaru was the one who chose to have her abandon him, because of his evil ambitions. Aniki, in anger, attacked Anko. Anko then called him an idiot, in the exact same tone she used when they played rough as children. Aniki's memories reawakened and he decided to assist her in completing her mission. When Team Anko returned to Konoha, Aniki was taken into custody by the ANBU for questioning. Anko, knowing he would be punished after his questioning, started gathering together enough money for bail.

Ryuu's Betrayal

Ryuu had been thinking of leaving Konoha for a long time, but Anko had consistently been his reason to stay. When he finally did leave, after demolishing the Konoha hospital completely, Anko was devestated. However, she refused to show this outwardly, and continued her tutalage of Shujitori and Reijobiki. Coincidentally, Aniki was also released from his imprisonment around this time, making this point in time a bittersweet moment for Anko.

After a few months, Ryuu was replaced by Iburu of the Illusion, a special jonin. Anko then lead her squad on a mission that involved a supposed sighting of an Akatsuki member. It was actually a zombie from Zonbigakure that greatly resembled a deceased member of the criminal organization. The team was again resorted when Reijobiki decided to be tutored by her new boyfriend, who was a young jonin. Seika was her replacement. Anko noticed Shuji's attraction to the buxom young woman and so decided to push the two together by making them do tasks together.

Invasion of Pain

Just before Pain attacked Konoha, Anko, along with Sai and Yamato, were dispatched to find and track Kabuto. Anko showed some concern when Yamato suddenly noticed that Naruto's chakra had changed by noting the seal on his hand, indicating the Kyuubi's seal had been broken.


  • "Just don't die!"
  • "Anko Mitarashi, here for battle!'
  • "Whichever one's going to get you to get outta here! Now, LEAVE!"
  • "Sorry about that, kiddo. It's just you're bleeding that red blood I love so much."
  • "So we meet again, wierdo."
  • "Kid, if there's anything you ever needed to learn, it's how to take a hint."
  • "Now, if you'll just let me borrow your left hand..."
  • "My my, what adorable little kitties"
  • "Ahahaha... well... yeah, um... Shujitori... you just aren't my type. Sorry."
  • "This is gonna be fun."


  • Anko's Fanon theme song is "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" by Cake, as chosen by the author of this article, Mewshuji.

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