Highest Rank Chunin
Age 25
Height 5 ft, 8 inches
Weight 120 pounds
Gender Male
Race Human
Village of Origin Hiougakure
Chakra Types Fire
Kekkai Genkai
Partner unnamed chunin (deceased)
Affilitations Deathja
Previous team


Not much is known about Ankoku's past. Ankoku was a chunin from the Village Hidden in Secrets. One day he and his partner were sent out on a mission to the borders of their village's land. Once they reached the desired place ninja from an opposing village surronded them. Ankoku and his partner were outnumbered and out-classed. Suddenly, a great evil spoke to Ankoku promising him more power. Ankoku accepted and he was changed into a creature of pure evil. However, he was not in control, the pure evil, Deathja was, under its influence Ankoku went beserk and killed everyone, including his partner. After regaining control, Ankoku was riddled with guilt and ran as far as he could away from the Hidden Secret Village. He now wanders the world alone.


Because of what happpened years ago, Ankoku doesn't like to fight, but he will if there is no other possible way to get through to his opponent. He is a kind person and will not hesitate to help those in need. However, he doesn't like to get close to people because he could lose it and kill them.


In his normal form Ankoku uses superior speed and basic Taijutsu to fight.

Ankoku in a partial Deathja state

However, due to the evil of Deathja if he pushes himself to far Deathja will begin to take control of him. His transformations are similiar to a cursed mark. After transforming Ankoku is able to create and control purple flames of evil. Ankoku's Deathja transformations feed off the opponent's negative emotions, meaning the more people fight him the stronger he gets. After fully transforming Ankoku is able draw out an opponent's worst fears and use them in battle.

Ankoku after fully transforming


"I don't want to kill you,"

"Stay away!"

(After transforming) "Time to die!!"

(After transforming fully) "What is it you fear most? It will be your demise"

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