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Armour of the Searing Warrior
Armour of the Searing Warrior
Kanji 夜叉燃焼鎧
Rōmaji Yashanenshouyoroi
Literal English Warrior's Burning Armour
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Classification Kekkei Mōra, Ninjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
Range All ranges

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."
— Toku

The Armour of the Searing Warrior (夜叉燃焼鎧, Yashanenshouyoroi) is a technique invented by Kumo's Arsonist himself and is a technique stemming from his unique Kekkei Mōra. In this state of being, Toku truly earns the epithet of being the Emperor of Fire, as this technique has the properties of two other Nature Transformations, and also toys with the ability of empowering Toku's own spiritual flame, providing the same property of the Eight Gates which increases Toku's power a hundredfold.


Upon activation of this deadly technique, Toku sets his soul within the realm of the spiritual flame, casting his soul on fire. Once the soul has fully become enveloped in flames, Toku's flesh boils, evaporating into nothingness, leaving only his skeletal structure. The now-exposed skull is set on fire, becoming encased in the flames of the Amaterasu, and then these black flames are encased into the flames utilized in the Kekkei Genkai of Scorch Release.

Often, Toku will use a form of Ferrokinesis to shape metallic armour to surround the body. Each plate of armour has chakra from Gyūki flowing within it, allowing for it to not burn away. Toku will approach the opponent, and the sheer amount of heat exuded by Toku will begin to dehydrate the opponents, causing them to weaken much quicker.

An aggressive ability of this technique allows for Toku to utterly kill an individual, acting as a guaranteed kill. Humans are composed of 70 per cent of water, and upon contact with Toku, the opponent's internal water begins to evaporate. This sudden removal of a key component from the human body is often to devasting for one to handle, and the opponent is usually killed via this method.