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"Alex, you did it! You've Ascended!"
-Naito commenting on Alex's Ascended Bankai

Ascended Bankai is the advanced version of the original Bankai state, achieved through intense training in the Bankai form. It is a forced increase in the power output of the initial transformation, and thus is not in itself an actual transformation. All natural inhibitions of the body are completely removed in this state, resulting in 100% utilization of strength and stamina reserves.


"I know you look like you can, Alex, but those bulky muscles make it hard to move fast, and if your going to beat Reiten, you can't have anything slowing you down. You may have great power, but what good is it if you can't catch your enemy? It takes more than brute strength to win a fight"
-Seireitou commenting about Alex's Ascended Bankai

In this stage, the skin of the user may become slightly redder due to increased blood flow, and muscle size is increased to the point of practical ridiculousness. The aura no longer flows upward, but flails outward, with surges of bio-electricity becoming more frequent and prominent. In the series, the Ultra Bankai form was discovered as an advanced stage that further increased the physical strength of the Bankai form. However, due to this form being so muscular, mass is increased to the point where the user's speed is reduced to debilitating levels. In addition, the user's energy rapidly depletes due to the effort needed simply to maintain the transformation. Altogether, the negatives of this stage outweigh the positives.


"Through my dreams I could hear Alex speaking what I had also felt, that there is a level beyond that of a Bankai... And I will rise to claim it"

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