Classification Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
Rank S-rank
Range Long-range

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This jutsu converts a large amount of chakra into a vast poison mist that makes its way into the upper atmosphere. Once there, it forms a heavy cloud that soon begins raining a deadly poison. The poison itself can create boils and burns on whomever it touches, but the fumes from the poison are the true threat. Not only does it kill most plants almost instantly, but it also effects the human body, causing sickness, numbness and is also able to burn through clothing. In addition to the rain, this jutsu also serves as a medium for increasing his other techniques potentcy. This technique does not affect Jovian as he is immune to poisons and toxins. The jutsu has and extremely wide range as is, but to further increase it's range Jovian uses an another external chakra source. Which comes in the form of a liquid inside a small test tube, or in the form of chakra pills. They in turn, triple the range of the technique allowing it the cloud to cover for miles.