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"if dying is the only way to keep those I love safe then I would gladly give my life up for them, so they can live on, that's how I truly feel."
— Atsuko Aimi to Hinata.

editAtsuko Aimi
Atsuko Aimi
(愛美温子, ai atsu)

  • "The Tenseigan Terrorist " (テンシガンテロリスト, "Tenshiganterorisuto")
    The Uchiha Cannibalistic demon (ウチハ食卓の悪魔, Uchiha shokutaku no akuma)
    Fifth Six Paths (第六の6つの道, Dairoku no muttsu no michi)
Appears in Anime
Birthdate Astrological Sign Cancer July 3
Species Human-Aizen Myō-ō Hybrid
  • Part I: 9
  • Part II: 16
  • Part I: 132.5 cm
    1.325 m
    4.347 ft
    52.165 in
  • Part II: 149.6 cm
    1.496 m
    4.908 ft
    58.898 in
  • Part I: 40 kg
    88.185 lb
  • Part II: 234 kg
    515.882 lb
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai
Tailed Beast Saiken
  • Rogue
  • Leader of 12th division of Neo-Ōtsutsuki Empire
Team Knights of Xenux (mainly)
Ninja Rank
Ninja Registration 242867
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chunin Prom. Age 17
Nature Type
Unique Traits

Atsuko Aimi an mysterious Child of Jiriaya and Tsunade and is current known to the world at large as The Tenseigan Terrorist (テンシガンテロリスト, Tenshiganterorisuto) a criminal of who've been slaughtering civilians, clans, also villages in hope to accomplishing its dream to restore the Holy God Tree.

"Humanity, such a feeble race that can't even rely on themselves and yet they rely on beasts and demons, that is what makes humans scums."
— Atsuko Aimi to Ben as they arrive to earth.


Atsuko Aimi appeared when the nine tails attacked the leaf and later sealed Atsuko Aimi was born with the Mask on he/she's face also with a piece of paper saying "Secrets can never be reveal to anyone" so Atsuko Aimi was raised under Danzō root division for most of her life to feel no emotion, feel no attachment, and to fear nothing.

During he/she's stay in the Root Organization, Atsuko Aimi has been training on his/her Wood Release abilities along with "Kinoe" under danzo's watch for several years til Atsuko Aimi Left Root and later was adopted by the Hyuga Clan main branch.

Atsuko Aimi Byakugan Awakening

Haishi and the elders decided to keep watch over Atsuko Aimi to see if she/he has the bloodline, Hinata Hyūga and Queen met during the Anniversary of Yodaime hokage when she was getting picked on by other kids in the academy which Atsuko Aimi took care of quickly. Later that night Atsuko Aimi and Hinata decided to walk home together in silence but beneath the mask, Atsuko Aimi noted that the princess is mostly quite and shy, while they walk home Atsuko Aimi noticed a Shinobi for Kumogakure was stalking them so Atsuko Aimi ordered hinata to hide.

"I'm sorry i frightened you with this image you had to see my princess, I promise I'll protect from other's with my life I swear on it."
— Atsuko Aimi to Hinata as they rush home.

Atsuko Aimi vs Kumo nin.

When Atsuko Aimi confronted the Kumo Shinobi he struck at the young mask kid which enraged him/her which triggered the awakening of the Byakugan later killing the kumo ninja but Atsuko Aimi continued his/her onslaught against the corpse with rage but was stopped by Hinata. Atsuko Aimistayed inside the room near hinata's for the past several nights til the Head Ninja snuck in and kidnapped Hinata but was delayed by Atsuko Aimi's attempt to save her but was knocked unconscious, later waking up seeing Haishi holding Hinata and a few hyuga members carrying the mask child back.

Atsuko Aimi's Decision upon the Hyuga Affair

after the in the death of the would-be-thief: the Head Ninja of Kumogakure the Raikage demanded that the death and corpse of Haishi Hyūga. a little later Atsuko Aimiwalks in to comfort Hinata from the traumatizing event but Hizashi forbid Atsuko Aimi to comfort or help Hinata in anyway which angered him/her to the point Atsuko Aimi challenged hizashi to a duel but ended with hizashi nearly crippling kouhi but rewarded him/her for such spirit. the day when Haishi death was announced Atsuko Aimi and Hinata was devastated to the point the mask child nearly committed suicide which made many Hyūga's keep watchful eye on the mask child.

Atsuko Aimi Defect from the Leaf Village and the Tenseigans Awakening

that night Atsuko Aimi began her/his plan to escape the hidden leaf village but decided to visit hinata before committing the act.

"Hinata what ever happens remember to never stoop so low like i have, never walk the path that'll lead you to despair, never give up, become strong, cause your a Hyūga, your a special Hyūga, your special to me."
— Atsuko Aimi to Hinata during the plan.

Atsuko Aimi left the village and began his/her Quest as a rogue which went on for 15 years til the masked rogue nin encountered a injured women laying against a tree bleeding out so Atsuko Aimi rush in and began to heal the women, That night the women wakes up to see Atsuko Aimi asleep so the women sneeks up to him/her taking its mask off and secretly awakened his Tenseigan and killed herself in the process not before saying.

"your a special child, it would be a shame if you died here without me giving you a gift, a gift that'll shape the world anew."
— the Mysterious Women says to Atsuko Aimi.

Mystery of Atsuko's Origins

Atsuko sat on the hidden sand villages pillar where the arena of the chunin exams would be taken, as the ninja sat there twirling a knife around the phone began to ring "Lord Queen we got a new mission" the rogue nin smiles underneath the mask with joy "good get the supplies ready, we're leaving in 1400" with that she began levitating and flew off towards a distant mountain. upon arrival Atsuko walks inside a cave located near the mountain leading towards a widen area inside with variety of scrolls, ships and weapons "Ah its good to be home" the rogue nin walks over to a couch and sits down sighing "Hey lord Queen your here early, very early" Atsuko nods and lays down "so Seo-chan hows the recruitment going" the tall boy scratches his head as if its a habit "well we manage to recruit two, one from Iwagakure and one from the Uzumaki Clan" the rogue nin smirks again "good but we need in edition of five members so one more to go til our group is complete" Seo nods and left to his duty leaving Atsuko to finally slumber into a peaceful dream muttering "Hinata.." falling asleep.

" child you...will change the world as you grow up" the mask nin looks around and saw nothing but darkness then the voice spoke again "you will live a better life than i have, you will be something different that no one can even fathom what has been brought into this will be a human being" Atsuko jumps with sweat all over the ninja's body that atsuko got up and walks outside "what was that?!".

Season premier Story will Continue

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