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editAuru Ōtsutsuki
Auru the youngest sistet
(梟大筒木, Ōtsutsuki Auru)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Alien
Age 23 (Incapacitated)
Height 121.92 cm
1.219 m
4 ft
48 in
Weight 66.2245 kg
146 lb
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai
Classification Sensor-Type
Affiliation Ōtsutsuki Homeworld Symbol Ōtsutsuki Homeworld
Clan Ōtsutsuki Symbol Ōtsutsuki Clan
Nature Type

Auru Ōtsutsuki (梟大筒木, Ōtsutsuki Auru) is a member of the Ōtsutsuki clan and currently a ruler of many planets and is investigating the whereabouts of Kaeriuchi Ōtsutsuki, Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki, Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki and Kaguya Ōtsutsuki.


Auru was a pale-toned woman with rough facial features. She has half of her hair cut down to her scalp, the other half reaching down to her arm. Auru possessed white clear eyes and her eyebrows were cut very short and round— a symbol of nobility but were completely shaved off signally she defected from her respective clan, and she wore no lipstick on her lips leaving her natural dark blue lips. after consuming the forbidden fruit, her hair grew even to her butt and her nails long and black. Most noticeable, she grew two milky white long ram like horns that curved around her head to the back of her neck and a third eye formed in the centre of her forehead. She wore kuro Lolita as her favorite attire.

Boruto: Naruto the Movie

It is unknown by others if auru was part of the plot to attack the shinobi world but sasuke has noted that Kaeriuchi Ōtsutsuki isn't alone in the stars. Auru was found standing on a cliff with her back turned the elder sister, monitoring the progress of countless god trees being harvested. Auru states that earth will be her next target for elimination once she finish her work her who then reveals a new member named chie Ōtsutsuki who seemed as glad to hear about the sudden development and target they seek.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

In the anime Auru is shown talking to the Ōtsutsuki members then is seen thrown out the clan house by urashiki Ōtsutsuki who seen her as a nuisance to the clan. Fleeing from her homeworld to a unknown planet where numerous God trees bloomed and grew many chakra fruits, swore vengeance upon her clan Auru persuaded a few followers to join her conquest to overthrow the clans current rulers and pass on the will of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki.

Years gone went and no progress report from her sister Kaeriuchi Ōtsutsuki so she sent two of her strongest followers and a beast she created from her own chakra to investigate the whereabouts of her sister, eventually Auru hears word that Kaeriuchi was ultimately defeated by others with Chakra of their own which furthered angered Auru.

she went to earth with Chie Ōtsutsuki a powerful member stronger then Auru herself. Upon arriving to earth Auru taken noticed that many beings possess Chakra for her to take if she pleases to but stayed focus on the mission at hand, landing outside of kumo she first scanned the area for any residue of Kaeriuchi's Chakra anywhere, successfully locating Senbō and Donshoku hiding in the village she snuck into the village in search for the fragments of her sisters Chakra but happen to run into the two twin sisters, startled upon realizing that her sister have birth children Auru took upon herself in trying to reclaim the Chakra for herself but was forced to escape being outnumbered and overwhelmed from the sister's massive Chakra attacks. Before escaping the country she came across killer b a Jinchūriki of the Eight Tails Gyuki, taken notice of the mans strong physical and spiritual prowess she gave Killer B a pendant to summon her upon if he chose to see her again.

Next stop was to the west to Sunagakure where she sensed the next strongest chakra was located. having receiving news that the youngest of her sister's children possessing the strongest chakra and skill in magnet release, auru sought to lure out the young child by seduction with Chie but refused to do the task claiming in no interest in luring young children so Auru went in disguised as a hidden sand Shinobi before heading off towards the kazekage tower sensing the Chakra of gaara and Ikari Ōtsutsuki so she waited til they left the building before striking sending a wave of air compressed Chakra at them and as she suspected they both wield magnet release blocking her attack so Auru began barraging them with continuous attacks of wind based jutsu's and lightning based jutsu's hammering their impenetrable defense but was surprised by Temari and kankuro but she easily defeated them with her power but Ikari lashed out in anger using her own new-found power she was able to clash head to head with her aunt only to nearly killed by Auru but luckily gaara and his army of Shinobi's fought off Auru who slaughtered them by the hundreds helped Ikari escaped to the next country ruining Auru's plan in collecting the other Chakra's for her sister.

Leaving the hidden sand village decimated to ruins, Auru was furious with the humans attempt in stopping her from collecting the children of Kaeriuchi in hope to restore her sister back her to the former glory she once witness. Heading east to Takigakure Auru and Chie have taken noticed how strong the humans are with the Chakra they possess so Auru planted multiple God tree seeds in the ground across the nation til she finally arrived to Takigakure but unfortunately she found out that Hokori was in a coma so Auru was able to absorb almost all the girl induced in a coma Chakra before leaving with a satisfied smile on her face before heading off to Konohagakure where sensed the most powerful Chakra signature, excited with lust and eager Auru went to the village in the land of fire alone letting Chie Ōtsutsuki to stay out of the fight and do as he please.

Auru was confronted by the twins who seemed to detect her negative motives easily. The two were able to hold her off but was overpowered by Auru who seemed to enjoy seeing her nephew and nieces squirm under her power, immobilizing them using black rods stuck in their body Auru began draining the twins Chakra but was unable to continue when Naruto and Sasuke arrived aiding the twins for support, Sasuke and Naruto went on and battle Auru who seemed to easily overpower the incarnates of Indra and Asura with ease then Shino, Anko, Shikamaru, Ino and Chōji arrived but nearly stopped by Auru who tried to immobilize them but was surprised by the Ino-Shika-Cho formation where she was being whacked around by Chōji human cannon ball aided by Shikamaru's shadow possession and Ino's Mind Body Transmission Technique proven more difficult for Auru to dodge but was able to stop the Formation Ino–Shika–Chō from continuing but Naruto injured the Ōtsutsuki with speed that tooken her by surprise cutting off her arm and clawed up her face.

Enraged by the sudden loss and injury Auru Ōtsutsuki summoned the God tree seeds to sprout across the land taking the group by surprise which gave Auru the moment to escape. Into her own dimension. Auru returned to the now reborn land of Shinobi is covered by massive God tree's and forest that covered most of nation, using the new terrain to her own advantage she merged with mother nature and began slaughtering most of shinobi civilization leaving Kumogakure, Iwagakure and Konohagakure while other villages were unlucky being completely wiped out by auru's god tree attack.

The next few days Naruto and the others were unable to cut a path for anyone to get through, the tree's and sentient fission beings lurking in the forest preventing them from doing anything. Delighted upon seeing their misfortunes auru then went out to gather the children from the villages they hidden themselves, upon arriving to Amegakure finding the village standing strong, impressed by the development auru went down to the village but was surprisingly attacked by several hidden rain ninja's who seemed to know who she is, excited upon seeing the shinobi's auru summon forth her truth seeker orbs and dagger before launching herself at the shinobi's.

Proven to be a god toher enemies she slaughtered them without thinking til one shinobi stood out from the rest, wearing a cloak and a mask to conceal the figures face. intrigued by this figure, auru sent three of her truth seeker orbs at the mask figure but was stunned seeing the figure kick away the orbs with ease sending them crashing through a few buildings which drawn the attention of all others, not wanting to drag on the fight auru summoned two tailed beast bombs and fires em at the mask figure in incredible speed blowing away the figure, smiling with joy knowing she is still superior then anyone she laughed but was short lived when the figure walk out the smoke, revealing a young woman in her early twenties, long black-blue hair, steel grey eyes, pale white skin and medium size breast.

Auru was Stunned for words but yet physically and sexually attracted woman in front of her who threatens her existence, so intrigued by this woman she ask for her name which the girl smiles walking up to her revealing her name to be Namakemono Ōtsutsuki, smirking upon hearing her name figuring out she's one of Kaeriuchi's children the woman began attacking the woman but was counter with a blow to the gut and jaw sending auru into several buildings but reluctantly she was durable so the elder Ōtsutsuki charge into battle fighting auru for hours til she was able to weaken Namakemono, draining the chakra from her being but was interrupted by a few hidden rain shinobi's and the six children of her long lost sister were there as well.

Ōtsutsuki Siblings vs Auru Ōtsutsuki Arc

Auru being quite impressed upon seeing them assemble in one place, Auru points out they share similar link in their chain of power, taking note of the others previous abilities and how they coordinated with each other.

Within the wrecked village known as Amegakure auru and the six siblings begun their battle, having countered and dodged the twin byakugan wielders attack but was caught in Namakemono and Ikari's empowered wood-sand attack, caught by surprise Auru immediately absorbed the attacks and redirect them at Byakugan siblings before being forced into a close combat battle between Ikari, Namakemono, Yokubō, and Senbō.

Being overwhelmed by the four coordinated attack Auru acted quickly and use Yomotsu Hirasaka to send Ikari and Namakemono into the sand dunes dimension leaving the four siblings as she merged with nature once again. The remaining five siblings were bombarded by numerous attacks from all directions that they were lost for words before they used a barrier to shield themselves from auru's attack that seem endless til auru appeared before them before she shattered the barrier with only using her brute monstrous strength pushing them back even further til they were cornered, feeling ready to absorb their chakra she proceed to summoning the god tree of patriarch forward but was ultimately interrupted by Urashiki Ōtsutsuki who later captured her but auru escaped and attacked the Ōtsutsuki Operative which lead them to a furious battle, Byakugan against Byakugan, dagger against staff.

The battle between them continued but was stopped by her nieces and nephews attack that struck both Ōtsutsuki members body striking their tenketsu rendering their arms and upper body useless so Urashiki escaped the chaos leaving a disoriented auru to her demise, escaping through her dimension she slowly recovered in peace but that peace was did not last when a woman with resembling appearance to kaeriuchi approached her, taking this as a sign as reinforcement auru beg the woman to spare her some chakra only to receive a swift cut over her left eye destroying her left Byakugan leaving her shocked and unprepared when the woman thrust a blade through her hand and slams a truth seeker rod into her legs.

The woman revealed herself to be Yuuwaku Ryū the eldest child of kaeriuchi, shocked upon this revelation auru tried to free herself but found her chakra being sapped out of her being leaving her weakened, unable to do a thing yuuwaku decided to spare the weakened Ōtsutsuki keeping her as a prisoner, auru was left behind in a fit of rage.


Auru showed otherworldly powers that many Ōtsutsuki wanted her chakra for their own greed. She could perform interstellar travel, subdue people into sleeping, hypnotise them, erase their memories or unleash ungoldy plagues of chakra that'll eradicate life on a masaive scale. Kaeriuchi being a known goddess like her sister, praised her might as superior to all others. Auru has demonstrated unique abilities, such as merging with nature to give her control of the environments of her dimensions, such as ice and snow, flight and able to create thousand of god trees in a instant

Chakra and Physical Prowess

With a simple release of her strength could create massive shock-waves that could easily subdue any foe or her underlings. she can absorb any technique that she encounters like any Ōtsutsuki member. When making physical contact with an enemy, auru is able to halt their movements while absorbing their chakra. Through her bond with the God Trees across the land, she becomes stronger by gaining chakra from them when she is in desperate situation.

Auru has shown a great degree of unarmed combat skills, being seen blocking and countering Naruto and Namakemono's omnidirectional coordinated attacks along with the aid of Ink-Shika-Cho. Her skills and strength alone is able to destroy a Four Violet Flames Formation with a simple chakra enhanced punch shattering it. Auru has shown to be fast flying and on her feet being able to outrun nuke-nins and ambu's, being able to dodge sasukes Rinnegan aided chidori without the use of chakra.


With her absolute mastery of chakra, Auru can utilise all five nature transformations along with Yin–Yang Release. She can make use of her for capturing and tossing foes around the battlefield.

Kekkei Mōra

Auru able to absorb and use techniques from her enemies, increasing the attack tenfolds being able to level a city in seconds. Auru's strongest ability is the Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball, formed by the accumulated chakra she possess and through the forest of god trees, she only utilize this technique during a near defeat or want to obliterate a entire civilization.



Auru wields the Byakugan in both eyes, granting her a near 360° field of x-ray vision (with the presumed exception of a small blind spot at the upper thoracic vertebrae) and the ability to see the chakra pathway system. She notes that her Byakugan is especially powerful, far more so than her elder sister kaeriuchi. Using her Byakugan, she identified that naruto carried a failed beast inside him, detect powerful chakra from miles away up to 80 Kilometers, Auru is able to see an opponent's vital points, accurately piercing them in order to immobilise them completely.

Rinne Sharingan

Rinne Sharingan

Auru wields her Rinne Sharingan as a third eye on her forehead, which is golden in colour and contains several concentric circles and nine tomoe. Her third eye also grants her the Sharingan's powers, such as seeing the flow of chakra, casting and easily recognising genjutsu, and the heightened powers of perception among the other abilities it held. Using the Rinne Sharingan's power, sne could cast a wide spread gravity levitation in a small population. With her third eye, she is also able to instantaneously teleport herself and others around her to a different dimension , auru is able to open and travel through rifts in space as a means of instantaneous travel.