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Bakuro Iyō
Current | Pre-Timeskip
Name Bakuro Iyō
Kanji 異様暴露
Romanji Iyō Bakuro
Alias Red King (朱王者, あけおうじゃ, Akeouja)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Birthdate Astrological Sign Cancer July 7
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 179 lbs
Blood Type O+
Hometown Ikigakure Symbol Ikigakure
Country of
Land of Swamps Symbol Land of Swamps
Clan UzuSymbol Uzumaki Clan
Occupation Head Ninja of Ikigakure
Affiliation Ikigakure Symbol Ikigakure
Previous Team Yakedo's Protégé's
Rank S-rank
Ninja Registration KON-012
Academy Prom. Age N/A
Chūnin Prom. Age N/A
Jōnin Prom. Age 10
Unique Traits -Enhanced Physique -Eidetic Memory</font>
Nature Type Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Jutsu All Basic Techniques
Shadow Clone Technique
Eight Gates
Bermuda Triangle
Daytime Tiger
Morning Peacock
Evening Elephant
Eight Gates Released Formation
Leaf Dragon God
Cursed Fist: Consuming Punch
Cursed Fist: Flurrying Fists of Regurgitation
Yang Release: Yang Burst
Dynamic Action
Leaf Coiling Whirlwind
Leaf Coiling Wind
Leaf Drop
Leaf Gale
Leaf Great Flash
Leaf Great Whirlwind
Leaf Gust
Leaf Rock-Destroying Rise
Leaf Strong Whirlwind
Leaf Whirlwind
Little Toe Attack
Reverse Lotus
Violent — Leaf Adamantine-Strength Whirlwind
Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
Crane Wing Formation
One-Man Front Lotus
Front Lotus
Heal Bite
Bermuda Triangle: Impending Victory
True Shadow Clone
Tools Lighter
Explosive Cigarettes


"I just kicked your sorry ass. How does it feel? Cause I feel great on my end."
— Bakuro Iyō

Bakuro Iyō (異様暴露, ばくろいよう, Iyō Bakuro) is an Iki-nin, specializing in Taijutsu and Nintaijutsu. His taijutsu abilities are renowned worldwide for his gift in the art. Bakuro's true talent in the art of Taijutsu first shined when the child was merely six years of age, and was reported for 'destroying another child's entire skeletal structure'. Bakuro had beaten an individual to such an extent, he shattered their skeletal system, a feat which can not be scoffed at lightly. Once Bakuro had been discovered, he was taken, along with a few others, and were trained directly under Yakedo's own tutelage, a fact which made the team envied throughout Ikigakure.

Under Yakedo's tutelage, Bakuro would go on to learn the Eight Gates and Bermuda Triangle techniques, along with Bakuro inventing new techniques stemming from these two main jutsus. Bakuro's strength was one revered throughout Ikigakure and other villages, and made him a prime target for many villages to attempt to kidnap. These failed attempts became stories within Ikigakure, as Bakuro would often defeat his kidnapper easily, always bringing them to justice the next day. Unlike other Shinobi Teams, those in Yakedo's team would not attend the Chūnin Exams or the Jōnin Exams, but would become Jōnin when Yakedo deemed it fit.

Upon Bakuro becoming a Jōnin, he was offered to become the Head Ninja, a position only found within Kumogakure and Ikigakure. Many were unsure if Bakuro was fit to become the Head Ninja, mainly due to his young age, but Yakedo saw it through, and Bakuro became the Head Ninja. Bakuro is regarded as the one of the most promising Taijutsu users since the legendary Might Guy, and is rumoured to be able to potentially exceed this master of Taijutsu.


Birth of a Fighter

Born to a pair of unknown Uzumaki Clan parents, Bakuro entered this world on a blistering day, a day on which the heat was indescribable. Bakuro wailed as soon as he was born, and unfortunately for the newly-born Bakuro, his parents were travelling merchants, merchants who would not be able to care for a newborn child. Thus, the parents did the only thing they could; sell. These horrendous individuals sold their own child for profit, and Bakuro entered the hands of a shinobi. Fortunately for Bakuro, this shinobi was from Ikigakure, a village which had desperately needed younger shinobi to exist. The newly-born Bakuro was brought to the village, where he was immediately placed into an orphange. Bakuro had always been a violent child, a fact which could be seen from a young age. As soon as Bakuro had been able to walk, he was always punching anything in his path. A bully? Punch. An annoying child? Punch. A caretaker? Punch. It seemed as if from a young age, Bakuro knew his answer to all of life problem; punching. The child could always be found beating something or someone up, especially those who bothered or bullied others, to which Bakuro would knock the sense out of the attacker. The most famous incident of Bakuro’s violence and strength occurred when he was merely six years of age, and when his closest friend had been knocked senseless by a certain someone. The anger rose in Bakuro, and Bakuro absolutely destroyed the bully, breaking all of the childs’ bones in mere minutes. Even from then, many thought it was due to Bakuro being able to control his Chakra from a young age, but it was far from the truth. The abuse which Bakuro had just dealt was from his own strength, not including the use of chakra.

After this incident occurred, Bakuro, along with some others, were immediately summoned by the Ikikage himself; Yakedo Itonami. Bakuro had heard stories about their fearless and almighty leader, a shinobi who had lived for over seven hundred years. It was no shock that the young Bakuro was scared by being summoned, but as an aspiring Iki-nin, he went, despite the boiling fears within. The display of courage paid off, as Bakuro and some others became a team under the tutelage of Yakedo, and all of them had been selected for certain reasons. Bakuro for his sheer strength and almost unlimited potential. Once the coronation of the team had been official, Bakuro was called to Yakedo’s office one night, without the other teammates. Bakuro was hit with a storming flurry of questions, and was essentially interrogated by Yakedo. Bakuro answered to the best of his ability, and Bakuro was told that he would be gaining private lessons which the other teammates would not have the privilege of. Bakuro graciously thanked Yakedo, and left, returning to his orphanage. The next day, Bakuro was woken relatively earlier than what he was used to. Bakuro groggily looked around, noticing his belongings had all been packed. Initially confused, the caretakers explained to Bakuro that the Ikikage would be taking all of his subordinates to his mansion. Bakuro was of course excited, excited that he would be living in such a luxurious mansion. Bakuro made his way as quickly as possible to the mansion, where all of his belongings were suddenly taken from him, and Yakedo stood in front of him. Bakuro gulped, as he knew what was about to occur; training.

The training was cruel, and would often force Bakuro to meet his limits; and then shatter them. Day after day, the same, repetitive training occurred, for one whole year. Bakuro had begun to regret accepting the training proposal, and soon found training redundant and useless. However, this all changed the day Bakuro was assigned a mission, alongside his team of course, to infiltrate Jikigakure, and retrieve as much information of humanly possible. Yakedo explained to the team that it would be a mission to test their teamwork and their ability to act under pressure. The team accepted the task, and they made their way to Jikigakure. The village was a days trip, and the group of seven-year old’s were sent out within the hour. The terrain of their home country, the Land of Swamps, would prove to be a difficult terrain on which to traverse upon, the naturally humid and wet climate would often cause them to reduce the speed of their pace, although they were allowed a days leeway for rest. They graciously embraced the time to rest, and set up camp. However, unlike the rest of his teammates, Bakuro trained by himself, attempting to refine his already Chūnin-level Taijutsu. Bakuro trained throughout the night, and ended up only gaining two hours of sleep, which was highly unhealthy for a child his age. The next day, once the entire team had woken from their slumber, they resumed their journey, traversing through the swamps of their home country. The journey ended hours later, and soon the team stood near the entrance to Jikigakure. As they scoured the area, searching for an entrance, Bakuro simply charged forward, and with one punch, he rendered the guards unconscious. He then charged in, punching everyone in his path. His teammates soon followed, taking Bakuro’s lead. Bakuro told his team he would fight, while the rest of them would collect information, and they all agreed to it.

Many, many shinobi came to attempt and take down Bakuro, but for some unknown reason, Bakuro was able to take down most of them, his Taijutsu proving to be stronger than what most of the shinobi could pull off. Punch after punch after punch, Bakuro’s fists were a flurry to those who could see it, being almost untraceable. As soon as Bakuro saw his teammates retreating, he dealt a few final punches, before chasing after his teammates. Soon, the entire team was being pursed by a group of Jōnin, but the team kept running. One of Bakuro’s teammates, Sora, used a technique which sent the pursuers back, allowing for the team to successfully escape the clutches of Jikigakure. Only once the team were kilometres away from that village, did they begin to rest. They all collapsed, as they were all completely exhausted from the chase, and the speed at which they had recovered the information. After an hour of rest, the team resumed their journey back to their home village of Ikigakure, this time not deciding to set up camp. As soon as they arrived home, they were greeted by the guards, and as they walked into the village, their fame had already begun to spread. Mainly at how Bakuro had taken down many Jōnin simply so that his team could safely recover information. However, Bakuro was far too tired to care about his growing fame, and as soon as he reached his room within the Ikikage’s Mansion, he collapsed onto his bed, quickly falling into a deep slumber. Bakuro’s slumber was interrupted by the feeling of cold water being poured over him, and Bakuro snapped awake. He looked down at his clothes, only to see that he had been drenched in arctic-cold water. He began to shiver as he found out who the culprit was; Yakedo. Bakuro knew it was a punishment for not waking up on time, and he simply sighed as he began to prepare for the next round of training.

As soon as Bakuro had prepared, he was shocked to find out that there was no training for the day, and instead, another mission. Bakuro grinned at the mere thought of getting to punch another Jōnin in the name of a mission. However, he was disappointed to realize that this mission was to only observe an envoy heading by Ikigakure. Despite his initial disappointment, Bakuro knew he could not deny a mission assigned by both his master and village leader, and was essentially forced to accept such a mundane task. Bakuro, alongside his team, took their positions amongst the leaves of the swamp trees, and waited until the envoy began to approach. The sudden noise of a the water splashing brought Bakuro back to his senses, and he saw a small wooden boat on the swamps river, and he simply observed it. As it got closer to Bakuro’s initial position, he noticed the passengers; thieves. However, these were not any ordinary thieves, but thieves that had been bothering Ikigakure for months. Bakuro’s anger got the best of him as he jumped from his hidden position, and slammed his fist into the boat, breaking it into pieces. The thieves were confused as the ground beneath their feet shattered, and they began to fall. Bakuro, using his chakra control, jumped mid-air, and slammed his fists right through the thieves’ chests. As soon as Bakuro landed, he took his fists out of the corpse, and stared at his palms in horror. Had he just killed two men? The realization struck Bakuro as a bolt of lightning would, and the fact shook him to his core. Of course, his teammates attempted to comfort him, but to no avail. The most they were able to do was bring the stressed-out Bakuro back to the village, and guided him to his room. Bakuro stared at his blood-stained hands, the memory of his first two kills haunting him as Bakuro collapsed onto his bed, falling into another slumber.








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