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Barrier Release (関遁, Kanton) is the Hiden Technique of Odayakana Nami, a member of the Akatsuki. She learned this forbidden series of jutsus from a scroll stolen from Kirigakure, in her past life as an ANBU. During her time stealing it, the scroll was learned to have held various dangerous secrets. The art of Barrier Release, allows for Odayakana to create fields, barriers, shields, walls, and domes of chakra that may dissperse and deflect enemy attacks, drifting to even extinguishing high S-Rank level jutsus. These barriers may be formed as strong defenses, but the cost of completely absorbing a high ranking attack, leads to Odayakana losing a percent of the chakra used to use it. The Barrier Release may also be used extensively as a offense, manipulating the chakra to spin and swirl, creating a dangerous projectile. She may also use it offensively, to repluse or reject an enemies presence, dealing physical chakra burns. A form of hybrid defense can be seen, by forming a smooth defensive cover over her body, merged with her lightning and water chakra to amplify it's strength, giving her a suit of deadly 'armor'. All in all, The strength and capabilities of the Barrier Release is far, and many.

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