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Barrier Release: God's Defense
Energy Globe Sphere by greywolf101920
Kanji 関遁神の防衛
Rōmaji Kanton: Kami no Bōei
Literal English Barrier Release: God's Protection
Viz manga Barrier Release: Defense of God
English TV Barrier Release: God's Defender
Rank S-rank
Class Defensive
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Barrier Release
Barrier Release: God's Defense is a defensive technique created by Odayakana Nami from her Barrier Release technique. By using this technique, she will amplify the energy around her, creating a dome around a person, whether it be her, or someone else. This shield is powerful, preventing damage and jutsu's from harming her allies. This can be used to large scale attacks, and protect several allies. If focused intently on one target, she may double the effort, and deflect twice as much as she previously could. If the damage exceeds the shield's capabilities, it will drain some of Odayakana's own chakra supply to supliment for the lack of.