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Barrier Release: Jashin's Wall
Kanji 関遁ジャシンの盾
Rōmaji Kanton: Jashin no Tate
Literal English Barrier Release: Jashin's Shield
Viz manga Barrier Release: Wall of Jashin
English TV Barrier Release: Jashin's Protection
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
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Short - Long-range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Barrier Release: Jashin's Wall is an offensive technique, created by Odayakana Nami of the Akatsuki. By concentrating her chakra, she may convert small portions of the enemies chakra into her own, forming solid walls of chakra into the enemies blood veins, throat, lungs, liver, or intestines. Causing blockage, ceased blood-flow, disconnecting circulation, or flow of chakra. The cost of this technique, is that she must continously channel it, and if her concentration is broke, the walls will cease. During this time, she must rely on her shields or partner, Ryu, to defend her in this state of 'meditative' Jutsu.