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As most know, ninjas in a historical context were capable of espionage tactics that would hardly work in today's settings. Although, these techniques are very useful in other situations. For instance, if one were in a sword duel, the ninja technique empty cicada would work if one were to possess the speed and correct attire. Another, the cat crawl, is useful for cramped cityscapes. These were most likely used by ninja around the world, including those in the practice of ninjutsu itself, and will be listed here.

  • Ninja Technique: Empty Cicada
The ninja technique named after the insect is a combination of speed and illusion, requiring perfect timing for the execution. The user casts away an outer layer of clothing (i.e. an over coat or jacket) and leaves it in the place where they were standing, confusing the attacker and leaving them open. This is used mostly in response to an attack from a weapon, such as a sword. In this case, the user would wait until they would otherwise be stabbed and shed their outer layer, dodging the attack and leaving the sword in the shell's confinement, open to attack back.

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