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Beast Tearing Gale Palm
Wind Release Beast Wave Violent Wind Palm
Kanji 獣破烈風掌
Rōmaji Jūha Reppū Shō
Literal English Beast Tearing Gale Palm
English TV Beast Wave Gale Palm
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #57
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Ninjutsu
  • Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Class Offensive
Range Short to Mid range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
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This technique is somewhat of an enhanced version of the Beast Tearing Palm. It used chakra to infused with and condense a large amount of wind to form a massive demonic-like claw extending from the user's dominant hand to strike and grab a target, as well as deflect any weapon or attack. In addition to making it a deadly short to mid-range weapon, the extending claw also carries tremendous force that can devastate anything in its path without affecting the user, making it useful for dislodging solid and heavy objects.

Facts about "Beast Tearing Gale Palm"RDF feed
Appears inAnime +, Manga +, Game + and Movie +
Chakra NatureWind Release +
Debut anime277 +
Jutsu class typeOffensive +
Jutsu classificationNinjutsu +
Jutsu rangeShort + and Mid +
ParentBeast Tearing Palm +
PictureWind Release Beast Wave Violent Wind Palm +
User techMon Uzumaki (null) +, Amidaru Asakura (null) +, Itami Sarutobi (null) +, Kato Kenshin (null) +, Isamu Takema (null) +, Kuro Isei (null) +, Ryūza (null) +, Kaminoshi (null) +, Fūrin (null) +, Akemi Hyuga/Adulthood (null) +, Yosuke (null) +, Sōka Taifū (null) +, Yōi Tenkou (null) +, Mitsuo Hatake (null) +, Leon Sanyu (null) +, Kinguraion Yaban (null) +, Koshiro (null) +, Sakin (null) +, Akihiko Yuki (null) +, Kokkan Kaguya (null) +, Touko Kanzaki (null) +, Fushi (null) +, Masago (null) +, Ōwashi (null) +, Imae Miyagi (null) +, Tsubasa Yuki (null) +, Inu Sebvert (null) +, Kaede Yuki (null) +, Mugetsu Yoroi (null) +, Gekido Ozunu (null) +, Mai (null) +, Renvo Uchiha (null) +, Chosuchi Akimichi (null) +, Shinzui Uchiha (null) +, Yozoraōka (null) +, Najimi Hyūga (null) +, Sakushi Yajuu (null) +, Shikizaki Hyuga (null) +, Bobu Nomi (null) +, Saibo Kazahana (null) +, Birusu Uchiha (null) + and Kai Hyūga (null) +

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