This article, Beheading Oni, is property of Shiro of the Outer Path.

Beheading Oni
Kanji 斬鬼
Rōmaji Zanoni
Literal English Beheading Demon
English TV Beheading Demon
Classification Kenjutsu
Rank B-rank
Class Offensive
"Close" is not in the list of possible values (Short, Mid, Long) for this property.

Gathering his chakra at his hands, Shūha will thrust forward slashing through his target with his nodachi. Followed by a casual flip, using the impaled sword as a medium for a steady toss. As Shūha tosses his opponent, he will shoot the chakra up through the sword, moving through and exploding at the tip. This sends a jolt of shredding chakra into the fresh wound made by Shūha's sword. Shūha has shown to administer this in one swift movement, impaling his oponent in just the right place which beheads them, eventually leading to the unique name to this technique.

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