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Fanon character
Full Name Bid'daum
Age 10
Blood type  ?
Gender Male
Species Dragon
Chakra Type Fire, Wind
Kekkai Genkai Telepathy
Partner Yuudai Ingeitum
Affilitations: Village Hidden between Two Rivers


Yuudai Ingeitum (partner)


He is a stocky, compact dragon with very strong muscles and limbs for his size, with a sturdy in build, and with thick legs. Bid'daum's eyes and hide are a crimson red color, while his talons, teeth and neck spikes are all snow white. He has two cheek spikes, and wide, crescent shaped horns. His red eyes were split by black, vertical pupils.

Bid'daum's bulky shape seems to favor physical combat over speed. Male dragons, or those that are red, tend to be more compact in build, regardless of their size. It could also be that individual dragons have bodies built for different purposes, much as humans' bodies are suited to different tasks, and Bid'daum is the kind of dragon made for strength.

Part I

Introduction arc

Bid'daum is first seen when Yuudai Ingeitum chooses him to be his Dragon Partner. They are bound then by a Shur'tugal Cursed Seal. Bid'daum and Yuudai train very hard and eventually Yuudai becomes a Jonin and they both head for the Dragon Realm to train.

Training on the Dragon Realm arc

Yuudai begins training in Dorakuzan, and while there develops his Draco Release Techniques. He and Yuudai become inseparable and begin to learn strong Jutsu. A year and a half later they leave for the Land of Mountains.


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