This is the official Bingo Book for Naruto Fanon, Add your own ninja here if they fit into the category

The following contents are information about missing-nins that are considered harmful and dangerous, as well as extremely powerful ninja. This is a book that every ninja keeps that lists records of these ruthful missing-nins and are considered to be on the "hit-list" if they commit any offensive actions, but many people listed aren't enemies, just ninja considered as the "best of the best" (Ex. Kakashi Hatake). The book is a reference guide for the ninjas to know about the past and present crimes and illegal activity these highly-ranked criminals committed, as well as the bounty on them and general info about the rogues and S-Rank Ninja.

The Bingo book keeps record of 5 types of ninja: General Rogue Ninjas, S-Ranks, S-Class Rogues, Z-Ranks, and Z-Rank Rogues.

General Rogue Ninja

S-Rank Ninja

S-Class Rogues



Eye Of The Demon S-Class Rogues


Z-Class Rogues


Delta Akatsuki

Unknown Rank Ninja