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Bingo Gomu

Age Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Affinity Unknown
Affiliation The Watchers
Village of Origin Unknown
Rank Science and Experimentation
Occupation Watcher
Sensei Previous scientist
Watcher Breast Size Ranking #5

Bingo Gomu (Gomu Bingo) is the scientist of The Watchers.

Bingo is a psuedo-name that is spelled the same way in Japanese as it is in English. "Gomu" is a Japanese word that means "rubber", but can also mean "gum" and "eraser".


Due to the traditional memory wiping, Bingo does not remember her life before becoming a Watcher.


Bingo is very fun-loving and energetic. She is generally carefree and usually smiling and teasing people. However, she knows when to get serious, and can be quite intense in the midst of battle. She can be quite perverted, and is prone to making fun of Hikari for her large breasts and Auntie Venom for not having any breasts at all (due to having no flesh). She can also be quite immature, such as shouting inappropriate words during uncomfortable silence. She is also known for targetting a lot of her teasing on Donovan, the only male Watcher, probably for this very reason.


So far, nothing of Bingo's appearance has been revealed.


Aside from the brown cloak uniform of The Watchers, Bingo wears tattered boots, tattered gloves, and a tattered red scarf. She is commonly seen chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles with it.


Bingo is completely made of rubber. Due to this, most blunt and impact damage is cushioned. However, blades are still fully effective on her. But due to being made of rubber, Bingo is completely immune to lightning-based Jutsu, due to rubber's naturally high resistance to electricity.

Bingo rubber body is also the key to her means of attack. She fights with her fists, and is able to stretch her body parts for her attacks. By stretching her arm back and letting it snap forward, she can punch the enemy with incredible force and velocity. She is naturally very strong, but her rubber body makes her blows even stronger through shear velocity and force.



  • "Let's see... Good news, Hikari-chan! You grew again!"
  • "If you need me, I'll be in my lab."
  • "Okay, who took my gum?"
  • "Hang on, I gotta spit this piece out..."
  • "You should wear a bra, Hikari-chan. Ya wanna keep 'em perky, don't ya?"
  • "SECOND-BASE!!!" (shouted when groping Hikari's chest from behind)
  • "PENIS!!!" (shouted during any uncomfortable silence)


A lot of Bingo's personality is based on Cyberweasel89 him/herself.

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