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Black Sand: Clone Technique
Kanji 黒い砂:クローン技術
Rōmaji Kuroi suna: Kurōn gijutsu
Literal English Black Sand: Clone Technique
Viz manga Black Sand: Clone Jutsu
English TV Black Sand Clone
  • Hiden
Class Supplementary
Hand seals None
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
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Black Sand: Replacement Technique

Unlike typical clone jutsu the black sand clone technique is very different from the other types of bunshinjutsu in that the black sand is unable to completely assume the form of the user, but remains as black sand the entire time. Though it can be said that, the black clone's form can be changed instantly back into black sand, and the sand can be used to trap an enemy's body. It has long-range attack applications and can be used to either lure an enemy or act as a decoy. This is where it draws the line with other clones. Takashi is able to use a Black Sand Clone as a body replacement in order to avoid incoming or fast attack.