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Black Sand: Earth Golem
Kanji 黒い砂:地球のゴーレム
Rōmaji Kuro suna: Chikyū no gōremu
Literal English Black Sand: Earth Golem
Viz manga Black Sand: Earth Titan
English TV Black Sand Earth Monster
  • Hiden
Class Offensive, Defensive
Hand seals None
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

In order to use this technique Takashi must use his chakra enhanced black sand, he will manipulate the chakra enhanced black sand and also used resources like earth, mud, soil, and even regular sand from the surrounding area and the earth's surface to form a gigantic black colored golem. By reshaping all the minerals collected from the surroundings he is able to create a large human shaped earth golem, he can use the golem to attack enemies or use it as a shield to defend himself from enemy assaults. He is able to control one giant golem and three small golems at any given time and uses various hands movements to control the golems. They are made to perform defense and are akin to moving shields, because of this they normally won't attack unless they are controlled or ordered to do so. The golem has a fair amount of brute strength, being able to tear off flesh of an opponents with its hands. The size and shape of an individual golem differs greatly and can be due to a number of factors, from role and existing materials on hand to the preferences or style of the user that created them, as such Takashi.