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Black Sand: Serrated Saws
Kanji 黒い砂セレーションのこぎり
Rōmaji Kuroi suna serēshon nokogiri
Literal English Black Sand: Serrated Saws
Viz manga Black Sand: Bladed Saws
English TV Saws of Black Sand
  • Hiden
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive
Range Short or Long range
Hand seals None
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

Takashi is able to manipulate the black sand into 3-4 medium sized disks, with jagged and shredding like sides, making them useful for cutting or grinding. The sizes of the disks are around 2-3 feet wide, and are thin. The saw blades can be spun for a stronger cutting edge, and can be 'thrown' at the enemy like a shuriken. The Black Sand Serrated Saws have a high decapitating strength, and are strong against higher defenses. The draw back is that the amounts of saws that Takashi can produce are limited.