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Black Sand: Stretching Hand
Kanji 黒い砂:手を伸ばして
Rōmaji Kuroi suna:-Shu o nobashite
Literal English Black Sand: Stretching Hand
Viz manga Black Sand: Long Hand
English TV Black Sand Hand
  • Hiden
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Range Long-range
Hand seals None
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Related jutsu
Black Sand: Sand Gauntlet

This is a technique used when Takashi is still using the Black Sand: Sand Gauntlet technique, he is able to change and increase the length of his sand hands of the gauntlet. Creating a longer, slightly bigger and heavier hand. With this the he can stretch the sand hand to about 7 feet away to trap or grab an opponent. He is able to stretch quite a long distance but the longer the sand hand becomes the harder it is to move and manipulate it. Takashi is able to use the Stretching Hand to take out several low level opponents at one swoop and is the perfect technique to take on large numbers. He is able to stretch both sand gauntlet hands at the same time but due to the increased weight of the compressed sand it makes it difficult to stretch beyond his said limits and sometimes it is difficult to control these stretching hands properly.