• CurryOfLife

    Heyo .3.

    April 17, 2018 by CurryOfLife

    So its me again, And no i'm not asking another question this time don't worry. This time i'm here to tell you about something iv'e been working on. So i was making one of my first fan characters, its currently not very far in and i thought of something cool i might be able to do. I was thinking if one or two of you guys out there would want to collab on the OC. I am aware its not really something people do very often but its still a thing. If you do want to work together or just wanna give some criticism feel free to PM me over discord, i'm in the Naruto Fanon discord and you can prob find me there.

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  • CurryOfLife

    Another Question----

    April 15, 2018 by CurryOfLife

    Heyo, its me again. Sorry for putting out random things like this left and right but i was wondering about something. So i'm currently on episode 216 of the Naruto main series and i wanna know the order i should watch Naruto from now on. Like are the movies necessary to understand the plot of Shippuden? Or is it all optional?? If its not what order should i watch everything? Its all so confusing and i have yet to find a reliable source on google.

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  • CurryOfLife

    So I just recently joined the Naruto Fanon Wiki, Like literally almost 5 minutes ago. And I was thinking of meeting some people and talking and such. But anyways I was wondering if there was a way to browse all the fan made jutsu without all of the canon ones, because I don't want to look through all of them constantly finding ones I already know about. So if there is a way to filter them out I would like to know--

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  • SoloStar2

    A Thank You To NF

    March 23, 2018 by SoloStar2

    Been awhile since I've written up a blog, and I think it's finally a fitting time to do so. I think most of you users who've been here for the past year or more have heard me bring up (sometimes rather dramatically) my twilight days on NF. You've also probably seen how I have successfully managed to delay my 'retirement' from 2017 all the way to the present.

    Well, I can't really hold it back any longer.

    I've decided that I'll be stepping away from Wikia editing, especially from Naruto Fanon. I've finally completed pre-med and started my gruelling journey to become a doctor, so creating new stories and participating in projects is something I no longer have the time to be involved in, no matter how hard I try. It's especially sad on a persona…

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  • JasonWashere

    Doru Uzumaki

    March 7, 2018 by JasonWashere
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  • Benknightprime

    Hey everyone! For the first time out of four times the Hall of Fame will open this year, the doors are opening. As the Hall of Fame has taken on a quarterly aspect, you will be give a ample time to submit articles. From today, March 3, until March 9, you can submit up to eight COMPLETE articles. You can submit your own stuff or work of others, as normal. Happy nominating!

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  • AtlantisUchiha

    Are Admins still here?

    February 27, 2018 by AtlantisUchiha

    This is most likely just me, but I believe to had ask 3 admins the same question (to make the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan icon to appear as Shiro Uchiha's Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan appearance on his infobox. However, none of them (for over 5 hours to 1 or 2 days+) had yet to even reply. Is there any admin, moderator or any good people still on? Please do make a common, and even give a answer to my question please, and have a nice day (again, this is most likely me, but meh? XD).

    I also say this, because this be the latest blog on the site (I figured the admins would had made a blog saying "happpy christmas" or "happy new years" blog or something, but nope).

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  • Charismatic Personality

    Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood Para here.

    As a little subplot of the Naruto: Shingetsu setting, I'd like to propose a next-gen Konoha 11 of sorts (only there's not one missing...looking at you, Sasuke), called the Konoha 12 There's no real point to this or anything, plot wise; it's just a fun little aside so a group of us can have sure-fire RPs within the Shingetsu setting. Nothing serious. I'd kinda like to parallel the original Konoha 11, so the main clans in the village are represented. As a note, the new Konoha 11 would range from ages 17-19 and all be Chūnin or Jōnin currently. Also, team senseis can be NPCs or created characters depending on the consensus of the users involved.

    1. Yoru Uchiha - Team 13 - Para
    2. Kumoi Hatake…

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  • KanashimiUchiha

    Kirawa Shinden update

    December 23, 2017 by KanashimiUchiha

    Ok... I haven't received a lot of apps, I would really appreciate it if you guys gave this collab a try, it's my first and I wanna get off to a good start. So far we only have these chars involved:

    Nasuka Uchiha (Hunter)

    Keshin Uchiha (Dormant)

    Hiruko (Kana)|Hiruko]] (Solitary Hunter)

    This obviously ISNT enough, so please, consider joining, apps aren't closed till March 11.

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  • KanashimiUchiha

    Apps will be open until March 11, so start writing!

    Well, as loose as I'll be with the story, and all that, I do have some guidelines...

    Ok, I'm only gonna allow Uchiha apps if you have a good story for them, at least 5-7000 bytes in all for your character. If the character stole the Sharingan, then, give me a decent explanation. But, since I have an Uchiha in this collab, then, I'm not gonna spazz on you guys.

    Like I said, I simply need a good story, I want the character to have at least 7-8000+ bytes, or, a really good story summed up short (If you're even capable).

    I'm only going to allow two or three Rinnegan users, if you do have the Rinnegan, you have to have the Sharingan, Mangekyo, EMS, then Rinnegan, and don't just slap t…

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