• Kokoa The Vampire Goddess

    hey guys this is where we could meet up and chat about the things we need to add or discuss what we want for the characters if ya like

    Kokoa The Vampire Goddess (talk) 16:33, November 6, 2018 (UTC)Kokoa The Vampire Goddess

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  • SpecialOperationsTrooper

    My spirit animal is the Malayan Pit Viper.

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  • Therockdragon

    ???'s pov:

    I guess it was over obito madara black and white zetsu's where dead and I was the only one alive that was left of the akatski and i had to recruit a new generation of ninja to get this done with.


    I find the son of itachi and he had a sharigan and rinnegan already unlocked and He was strong He had already left the village becuase of root and He was my first person i recruited he was given the red ring with the kanji shu.


    Next was kakashi's son and he had ice release and then we recruited him after he fled after the plessure put on him by his own father he was given the Ku kanji ring colored stale blue, next we got a puppet master and i gave him a invitation and he joins us he was called Ryu shirogame who had the …

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  • Therockdragon

    Raymonds pov: I had decided that for this meeting that i would send out a a guard of mine and my second in command Inari and he had grown up a lot and I had also planned a wedding for me and my little friend it had been 8 years and i smile as i had dated her when we where younger and had kept it a secret from my entire squad even she kept it a secret and today was the day we would reveal it as hinabi had aksed if there could be a double wedding and she said yes and i was helping kakashi out and only me him and hanabi knew that it was me and hanabi getting married together at the same wedding as hinata and naruto and we decided to get this done, I had one of my friends start spreading the word around that i was going to get married to someo…

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  • Therockdragon

    Raymond's pov: I was watching naruto on my tv, my family was out at my sisters music contest, i was the child that wasn't talented my parents expected so much from me, i was always bullied in school for being different i had Asperger syndrome, making me think faster and hard to see other peoples emotions, i was never interested in much things but i found a interest in anime and in one in particular Naruto, i found that Naruto was a lot like me and i felt a connection to the characters in the anime, i was re watching the show as it had ended and i was beginning with the start of the show, suddenly my tv screen glows and i am pulled into the tv by a unkown force like gravity was pulling me into the tv, "what the heck is going on!?" I Yell as…

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  • InduraUchiha

    I need some assistance

    September 30, 2018 by InduraUchiha

    I'm new to this and all.. But I wanted to know if there is anyone out there who can help me 'create' my original character since I'm quite unsure how to do editing or whatever is required. Or if someone could teach me all the basics to go about it I'd be very appreciative. So.. is there anyone who could help me understand this and sorry if I repeat some of the same things I'm just quite nervous really. Thank you and I hope to receive some if not just a little help.

    P.s; A Naruto Character, a Female Uchiha to be exact.

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  • Itachisharkak

    After a hiatus of several years, I've come back to visit the old "stomping grounds." I see that NF has changed quite a bit since my initial posts a little over ten years ago. I'm glad to see that the site is still thriving, though I can't say that I see too many (or any) familiar old faces - Seireitou, TenTails 92, Lavi, Aha, and the like. I just dropped in on the old chat - - but to no avail; it's been a year since the last post - at least.

    I feel a little like Naruto or Sasuke in the Boruto series. Hopefully, the standards of the site have risen and new, polished user content is at an all time high.

    I hope to get back to writing again - it's been at least 3 years since my last visit.

    It's always good to revisit a pl…

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  • Benknightprime

    Hey everyone! I would like to apologize for how late this Hall of Fame is. It should have been done last month, but the people who run it have been busy. We would still like to give the chance to join the hall, however. While the staff is currently working towards restructuring itself, this fun little project shouldn't interfere too much. As the Hall of Fame has taken on a quarterly aspect and this one itself being late, you will be give a ample time to submit articles. From today, July 24th, until August 2nd, you can submit any number of COMPLETE articles to make up for not being on time. You can submit your own stuff or work of others, as normal. Here is the current Hall of Fame. Happy nominating!

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  • Amyjay03

    Osamu and Sasuke

    July 8, 2018 by Amyjay03
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  • Joshua95

    well i know you all had seen kaguya's life when she visited earth but it seems like the creators never told all of kaguya otsutsuki's life before her arrival to earth.

    for example:

    1. how does kaguya know momoshiki, urashiki and kinshiki?

    2. how did she know about them planning to steal the chakra fruit?

    3. why did she want to build an army of zetsu clones to fight them?

    4. did she have any relatives or parents?

    5. how did she find the divine tree before momoshiki did?

    i know these questions have been going around lately with a few naruto fans as well as you guys here too have been wondering what kaguya's life was like before her arrival to earth. i've been watching a lot of anime and naruto was one of those anime i watched and the thought about …

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