• Charismatic Personality

    Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood Para here.

    As a little subplot of the Naruto: Shingetsu setting, I'd like to propose a next-gen Konoha 11 of sorts (only there's not one missing...looking at you, Sasuke), called the Konoha 12 There's no real point to this or anything, plot wise; it's just a fun little aside so a group of us can have sure-fire RPs within the Shingetsu setting. Nothing serious. I'd kinda like to parallel the original Konoha 11, so the main clans in the village are represented. As a note, the new Konoha 11 would range from ages 17-19 and all be Chūnin or Jōnin currently. Also, team senseis can be NPCs or created characters depending on the consensus of the users involved.

    1. Yoru Uchiha - Team 13 - Para
    2. Kumoi Hatake…

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  • KanashimiUchiha

    Kirawa Shinden update

    December 23, 2017 by KanashimiUchiha

    Ok... I haven't received a lot of apps, I would really appreciate it if you guys gave this collab a try, it's my first and I wanna get off to a good start. So far we only have these chars involved:

    Nasuka Uchiha (Hunter)

    Keshin Uchiha (Dormant)

    Hiruko (Kana)|Hiruko]] (Solitary Hunter)

    This obviously ISNT enough, so please, consider joining, apps aren't closed till March 11.

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  • KanashimiUchiha

    Apps will be open until March 11, so start writing!

    Well, as loose as I'll be with the story, and all that, I do have some guidelines...

    Ok, I'm only gonna allow Uchiha apps if you have a good story for them, at least 5-7000 bytes in all for your character. If the character stole the Sharingan, then, give me a decent explanation. But, since I have an Uchiha in this collab, then, I'm not gonna spazz on you guys.

    Like I said, I simply need a good story, I want the character to have at least 7-8000+ bytes, or, a really good story summed up short (If you're even capable).

    I'm only going to allow two or three Rinnegan users, if you do have the Rinnegan, you have to have the Sharingan, Mangekyo, EMS, then Rinnegan, and don't just slap t…

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  • SoloStar2

    The month of November is upon us! Seeing that things are picking up on the site, we've agreed to do something again in regards to the HoF nominations.

    We closed down October in favour of the Halloween theme, which means that we have October's nominations due, together with November's as well. Aside from that, the committee managing the Hall of Fame has also agreed that it must function more like an actual Hall of Fame from now on; meaning that the openings to enter are going to be severely limited 2018 onwards. It's the only way to truly keep this area genuinely prestigious—while also keeping it accessible for the whole website should they decide that their articles warrant this honour.

    So here's the deal. Provided the articles in question m…

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  • Dragon Lord Erin

    Halloween of Fame

    October 2, 2017 by Dragon Lord Erin

    Alright everyone the HOF administration is changing it up this month. Instead of Hall of Fame nominations we're doing a halloween themed contest. Create or submit spooky or halloween themed pages in any of the categories.

    • You can submit only one page per category.
    • Two pages can be submitted maximum.
    • Items must be halloween themed or overall very scary.
    • One winner per category. No second or third.
    • This is not for HOF entrance so HOF articles can be submitted.

    • Character
    • Technique
    • Tool
    • Roleplay
    • Location
    • Bloodline

    Judging will take place at the end of October.

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  • Benknightprime

    Hall of Fame 3

    August 31, 2017 by Benknightprime

    Hey bitches, I'm gonna make this really brief. This month we want to focus on articles outside of the character domain. We will be returning to Kaname Soga and Yosōi Chinoike, as they would have been approved last time. IF they do not meet the needs we had for them last time, they will have to be voted in again later. As for everything else, NO CHARACTERS! Please nominate RPs, techniques, clans, bloodlines, etc. Let's diversify the Hall of Fame a bit more. Please review the Hall of Fame to see what is lacking or not yet made a category. Happy nominating!

    Deadline to nominate: September 7th by the end of the day.

    EDIT: One more thing, the voting board decided to have this one as one nomination of your own and one nomination of another's work.

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  • TheAnimatorMaverick

    Hey, this is a blog post about an idea that I have had for quite some time...

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  • TheAnimatorMaverick

    This is a roleplay I have had in mind for some time. The story takes place in the Naruto universe as the fourth shinobi world war is about to begin. All squad leaders do not exist and will be filled with oc's. Comment on this or message me for more info!

    The only canon characters allowed are the bad guys and the kage: Obito Kakuzu Kabuto Itachi

    I am looking for people to help me with the roleplay. If you are interested you need to have a Naruto Shippuden timeline oc.

    Squad A - ???

    Squad B - ???

    Squad C - Tenzo Yamakira (TheAnimatorMaverick Squad D - ???

    More info shortly!!!

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  • Ajacopia1

    Hello , my name is Ajacopia1 and I am here with an idea I came up with the help of Neji on Discord. This project is about a possibility. What would've happened if Naruto Uzumaki died before defeating the Akatsuki? And who would rise to stop them?

    This project takes place 30 years after Naruto Uzumaki dies before confronting the Akatsuki while training at Mount Myōboku. Boruto, of course, is never born, but Sarada, Shikadai, and the rest are now well into adulthood, and are unable to help defeat the Akatsuki. The Nine-Tails was sealed between two different shinobi, and without it, it took the Akatsuki several years to reach it's goal without Kurama. But now they are nearing world domination, and a special shinobi task force has been developed…

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  • NejiHyuga2

    Hello, ! Neji is back with a new idea he came up with users Maverick and Fanon Pro (wait, should I just use my pen name?)! This project surrounds the question: "How will the world of Naruto have changed if Madara Uchiha were to become Konoha's First Hokage instead of Hashirama Senju?"

    This project takes place during the Warring States Period. The events are the same as canon up until the death of . Both Madara and Hashirama's siblings are still alive. Izuna Uchiha dies before the founding of Konoha and Madara becomes Hokage instead of Hashirama. This is where the story will deviate entirely from canon.

    On Discord, User:Shoshiki and Masakuni Kishi have both agreed and have laid claim to two of the Uchiha siblings, Indra Uchiha, the eldest, an…

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