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  • NejiHyuga2

    Ok, so I had the idea of implementing exorcism into Naruto Fanon. All exorcisms will take place in Magano. Normal shinobi will not be able to enter Magano as they will probably die from the poisonous air. Only those who have eaten the starfruit will be able to enter Magano. I have created an elite group of exorcists known as the Twelve Guardians. I still have five spots open. I will explain what their abilities are.

    He is the strongest of the Twelve Guardians and specializes in kenjutsu. There have been two previous holders of this title. Ryo Hyuga is the first holder. He passed the title to her daughter Nochi Hyuga, who was then killed in action. Nochi then bestowed the title to her fellow teammate, Aki Yamanaka.

    She is the most beautiful o…

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  • Kingdoritoz

    Sandā Arutima

    March 16, 2017 by Kingdoritoz

    I am looking for oc naruto characters as you may know. I am kind of new at this so this character form may be a bit messy.

    Please note: You have creative freedom on your character so get really creative!!!

    Name(name of oc character) Village(please note:the stone village was destroyed by an unknown assailant) Gender: Age: Kekei genkai(please note: only Arutimas have desolation release if any of you would like to have it please send a request of why your character should obtain it) Kekei tōta(if your character has any) Nature release(even stronger versions of the originals are allowed such as for example, typhoon release) Personality Rivals(like the sasuke and naruto rivalry or even one sided rivalries not pointing any fingers but(points to bu…

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  • Narianos

    So it has come to my attention that there are a lot of technique infoboxes that are reaching their user limit. These infoboxes are starting to break. The Mangekyō Sharingan needed to have a custom infobox implemented just to deal with the ramifications. I'd rather much prefer this doesn't happen to the others if it can be prevented. So I'm going to teach the basics of custom infobox usage. If I can give someone an easy to explain tutorial on how to use custom infoboxes, I'm hoping it'll reduce the stress at least a little bit, so let's get started.

    This right here is the Konohagakure infobox, one of our custom infoboxes that can be found on the main page. These infoboxes have a simple format, and I will go through each section to explain h…

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  • KontonMan

    Fanon Tournament!

    March 8, 2017 by KontonMan

    A Fanon Tournament! It’s an idea that’s been swirling around in my head for a while now, and I think it’d be rather interesting. Essentially, I’m wondering if users would like to have a Battle to The Death with their main character. Of course, the events wouldn’t be canon to your respective storylines, but I’ve run the idea with others, and they seem to be all for the idea. Now, do remember, as a Tournament, others cannot randomly interfere with your battle and join in. The final victor will win the greatest prize of them all. The right to brag.

    Of course, there would be rules.

    For one, each user can submit one character to participate in the all-out combat, cause in the end, there may be too many characters, and I wanna try to limit the amo…

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  • SoloStar2

    Admin Nominations

    March 2, 2017 by SoloStar2

    A while back quite a number of the active veteran and newer users on NF got the idea to get a few changes up on board. Among some of the suggested changes were additions to the Hunter-Nin as well as, more importantly, the Admin team. Contacted our Bureaucrat already but she hasn't seen my message, so let's at least get this done ASAP so that she has it straightforward when she's free to come on. Or when we take it to Central. Whichever comes first, y'all get the drift. We ran this plan through with one administrator, User:Narianos already, so since its been a week I (but mainly with the prodding of a few other users on chat) have helped officially get the show on the road. This post will deal with nominations for the promotion of new admin…

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  • Olli1997

    Hello there everyone I wanted to ask you something what if there was a new Naruto universe beside the one we know and in that Universe Anko was a child at the same age as Naruto and the others during the start.

    Now get me right in this universe there is five teams instead of four which means that Anko is in the fifth group how would you guys take it if she was a Child tho Kakashi was an adult ??

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  • Dedmnwalkn88

    So, if you've been here on Naruto Fanon for awhile, you've probably seen a few of our Fanon Canons. Though there are plenty of users that have been on here longer than me, I have personally seen Rebirth, Golden Darkness, Sengoku, Dreamscape and even several Chunin Exams all make their appearance on the Fanon and end before they could reach their natural conclusion (As well as my pathetic attempt at the ROJ project). Now, one of the most respected users has started another FC, Crowning of Dawn (CoD), and it is quite ambitious. Partly because a great amount of trust has been placed in the users that make up the project. To help ensure that this project is successful, I have suggested that a method of keeping track of the various characters i…

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  • ArtistOfTheDaleks

    So it's come to me there has been confusion to how other users and i have viewed what exactly skills are and i may have been mistaken.

    To me until now skills were about how many elements, types of techniques, or jutsu one can wield.

    This is the comment that made me think differently. I wish to take this idea and put effort into it but how can i do so is what i have trouble with. I had the specialization base down The ones being a Mixture of different Fighting styles each having a level of destructive capability as well as some various other skills he can mix into these sets.

    • Taijutsu and Bukijutsu Skills
    • Elemental Reactions between Techniques
    • Ice Release and Blaze Release Techniques
    • Star Chakra Skills
    • Senjutsu and Tailed Beast Skills

    These five sp…

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  • ArtistOfTheDaleks

    I hear and get alot of shit from users in chat about my art calling me an idiot when it comes to my creation Kintaro Uchiha regarding jutsu despite my explanation why. Some claim this creation of mine is a Jack of All Trades, Master of None. They can never be more wrong. He is a combination of a Renaissance Man and a Master of All. Jack of All Trades, Master of None is simply a myth with only some grounds of truth but just a myth because it doesn't apply to everyone. The Reason why i don't focus only specialization is because in my eyes that's just the start of a character becoming a Crippled Specialist. Where you delve too much in one or two things that the character cant do shit when a situation calls for it. Sometimes interdisciplinary skil…

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  • Zebul


    February 3, 2017 by Zebul

    Could anyone in the Naruto World theoretically learn to use Yin-Yang Release?

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