• Amyjay03

    BoruSara Children??

    July 11, 2018 by Amyjay03
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  • Amyjay03

    Osamu and Sasuke

    July 8, 2018 by Amyjay03

    In the stands sits a black haired man with a bored expression on his face. Who is he? And why does he look so familiar? After the match, I race up to him, grabbing his long, dark sleeve.

    "Who are you?" I demand.

    "The same could be asked of you," he responds, pulling his arm away from my grasp.

    We stare at each other, analyzing each other's characteristics. The black hair, the cold onyx eyes... there is no doubt about it. I am related to him.

    "Are you..." he begins and his face softens. "'s child?"

    "Are you my father?" I ask at the same time.

    We stand in silence as time seems to freeze. This man... my father was here in while I brewed in 's with no one. No one to teach me like a father, no one to have a stronger rivalry with than a father. He's b…

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  • Joshua95

    well i know you all had seen kaguya's life when she visited earth but it seems like the creators never told all of kaguya otsutsuki's life before her arrival to earth.

    for example:

    1. how does kaguya know momoshiki, urashiki and kinshiki?

    2. how did she know about them planning to steal the chakra fruit?

    3. why did she want to build an army of zetsu clones to fight them?

    4. did she have any relatives or parents?

    5. how did she find the divine tree before momoshiki did?

    i know these questions have been going around lately with a few naruto fans as well as you guys here too have been wondering what kaguya's life was like before her arrival to earth. i've been watching a lot of anime and naruto was one of those anime i watched and the thought about …

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  • Amyjay03

    Takeo and Sasuke

    June 28, 2018 by Amyjay03
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  • Amyjay03

    Ayumu and Junichiro

    June 2, 2018 by Amyjay03
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  • CurryOfLife

    Heyo .3.

    April 17, 2018 by CurryOfLife

    So its me again, And no i'm not asking another question this time don't worry. This time i'm here to tell you about something iv'e been working on. So i was making one of my first fan characters, its currently not very far in and i thought of something cool i might be able to do. I was thinking if one or two of you guys out there would want to collab on the OC. I am aware its not really something people do very often but its still a thing. If you do want to work together or just wanna give some criticism feel free to PM me over discord, i'm in the Naruto Fanon discord and you can prob find me there.

    PS: I noticed not many people are making blogs around this time and everyone uses the discord instead, so i will try to not spam these a… Read more >
  • CurryOfLife

    Another Question----

    April 15, 2018 by CurryOfLife

    Heyo, its me again. Sorry for putting out random things like this left and right but i was wondering about something. So i'm currently on episode 216 of the Naruto main series and i wanna know the order i should watch Naruto from now on. Like are the movies necessary to understand the plot of Shippuden? Or is it all optional?? If its not what order should i watch everything? Its all so confusing and i have yet to find a reliable source on google.

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  • CurryOfLife

    So I just recently joined the Naruto Fanon Wiki, Like literally almost 5 minutes ago. And I was thinking of meeting some people and talking and such. But anyways I was wondering if there was a way to browse all the fan made jutsu without all of the canon ones, because I don't want to look through all of them constantly finding ones I already know about. So if there is a way to filter them out I would like to know--

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  • SoloStar2

    A Thank You To NF

    March 23, 2018 by SoloStar2

    Been awhile since I've written up a blog, and I think it's finally a fitting time to do so. I think most of you users who've been here for the past year or more have heard me bring up (sometimes rather dramatically) my twilight days on NF. You've also probably seen how I have successfully managed to delay my 'retirement' from 2017 all the way to the present.

    Well, I can't really hold it back any longer.

    I've decided that I'll be stepping away from Wikia editing, especially from Naruto Fanon. I've finally completed pre-med and started my gruelling journey to become a doctor, so creating new stories and participating in projects is something I no longer have the time to be involved in, no matter how hard I try. It's especially sad on a persona…

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  • JasonWashere

    Doru Uzumaki

    March 7, 2018 by JasonWashere
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