This article, Boa Fist, is property of Haru Mclean Namikaze.

This article, Boa Fist, is property of Cold hard steel.

Name:Boa Fist



Users: Various Ninja, Henriko Solis

Description: This move is used as a counter against punches. When the user deems it the right time, they must slide their hand palm-up under the attacker's arm. Upon reaching the elbow, the user must twirl their arm around the attacker's arm. As they reach the upper arm of the attacker, the user then catches the attacker's arm under their own, while kneeing the attacker in the stomach. Then, the user slams the opponent into the ground, keeping their knee in contact with the opponents abdomen. the two touch down, the user finishes the move with a front flip ax-kick.

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