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Birth by Death

Name: Birth by Death

Type: Kekkei Genkai

Known users: Ryukuda Koumaru

Traits and Effects:

  • Self-regeneration: The primary function of this bloodline, also known as the immortality curse. Upon death, a 48-hour regeneration cycle begins, capable of healing any and all damage, restoring the user to their physical prime state with all gained insight and knowledge. The primary drawback is that the pain of death is not forgotten either.
  • Bloodline Integrity Protection: The body of those with this bloodline cannot be consumed, merged with, or otherwise modified by an outside force. Outside forces that would chose to attempt to merge with, or control this bloodline, are forcefully erased from existence by having their existence pushed from the Birth by Death vessel, with no host to return to. An example would be a Soma no Ko symbiot merging with the user, but having his/her molecules simply erased from existance. The side effect of this effect is the death of the user of the bloodline, and the self-regeneration beginning again. (In short: Only Koumaru has this bloodline. Exceptions may apply. You are not one of those exceptions, Jei. End of discussion.)
  • Aside from being from a distant continent, no other information on this bloodline exists.

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