This article, Bridging Art: Unearthly Chains, is property of Cold hard steel.

Name: Bridging Art: Unearthly Chains

Type: supplementary, rank a, short range (0-5 M)

Handseals: Boar, dog, rooster

Users: Ean Eromalc, some higher members of the Guardians

Description: As most are, it is often confusing to hear the name of this technique. This is attributed to the way it affects the body and the mind, like a genjutsu except a bit more inclusive. When activated, unbreakable chains formed out of the user's own energy shoot out of the surrounding area, seemingly from thin air. This is merely the point of materialization. At this point, the target is immobilized by the piercing of their body at numerous non-vital points, unable to move and most likely weakened from a lack of blood. This is when the effect of the mental half of the technique comes into play, and the body is numbed, further exempting the target from movement. This is obviously only used to set up for a stronger attack, but this alone can cause some damage when implemented for a long enough time. The amount of energy required for the execution of the technique varies, especially on the number of chains used and how absolute the numbing of the body becomes.

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