Kanji 仏界眼
Rōmaji Bukkaigan
Literal English Pure Land Eye
Other Hōgen (法眼, Literally meaning: Dharma Eye), Oneness of Heaven and Humanity (天人合一, Tenjingōichi)
OVA A Light Shines This Way
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie
Known Wielders

The Bukkaigan (仏界眼, Literally meaning: Pure Land Eye) also known as the Hōgen (法眼) is reputed to a symbol of a wisdom beyond words and true suchness. Among the residents within the Land of Demons, it is considered a rather deified eye and one that signifies that an individual has transcended from Six Spiritual Realms, The Three Realms of Evil and the Three Good Roads and has entered a state pure wisdom. In history, this symbolic third eye has manifested itself in one other entity whose name has been buried by the sands of time though not forgotten in spirit. It is said that an individual who attains the transcendent Bukkaigan have an innate understanding of form, formlessness and the ability to peer beyond the true complexity of consciousness. This eye is characterized by a constant flowing, seamless, gradient of soft pink, purple and blue that covers the entire eyeball. The single eye of the Bukkaigan represents the oneness before duality known as Oneness of Heaven and Humanity (天人合一, Tenjingōichi).


To attain this eye, one must undergo the entire process of enduring the Sahā World (娑婆世界, Literally meaning: The Endurance World) which encompasses the Six Spiritual Realms. These realms include, Samsara, Life and Death, the Wheel of Good and Evil, The Threefold Realms of Desire, Form and Formlessness and the 25 States of Existence. This world encompasses all realms of suffering however, along with a truly transcendent consciousness, the user will reside in the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light. The Saha World is considered the thus and if we were to seek a pure land apart from this Saha world, then we would be seeking an ephemeral land outside of the true land which would be for naught. Along with the first wielder, Akuhyō is the only other indivual whom has efficaciously endured the realms. He committed acts of natural good and a design of evil against his fellow man and relinquished the realms of desire, form and formlessness. In a more descriptive sense, Desire is a sense of longing for a person or object or hoping for an outcome and even though it must be cut to achieve liberation, one must skillfully apply desire as a motivational factor to attain such a thing. Form is the physical body, the mind and can be scrutinized or defined with the following aspects; space, solidity, fluidity, motion, and heat. This also includes physical objects that are non-organic in nature. The aggregate form includes the vital organs that are used for sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Formlessness incorporates the philosophies of infinite space, infinite consciousness, unmoving ground and non-cognition. Along with amassing these understandings, one must access the Pure Land in a metaphysical state aside from death.

Journeying beyond this notion will allow you to gain a form of transcendent consciousness or rather an enlightened mind as it is so eloquently put. While in the Pure Land, one can remember the events before their death however, once they are reincarnated, they will not remember events or happenings within the pure realm. Any knowledge attainted there will in a form of higher consciousness cannot be taken back to the Impure World. Understanding this notion is essential that through physical death, this eye cannot be attained and therefore it would be unwise to attempt such a severe measure. Inspiringly, Akuhyō discovered a work around during one of his deep meditative sessions. Once these tasks are complete, the Pure Land chakra will amalgamate with the with the spirit causing the single eye to emerge adjacent to the pineal gland akin to the placement of the mind's eye. However, an understanding and completion of the process does not immediately give rise to the Bukkaigan. With that, being said, the Bukkaigan is not considered a kekkei genkai since theoretically any individual can attain yet on the other hand, only one indivual may wield it at a time. On the other hand, this has been proven contrary as Akuhyo's mother Rinne acquired her own Bukkaigan via using the Shokuyoku on her son during his infancy, which brings the total count of users to 2.


The Bukkaigan is defined as a metaphysical third eye that is located on the user’s forehead whose serene pearlescent color’s covers span the entire eyeball. With the previous owner, the Bukkaigan appeared on their chest. Due to the method of attaining it, it reveals itself as a final tool to complete the purpose of their existence. Ascending through samsara, the wheel of life, death and the realms of good and evil, grants the user an unparalleled amount of pure wisdom. However, when coupled with the eye of Eternally Tranquil Light, the user is essentially complete. The nature of a land is determined by the minds of its inhabitants and the Bukkaigan grants the perception of the Saha World. In short, this grants Akuhyō the ability to observe all which lies under the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light. This grants him a clarity that could be considered matchless. The wielder is capable of perceiving the flow of physical, spiritual, mental and natural energy from within natural bodies or within otherworldly constructs. The Bukkaigan cannot only peer beyond the Saha World but as a result, it can observe each of the realms that reside within it such as the Formless Sphere, the Form Sphere and the Sensual Sphere with astonishing visual discernment disregarding his location. Therefore, the wielder of the Bukkaigan can view the existence of creation that is scattered throughout the realms but they cannot interact with them. A wielder of the eye will understand oneness and universal creation or Muyoku (無極, Literally meaning: State of undifferentiated absolute and infinite potential, the oneness before duality) .

For example, when viewing an apple, a non-Bukkaigan wielder will merely see the apple as an appearance though, it goes beyond reaches of human belief. The insight of the Bukkaigan will see that the apple is not merely a divergent entity, nor is it truly solid or permanent. They will see that this apple is comprised of all the elements that created it such as sunshine, dirt, the people whom fertilized the tree, the rain, the cloud that made the rain, the parents and grandparents of those whom planted the tree. On a deeper level, they will see what this apple will become, such as the creature whom eats it, and the seeds that will become planted over again. The truth, that none can exist without the others holds to be true to the Bukkaigan. Planet's, as a part of the form sphere possess their own frequency of natural energy in relation to the reflections of yin and yang. The flow of natural energy throughout the form sphere becomes one in the same in the eyes of the Bukkaigan and Akuhyō displays this truth with the essence of The Land of Eternally Tranquil Light. While shinobi of the highest echelon may manipulate multiple variations of nature transformation's, the wielder of the Bukkaigan experience these elemental variations in a single form. From this single source, Akuhyō can create hypothetical variances from the forces of yin-yang and even beyond the manifestations of the concept of yin-yang. This truth garners the realization of the Bukkaigan's purpose of allowing the wielder to become one with nature and existence within the user's area of influence.

Rinne along with her son Akuhyō are able to utilize a form of visual telepathy by creating an anchor of mental energy within the mind of all those around them. By utilizing this method, Rinne as well as her son are able to communicate telepathically with multiple people at once without the receiver being able to intercept the transmissions. The user can transmit, thoughts, images, visions of their own past and possible future events. Unlike the Mind Body Transmission Technique, using said ability does not force any physical strain upon the user however, a slight mental strain has been noted as a side effect. When considering the purity of the Bukkaigan, Akuhyō can projects his thought and the thoughts of others to a seemingly unlimited number of individuals. Even though Rinne's Bukkaigan is imperfect, her telepathic abilities are truly astounding. On various occasions, Rinne was able to projects her thoughts imbued with a subtle genjutsu across region encompassing the Land of Claws and the Land of Fangs while still holding a meeting with her upper clan members. The mental projections are powerful enough to supersede the yin prowess of genjutsu. With it, Rinne can create mentally disturbing images subconsciously and project them an undefined distance which can cause mental damage and even heart failure due to the sheer terror that she is able to create.


  • The single eye of the Bukkaigan represents oneness and non-duality or thusness. It means that all things are interconnected and not separate, while at the same time all things retain their individuality which only the Bukkaigan is able to perceive.