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this is the bloodline limit of the khayuza clan. the bymystery has access to the deaths of the khayuza or deadly gates. also has access to massery-odd blac magic and lunar ability. this is considered 2 b 1 of the most powerful doujutsu. a fully developed bymystery has a rectangle coming frm each side of the pupil to the corners of the eye. the eternal bymystery looks different for each user. the user also can see evrythng at once up to a 60m radius.the bymystery consists of 5 powers. they are time control, sealing, telekonesis, forbidden, and massery. only 3 mastered all 5. only 2 mastered the kotoamatsukami. those who master this can withstand heat thats hotter than the sun and bring breeze colder than the planet venus.

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