This article, Celestial Crystal Sphere, is property of Ten Tailed Fox.

  • Name: Celestial Crystal Sphere
  • Type: S-rank, Short range (0-5m)
  • User: Ryun Uchiha

The Celestial Crystal Sphere Technique was invented by Ryun Uchiha, while training with Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki, his training in the Lost Lands. This is the Crystal Sphere's most powerful form. To use it you have to have complete mastery over Shape Manipulation, Elemental Composition, and Spiritual Manipulation. It is a very difficult to learn jutsu, as only one has mastered it. It, like Rasengan, does not use hand signs. The user spins either Earth or Wind chakra into a shell, then fills the shell with pure chakra and spiritual energy and spins them in the opposite direction.

The technique virtually shreds the opponent to pieces, and can destroy a persons soul.

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