Cell Camouflage
Kanji 細胞カモフラージュ
Rōmaji Saibō kamofurāju
Literal English Cell Camouflage
  • Biju Technique
Rank No-rank
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Class Supplementary
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Hand seals None
By controlling the users Biju abilities, the Eight-Tailed Jinchukiri is able to use their chakra to imitate an octopus camouflage by manipulating the users skin cells to reflect and change color and texture. Blending in with multiple objects thats serves as a great technique for hiding or get aways. Though it takes alot of chakra to maintain this technique, therefor it cannot be used for long periods of time's. Also, in Yasuraka's case, this technique can occasionally release some of her biju's chakra from her seal, if to much leaks she will lose control of herself and will emit a chakra cloak continuing her Jinchukiri Transformations.